Monday, February 25, 2008

Last night it was Oscar Fevah Sunday

and happy I was to drift off to sleep all warm and snuggly and full of cinophilic goodness.

But then, the dawn.

And at the crack of this mean, skull-punching, Chicago winter Monday dawn I found myself being rudely whiplashed out of the rack by the Clinton Campaign’s declaration that Oscar Fevah Sunday was over, baby!

That it was now "Gratuitous, deliberately provocative, spiteful,

desperate, childish Rovian graphics"-Monday

From the WaPo...

Obama Slams Clinton Camp Over Drudge Photo

By Perry Bacon Jr.
Barack Obama's campaign this morning sharply criticized Hillary Clinton's campaign for reportedly sending a picture to the Drudge Report of the Illinois senator that showed him in African dress, with Obama campaign manager David Plouffe accusing Clinton of engaging in "shameful, offensive fear-mongering."

The picture, taken of Obama while he was in Kenya in 2006 on a Senate trip to Africa, shows him in Somali garb, and Obama aides suggested the Clinton campaign circulated it to call attention to Obama's African ancestry and give credence to persistent and false allegations circulating online that he is a Muslim. Obama is a Christian who attends a United Church of Christ congregation in Chicago.

Clinton campaign officials did not deny sending Drudge the picture. Instead, in a statement, campaign manager Maggie Williams said, "If Barack Obama's campaign wants to suggest that a photo of him wearing traditional Somali clothing is divisive, they should be ashamed. Hillary Clinton has worn the traditional clothing of countries she has visited and had those photos published widely."


"Gratuitous, deliberately provocative, spiteful, desperate, childish Rovian graphics"-Monday always catches me unawares, and I end up never getting my shopping or Photoshopping done on time.

But what the Hell,

I'm adaptable.

So since that's the way Senator Clinton wants us to roll today, happy "Gratuitous, deliberately provocative, spiteful, desperate, childish Rovian graphics"-Monday everybody!


Anonymous said...

Disgusting. If I had any remaining doubts about who I was voting for that rips it. If they thought the picture was anything less than inflammatory they would have sent it to someone other than Drudge--and that disgusting smarmy answer. I just knifed you in the kidney and it's shameful how you responded! Truly Rovian.

L.S./M.F.T said...


I know this year's Rove Monday caught you unawares but... I was expecting Hil's mug on a Patti Smith P-Shop from Easter or Radio Ethiopia , with wife-beater, armpit hair and everything. Imagine my surprise...

Holy Candy Slice, Batman!

jiminy jilliker said...

But...but...but...the nobody in the Clinton campaign circulated the photo*! Besides, what's wrong with tribal outfits? It's you, dear sir, who are being offensive by insinuating that this is offensive. Yeah...that's the's YOU! For shame!

*that Howard Wolfson knows of.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Just how long have you been believing anything Drudge reports???

Anonymous said...

Anon: regarding Clinton's capability for going into neo-con Rovemode, I've been believing it for some time now. In fact, for the past 5-plus years. :o)

And since her campaign's response to this has ranged from:

"Prove it was us who did it!"


"If we did, what's the big deal?",

then I tend to think that this was just one more Hillary dance-step in the Triangulation Boogie.

Let's see how it plays out. :o)

darkblack said...

"Gratuitous, deliberately provocative, spiteful, desperate, childish Rovian graphics"-Monday..?

Heck darn it, I'm a 'cheese shop uncontaminated by cheese' there...But how about something for "Character besmirchment through inferential use of classic cinema imagery juxtaposed with varied assclownish malfeasants" - Tuesday?


Anonymous said...

And, just to follow up;

today, in an interview on ABC's Dallas affiliate, Clinton said she knew nothing about the photograph, but would not deny that her campaign had circulated it to the media.

This is kind of like some Mafia Don saying:

"Why are you questioning me? I was playing golf when that hit took place."

It's simple, folks/ She aint gonna be able to move to the right and get away with it.

Aint. Gonna. Happen.

Fran / Blue Gal said...

She's quite over. I'm with those who say this seals the deal. What's worse, she starting to both offend and bore people, like a drunk at a party who's in no shape for driving and got no place to go.

Anonymous said...

she starting to both offend and bore people

Blue Gal nails it :-))

Myrtle June said...

Happy GDPSDCRG Monday, Driftglass! :-)

Let's hear it for adaptability!

When I read that Maggie Williams quote, it reads more like:

"Well.... she does have to whip up another round of "Defend Hillary" so why not our pal drudge? We need free publicity and, you know, that tear thing only works just the one time. Victim is our game and we're sticking to it! The Hillary defenders demand it!"

I'm watching this now through my fingers. The horror of "The Arrangement" looms large.

Grace has left the building. :-|

Hey! Where's her flag pin?

Anonymous said...

I know the whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing is a quaint vestige of yesteryear, but I'm willing to wait for evidence before making an accusation. There's no way Senator Clinton can know about or control every e-mail sent by every campaign worker if one of them did it, which has yet to be proven. Everyone knows that Drudge has the best interests of the Democratic Party in his heart and would never fabricate a story. Someone robbed a neighbor across the street last night. I'm sure it was one of Hillary Clinton's minions. Damn you, Hillary!

Anonymous said...

If you ask "do you know who sent this?" you're going to get a "no."

If you ask "did you set this down on a table and mumble something about how it'd be a damn shame if somebody picked it up and sent it to a reporter?" you might get a different answer.

If the person you're questioning had any compulsion towards the truth, that is.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you've made her look kinda hot.... :-)

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