Tuesday, January 22, 2019

What Makes This From Glenn Greenwald Noteworthy Is Not...

...that it comes via Fox News.
Glenn Greenwald slams rush to judgment about Kentucky student in viral confrontation with Native American 
Glenn Greenwald, constitutional lawyer and co-founding editor of The Intercept, told Fox News on Monday night that the rush to judgment of the weekend viral video showing high school student Nick Sandmann wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat...

After all, the fact that Mr. Greenwald is now a Fox News regular is long-established and clearly does not bother his myrmidons one bit.

Nor is this worthy of pointing-and-laughing simply because Mr. Greenwald is not just trolling the Left from any old Fox News dumpster, but smirking it up with Laura "Eva Braun Nose" Ingraham.
Greenwald, whose reporting on U.S. and British government surveillance in 2013 made global headlines, told Laura Ingraham...
Again, sucking up to the worst fascist propagandists in the country just a thing that Mr. Greenwald does now and it clearly doesn't put his goon squad off their feed.

No, what elevated this into the rarefied realm of being sufficiently "You must be fucking kidding me" to warrant a few words from a nobody Libtard cornfield blogger like me is the fact that the Glenn Greenwald -- the undisputed champion of the hair-trigger, all-out, full-nuclear ad hominem attack on all critics all the time and the Commander-in-Chief of the Spleenwald Twitter Horde, famed and feared throughout the Twitterverse for obediently slagging the living shit out of anyone why says a discouraging word about Glenn -- is appearing on Fox with Laura Ingraham to scold us naughty Libtards for...
“trial by Twitter mob.”
And that, kiddies, is what makes it Art.

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RUKidding said...

I saw that GG was on Ingraham to defend the iddle-widdle whitey White WHITE male RC teens of the Kavanaugh ilk. Nice that their mommies and daddies have the ready to hire a Republican PR Firm to defend their precious perfect spawn:

These little shits will learn nothing from this experience, other than whitey White WHITE rich males always get a big fat old pass, no matter what shitfull stuff they do... just ask SCOTUS Judge Kavanaguh.

Anyway, on another blog someone provided a quote from that show whereby allegedly (I can't be bothered to look it up, but it's likely true) GG made some sort of comment like: "What if it was a white male minister marching in a ProLife rally, and he was surrounded by Latino & black males who got in his face and yelled stuff at him? Would that be considered 'OK'?" Or something similar to that.

Well bully for GG for this ONE somewhat salient question, but I'm sure it got lost in the surrounding rightwingnut pyschobabble propaganda which basically (I'm sure but didn't listen to it, obviously) boils down to: "Oh these poor poor poor snowflake teens were TERRORIZED and DEMONIZED firstly by that outrageously aggressive and hostile terrorist Injun who was SO RUDE and AWFUL to them, and then secondly by Twitter, where No Republican has ever been mean, rude, nasty, shitty, racist, attacking, hurtful, sexist, homophobic, rude, obnoxious, xenophobic EVAH!!!111!!!

GG can go fuck himself sideways.

Chan Kobun said...


The kids these days don't know much about Glennie Pie, but they know he could *never* have been a hero of progressive dudebros!

History as you've said, is the liberal superpower,and damn if it doesn't work wonders.

Robt said...

GG making his case.

There is so much unfair treatment of spoiled Whiteness. From spoiled white kid academies to that non educator like Alex Jones home schooling his kids.

They are treated like outcasts. Next thing you know, a cake baker may take is rights to disobey the law asking for his carve out. From the 5 Supremers to be able to deny baking a cake for GG and his Kentucky school of brats.

Then a cup cake baker may want to refuse selling them cup cakes.

It could lead to their congressman not representing them because Koch Brothers bought and own him.

What country would place the Snail Darter on the endangered Species list and pretect it over GG's concerns for these kids.

Mister Roboto said...

Okay, well....I seem to remember a time when it was the redneck right and not the left who made insane threats of death and violence against those they considered wrongthinkers or transgressive in some way. What ever happened to those days, I wonder?

Loony Liberal said...

Right-wingers loathe it when their would-be prey fights back.

Case in point: ask a Creationist for evidence. They'll flame you and threaten your life. You know... just like Jesus wanted.