Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Ingraham + Greenwald = Ingwald

Bolshie Freedom Troll, Glenn Greenwald, has finally arrived at the place where he has been headed all along.

An honored "guest" on The Laura Ingraham White Supremacy Advertiser Death-Spiral Hour.

Yes, wedged in there between Byron York dry-humping Donald Trump's leg and Michelle Malkin screeching about the horror of people being held accountable for the things they say, there you will find Mr. Greenwald, holding forth on the need for everyone to stop being so mean and snitty and holding-people-to-account-for-what-they -say-ish on social media.

It has been quite a journey for ol' Glenn, someone whose, just five minutes ago, regarded any social media slight, real or imagined, as a reason to go completely ballistic.

Someone who relentlessly parsed every semicolon of anyone Not Of The Body and always, always, always adjudged them to be drooling, jackbooted, fascist Obot enemies of Liberty who were obviously operating entirely in bad faith.

And then would come the Spleenwald Horde to punish the impure like me.

Someone who has since purged 27,000 of his old Tweets --

-- and starting showing up like a long-lost lodge brother on the Trump News Network.

Because as Sun Tzu once wisely noted, if you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.

Or you'll see on Fox News, making a complete farce of everything they once claimed to believe in.  Either as Tucker Carlson's wacky sidekick or on the most boycotted show in the whole Fox News lineup, making nicey-nicey the Eva Braun Nose.

Funny old world.

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RUKidding said...

Ugh. Thanks for letting us know, and thanks for watching at least part of that shit show, so I don't have to.

One could say: How LOW the "mighty" has fallen. Not that Greenwald was ever all that mighty, except as a legend in his own mind.

I could accept some of his initial criticisms against Obama (I have many myself) and the Democratic Party, but now this turncoat has gone full White Supremacist Asshole. And seriously? Dude's gay. Not that I care about that, but does Greenwald really believe that his boot licking of the likes of Ingraham & Carlson will grant him some sort of "pass" with the homophobic Nazi mob that glues itself to Fox and Breitbart?? Like that Duck Dynasty asshole is now gonna be his new BFF or something?


As the kidz these days like to say: hey, fuck that guy.

Robt said...

It should not be long before you can Google the word, "IngWald" and be directed to a site that defines
"IngWald; Consuming alcohol anally.

IngWalding ; consuming alcohol in excess via the Anal orifice.. Consuming into a state of a stupor.