Thursday, March 20, 2008

Middle Eastward Ho!

(click pic for larger)

One for the art majors out there:

"The Manifest Destiny of Saint John McCain"

A journey on which he will, of course, be accompanied by his loyal Sancho Panzerkorps

The War Horse Whisperer.

(And here is the inspiration --

"American Progress" by John Gast)


Unknown said...

Yes you must click the image to fully enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

You frighten me, Drifty.

I have horrors of undergrad history classes I flunked in every pic.

All that 'incremental expansion to define the orderly procession of the Manifest Destiny, as laid out upon the gridlines of the surveyors, state by state . . .'

Gag me with a shovel.

Not that they wasn't true, but why the HAYALL did we have to do four years, and take their shit in class, for the OBVIOUS?!?!?!?!?!?!


That's some serious snark, hoss, nice photoshoppin.

N yer still killin me.


Anonymous said...

DG, tha's F'n Brill!

(in yer face, John Gast - U's jus got pwnd!)

Was that original painting ever intended to NOT be farcical? seriously. Cuz something about it seems a lil familiar

One Fly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
One Fly said...

Good stuff-laughed my ass off!

Phil said...

Whoopsie, looks like some bastard spammer broke through your defenses on the post 'Everything Must Go.

Distributorcap said...

it is nice to fool, Joseph Lieberman.....


tokyoterri said...

..listen, oversized blondes striding across prairies clutching indecipherable pamphlets is no basis for manifesting a destiny...

(apologies to the Pythons;
most excellent, Mr. Glass)

Anonymous said...

I like that the tanks leading the "charge" are the Matilda and the Crusader--two of the worst dogass armored machines ever produced by the British (or any) Empire. Extremely appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Wow that picture with the big eyes is scary. Reminds me of some movie where the one guy could see people as they really were... forget the name of it.

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