Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Get Smirk -- some follow-through

The Cone of Dissemblance

"Yeah, you heard me: out the bitch."

"And I walk? For blowing a spy's cover? During wartime?"

"Don't worry; the Boy Commander does what he's told."


Fran / Blue Gal said...

Wait a minute, Chief. It's the old follow-up post trick. That's the second time I've fallen for that this month.

Anonymous said...

The caption that came to (the remmants of) my mind

Scooter: "doood, don't Bogart el Cono Del Silencio"

Dickster: "Sssssssscccchwrlwrlrlwrlrlr


Whaaghh!HACKHACKHAcK! Cough, cough.. whooaa

Okay brah, now you take a hit.."

Phil said...

Lol Bluegal, a true connoisseur.