Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hey, What Ever Happened to that Glenn Greenwald Fella?

You know, that guy who I used to write about from time to time and point out that he lied kind of a lot about really big, important issues?  Bit of a thin-skinned asshole and monumental hypocrite whose automatic response to any criticism from anyone was all-out, knives-out attack?  Who divided the world neatly into "People who agree completely with Glenn Greenwald" and "Drooling, jackbooted Obot servants of tyranny?"

Yeah, last I saw him he was stooging over on Fox News with his BFF, Tucker Carlson:

But hey, at least Trumpshirts like Jim "Namaste; Put your best foot forward; Beware the Left/Dems; Hope, Faith, Love, Redemption; USN Vet #MAGA #1A #2A #BlueLivesMatter" Manchu --
-- thinks he's not so bad.

For a leftie.

So he's got that going for him.

At this point, a lesser man would probably say something like "I fucking told you so".

And when have I ever pretended to be anything other than a lesser man?

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Mike Lumish said...

Spleenwald, a leftie? I guess, in the same sense as Ted Rall - by which I mean "you have got to be fucking kidding me" except that the self-styled Uber Lefties in the Destroy the Democrats First wing of the coalition have a soft spot on their heads for libertarian delirium.

What I see here is Pernicious G admitting that he is not now and never has been a journalist. Yeah, sure, he had an orange crate at the Guardian for a couple of months but that hardly elevates him to the status of Legitimate Journalist. Let the mud flinging continue!

As for any periods of extended silence, $250 million in libertarian billionaire cash buys a mountain of hookers and blow -- which takes a certain amount of time and effort to consume.

Unknown said...

I can't bear to watch, but what Russia stories were Fucker Carlson and Glennie-poo insisting were false?

Greenwald's contribution to the discourse earlier this year was basically to insist that every new Russia bombshell proved that all the other bombshells were actually nothingburgers and Democrats were the worst of all, because they believed the Greenwald-proclaimed nothingburgers were actually somethingburgers.

Such a fucking nitwit, that guy. Good grief. He'd have been a good Iraqi Information Minister back in the day. "Oh don't mind the fact that Jared Kushner was led out of the White House in handcuffs. This so-called story will blow over in days, I assure you."

Matt Osborne said...

I said many times over the years that Greenwald would eventually find his way home to white nationalism and right wing dirtbaggery. Imma go make a stiff drink now to celebrate being right about him.

Robt said...

haven't been able to keep up on the habitual inconsistencies of Greenwald.

I did stumble across Andrew Sullivan on ODonnell.
Andy is remarkably feeling his self wit over the undeserving. he blessed us with it.
It had something to do with Andy realizing who Trump is and he is president.

Andy is a guy who wakes up to a cup of imitation decaf.
I have really followed either of these folks. It would make me dizzy because they both chase their own tails.

Compound F said...

Oh, johnnie,

are you back on this internal diatribe?

there's so much more to talk about.

i know you are better than this.

i just know it. i wish it.

don't break my heart.

you're a smart fucker.


Chan Kobun said...

And right on time comes Glennie Pie's little hobgoblin.

Lit3Bolt said...

GG has always smelled like an agent provocateur.

Cops shooting black people in the back, conservative justices ruling that the 40-hour work week is unconstitutional because mumble-reasons, healthcare, infrastructure, the military, diplomacy, all going to shit...

...doesn't matter because at one point, the United States killed an innocent Muslim.

So GG at this point welcomes our benign Chinese and Russian Overlords, because their hegemony will be so much simpler and blessed than the corrupt and hypocritical United States. If they kill an innocent Muslim with VX Nerve Gas, that is ok because mumble-reasons AND WHY ARE YOU SUGGESTING RUSSIA IS AT FAULT FOR ANYTHING, MCCARTHYITE!???!

StarStorm said...

I cannot help but feel that Greenwald served to give particularly racist white liberals/progressives a reason to go after President Obama from the left.

trgahan said...

What is more plausible?

Western intelligence agencies/large sections of the media outlets finding evidence of Russian intelligence successfully executing an asymmetrical war again western democracy?


When too few people get too much money they buy pets like Greenwald to keep convincing just enough western democracy voters that we're all being "willingly manipulated" because Russia undermining western democracy will make those few people even MORE money?

Davis Statton said...

What I liked best was Carlson pretending that he feels bad for getting a story wrong.

jim said...

Location & timing make the raw naked EPIC PHAIL just that much more apropos.

Glennzilla's adenoidal mewlings about groupthink only parse if somehow his own dedicated enforcement of it online in an epic saga of Full Metal Diva fury can be deleted.

The fallout from the FSB's ongoing "OPERATION ENDURING USEFUL IDIOTS" has certainly been both clarifying & enlightening.

Note that said useful idiocracy operates using a strenuously concern-trolling progressive fa├žade. Exposure of what's hiding behind all the red balls & face-paint is a limited hangout that's also an element of the op. Pretty elementary to deduce that any social evolution driven by unified progressive culture in OR out of Russia would be Putin's Great Satan, goodness knows why.

Kathleen O'Neill said...

Totally agree. I felt the whole Snowden affair was psyops directed at Obama. You really provided brilliant context.