Monday, February 19, 2007

Unlike Wine

Inbred Racist CHUDs just get more repulsive with age.

This from the Southern Poverty Law Center, who do God’s work every single day.

Aging Aryans
The 25th Aryan Nations Congress featured racist rants about war,
by John F. Sugg

The old Echo Theater on the courthouse square in Laurens, S.C., is now dubbed the World Famous Redneck Shoppe. It's crammed with racist memorabilia, from cheap Confederate flag flip-flops and bikinis, to T-shirts that announce, "Ain't Racist, Just Never Met a Nigger I Liked." The shop's operator, John Howard, boasts that he's been a "member of the Ku Klux Klan for 40-some years."

On Sept. 16, the Redneck Shoppe was packed with avowed racists from across the nation and even Europe -- a "unity" gathering sponsored by Aryan Nations.

As the boisterous convention drew to a close, a black child, maybe 8 years old, rode past the Echo.

Howard, pointing a stubby finger at the kid, loudly sneered: "There's a nigger there I'd like to hang."

Preparing for War
The true believers in an all-white America arrived Saturday morning. They came from Florida, Washington, Wisconsin, Idaho, Arkansas and most of the states in the Deep South. At least two crossed the Atlantic to attend.

The leadoff speaker was the hulking "Pastor" Paul Brimie, the head of Aryan Nations' prison outreach program. The towering giant, described adoringly by colleagues as a "pit bull of Yahweh," had swapped his muscle- and tattoo-displaying tank top for clerical garb. "Everyone here knows who we hate, who we're against and who is against us," he proclaimed. "We must PREPARE FOR WAR!"

Run out of Idaho after losing $6.3 million in a lawsuit in 2000, Aryan Nations fractured, moved and has been attempting to reassemble itself. Currently, there are two major factions, one based in South Carolina, the other in Alabama.

Why two sets of Aryan Nations? A large part of the answer is simple lust for power: Two different sets of racists, each claiming to be heir to the well-known Aryan Nations legacy. And then there is ideology. Both contingents hate Jews. But Kreis' brigade has decided to embrace Arabs -- even promoting Al-Qaeda as doing the Lord's work as long as Muslims are killing Jews. Williams was incensed at such heresy. "I sympathize with Arabs, yes, sympathize because their lands have been stolen by Jews," he said. "But we have nothing for them [Arabs]. The simple fact is that they aren't white."

Sieg Heiling 101

During the congress, staccato blasts of whites-fighting-for-whites oratory were interspersed with that staple of all conventions, milling around vendors' tables. Big sellers included "The Apple Story" booklet, which claims Jews are descendants of Lucifer; and CDs, such as the Definite Hate rock band's "Welcome to the South" album, whose cover features an empty noose dangling from a leafless tree.

Many parents brought their children to play amid the swirling white, red, green and black Klan robes, and swastika-emblazoned banners. During a break, two moms, one holding a babe, the other corralling a toddler in camouflage jammies, could be overheard chatting about things that worry all mothers. "At that age," said one, "you've always got to keep an eye on them."

But normalcy ended there. One of the moms, in a turquoise blouse, is married to a Georgia Klansman and had a large KKK cross-and-drop-of-blood medallion around her neck. The other woman, wearing tight jeans and heavy blood-red lipstick, sported a T-shirt emblazoned with "88" -- code for "Heil Hitler."

'Blood in the Streets'
Josh Fowler, nattily robed in green, swaggered onto the Echo's stage flanked by two bodyguards, one bearing a round shield adorned with the Klan cross. The youthful grand dragon of one of South Carolina's Klan outfits brought the audience to its feet in cheers by announcing that what he "really hates is white women with little mongrel babies."

Fowler was followed to the podium by Virgil Griffin, a legendary Carolina Klan relic who participated in a 1979 Greensboro, N.C., confrontation that ended with the slaying of five left-wing union organizers. No one was ever convicted for the crime, yet an Aryan Nations officer named Ryan Brennan told the assemblage that Griffin "is my hero. Five commies went to hell that day."

With fists slugging the air, Griffin urged the crowd to "get every weapon you can get. We're gonna hit back." His most vitriolic comments were reserved for Hispanics. "They breed like rats, worse than niggers, and send their money back to Mexico," Griffin roared. "Only thing I got for them is a bullet right between the eyes. Ship their dead butts back to Mexico."

The scariest of the Aryan Nations speakers was Ryan Brennan, who lives in South Carolina. He capped his speech with a dance across the stage, a la Mick Jagger, and a bellowed challenge: "You want to see blood in the streets? I DO!"

Outside of slavery itself – which had tendrils everywhere and poisoned everything it touched -- the greatest housekeeping mistake this country ever was not annihilating every remnant of the Confederacy – root and branch – and then salting every inch of earth on which traitors like Jefferson Davis and Nathan Bedford Forrest ever walked.

Our mistake was not ripping out the wiring of the Evil White Christian Eliminationist Empire that had grown out of European imperial thinking into a distinctly American pathology.

Not drafting an honest version of Southron history and teaching it in every classroom and from every pulpit.

Not hunting down the Klan like the terrorists they were and are.

Not deNazifying every blood-soaked, lie-soaked acre of the CSA.

But we didn’t, and now various strains of its Ku Klux Karcinoma are found everywhere.

Taco Bell (Taco Bell? Yes, Taco Bell. Patience.) can roll out as many different menu items as it wants, but at the end of the day they make their margins mostly by remixing the same 4-5 cheap ingredients in different presentations. That’s what makes them Taco Bell.

Now note the Basic Ingredients of Racism from this core sample drilled from the raw, filthy heart of that movement:

Obsessive and delusional nostalgia for Glory Days of Olde that never existed.

Usually centered around their great-great-granddaddy’s failed fascist Confederacy.

A pathological hatred of the Black, the Arabs, the Jew and the Mexican. Also a firm belief that all just those uppity lib’rated “feminazis”

need is a firm hand. Possibly a firm hand holding two feet of rebar 'cause Big White Daddy needs teach ‘em who's the boss. Or the terrorists win.

Girded on all sides by a screeching ideology that is founded on a perversion of the basic tenets of Christianity.

One that does not simply overlook their insanity, but tells them to revel in their filth. That has no program for spiritual improvement but, instead, an aggressive regime of spiritual lobotomization.

A lyncher’s giggly, sociopathic delight at the thought of murdering anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable or inferior.

Which, needless to say, is everyone.

A loud, public celebration of Dumbassery and Yahooism

A call to both wear one’s mouthbreather atavism with pride, and to endlessly whine about how put-upon and victimized the stoopids are by the mongrel culture of "San Francisco values".

A casualness at the thought of mass slaughter. With letting their desire to annihilate whole groups drop into their everyday conversation as easily as a non-crazy person would mention the weather.

An unconcealed joy at the idea of lending genocide a helping hand as long as they’re the ones who get to drop the Zyklon-B into the showers this time, or at least watch.

And at bottom, a limitless sea of hatred.

A ferocious, feverish, wasting hatred that gives them the only direction and purpose they have anymore. A hatred that has devoured every other emotion and

suffocated any semblance of humanity.

And when you render it down to its essentials at look at it in a clear light, there is no mistaking that these foundation stones of American racism are exactly the constituent components that the GOP has carefully and deliberately used to build their political and cultural movement.

So, to take one, small example among thousands, the main story about the Virginia Senate race was that Jim Webb won, and what a good thing it was that he did. But the secondary story was that even after George Felix Allen finished his political Dunce of the Seven Veils and showed himself to be just another brain-dead bigot in a suit, his support never fell below 49.20 %.

Knowing beyond any possible doubt that George Felix Allen was a died-in-the-robes racist didn’t matter to 1,166,277 Virginia voters. Hell, I have to assume they were delighted by it and had he been about three I.Q. points smarter and not stepped all over his own dick every single time he turned around, I have no doubt he’d be back in his Senate office – giant American Swastika on one wall, and noose on the other.

Back on Meet the Press exchanging hair-care secrets with Tim Russert.

Back on the road to the White House.

It is mixed in different proportions for different venues. It is seasoned and wrapped differently here and there. It is laughed off as that mythical beast – “conservative humor” – whenever it is caught out in the open, but at the end of the day adherents to this ideology, however their particular version is prepared and plated, are simply failures as citizens and as human beings.

They are a continuing embarrassment to our nation and a continuing threat to our democracy, because in the Age of Dubya, you can either be a Good American or a Good Republican.

But you can no longer be both.


Mister Roboto said...

Good point about George Allen and Virgina. Another disturbing way to look at the situation is that if it weren't for the African-American voters who live in Virginia, Allen would indeed be back in office despite that or maybe even exactly because he "stepped all over his own dick every single time he turned around". A more positive way to look at it is that the fact that such a significant percentage of white people voted against Allen means that Virginia is perhaps more enlightened than it has ever been so far in its history. I think I recall a poster at Steve G.'s blog, though, saying that there's a lot of people living in the northern part of the state whose roots are well outside traditional Dixie. (The weird thing about Allen is that his roots were in California but that didn't stop him from waving that American Swastika flag.)

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...
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Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Hurrah for Prez Day! I don't have to report to the Ministry of Silly Walks tonight, although I really DO need to clean up this apartment. It looks like a twister hit it, then returned to assure itself that it had done a proper job. :)

I have to give one of the fascist needlepricks credit for having a few active brain cells--the one who hated the Mexicans most. This country will become nonwhite-majority at some point in this century. Unlike the fascist, I approve of that, because it will destroy the US "Conservative" movement. [I use the quotation marks because messianic foreign policies and budget deficits the size of Jupiter are NOT conservative.] The arrival of a brown majority will put the reactionaries on the horns of a dilemma. Do they repudiate even covert, "dog-whistle" racism and thus alienate their white-supremacist base, or do they maintain the racism and thus alienate the new brown majority?

Either way, they will sink to minority political status and we can finally turn our country into a modern, civilized, social democracy. [Assuming there's a country left by then.]

From the swamps of Arkansas, IBW

Anonymous said...

The real tragedy is not that Lincoln decided to fight the Civil War. The tragedy was the twenty years leading up to it; when Northern politicians, eager for God knows what reason to placate the South, engaged in one shameful compromise after another to "preserve the Union". The Kansas/Nebraska Act, the Missouri Compromise, and the truly odious Fugitive Slave Act were milestones in gutlessness, and in the end, they accomplished nothing... we had to fight the war anyway. Todays progressives are no different. They've rolled over time and again to right wing psychos in the hope of going along to get along, or minimizing the damage the wingnuts have done to our country, and it has not worked. They need to learn that lesson, and learn it fast.

Fran / Blue Gal said...

Speaking as someone who sleeps next to a past president of the Alabama ACLU, I agree that SPLC does God's work every single day.

That said, they've got a nice chunka change compared to southern ACLU chapters, who are far more reviled by the religious right.

SPLC gets a nice cut every time they successfully (and so far I think they're batting close to a thousand) sue KKK chapters for civil damages. What the plaintiffs get in those instances are some pretty property owned by the Klan and sometimes their individual members. Lord's work, and lucrative, too.

Just to add to the fine info you've already got here, Drifty.

Anonymous said...


Found this great site with lots of weekly comps, any anyone can easily join. :)


driftglass said...

blue gal,
Well you certainly have my "card carrying ACLU member" creds beat all to hell :-)

Well said. These things never happen overnight, and then never vanish in a day. I would be very interested to hear one day from DINO reporters and politicians in private why they continue to placate obviously deranged or just plain evil people.

Yeah like George Wallace, Allen seems to have adopted his racism deliberately. Which drops him two circles deeper in Hell, IMHO.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker,
Ah but do you get Pulaski Day off? It is one of those many small perk that comes from living in Chicago :-)

Anonymous said...

well I have to feel sligted! you forgot to mention how our domestic orcs hated them some faggots

Anonymous said...

whoops, make that "sligHted"

Anonymous said...

To think that these people call us cockroaches.

driftglass said...

gay veteran,
Didn't mean to leave you out. For the purposes of this piece I wanted to show the one-to-one relationship between the Aryan puke and the GOP standard bearers. And wouldn't you know those wily Klansmen forgot to mention teh gays! :-)

racist pinheads all have one thing in common: they only find comfort in mythologies where they are magically they badass heroes and saviors, and their superiors are magically transmuted their inferiors and enemies.

Anonymous said...

The sweetest thing about watching these troglodytes pose and prance is knowing that they're losing. Every day, the U.S. becomes more racially and religiously diverse and more sexually knowledgeable and liberal. There's more interacial dating and marriage, more out and proud gay people in the media, and more immigrants who aren't from Europe. Every day, rightwingers of all stripes have their insanity exposed for all to see, especially on the internets.
There's still a lot of them around, and it's easy to get discouraged. But these thugs and their Republican buddies (and everybody down at the Washington Times, Fox News, etc.) are losing ground every day -- the water's rising and there's no place left to go that'll have them. They'll be around for a long time, making life stinkier for the rest of us -- but I don't mind watching them so much, knowing that history and society are against them.

catsagainstbush said...

Dave, I totally agree with you. Lincoln said so himself that further compromise would just mean that the South would unleash a new set of conditions it would stay in the Union. For example, next would be Cuba, and then he said there would be eternal war between us and all peoples from our border to Tierra del Fuego. The Crittenden Compromise rejected by Lincoln with thee Tierra del Fuego reference was not a compromise in that the North made all the concessions except one...Same with the GOP today...compromise or be civil with them, and they'll come back fighting for more. They'll smear and lie and drag your name through the mud while you attempt to be civil.

Julian Lee said...

I think it's more like Jews blackwashing the White past, then they get upset when Whites don't accept their version of White history.

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