Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Fake Internet Tough-Guy vs. His Red-Headed Stepchildren

At the moment, fake internet tough-guy, Rick Wilson, is hanging onto the fickle, fleeting media spotlight by using his place at the national teevee table to insult Republican voters as toothless rubes.

Which then attracted the attention of Tucker "His Face Finally Really Did Freeze That Way" Carlson, who had been shopping around for something to Be Very Indignant About besides panda sex and strong, independent women.

Which, in turn, delighted Mr. Wilson, as it gave him an opportunity to milk this fake fight for even more spotlight and content by Twitter-poking the toothless rube hornet's nest over and over again, and then publishing excerpts from the illiterate hate mail he received from the aforementioned toothless rubes.

Man oh man, does Rick Wilson ever hate those damn, ignorant, toe-pickin', gas-sippin' Republican chumps who put Donald John Trump in the White House.

But here's the thing.

Up until about five minutes ago, Rick Wilson's job was feeding those very same ignorant, toe-pickin', gas-sippin' Republican chumps big, greasy slabs of wingnut red meat in order to get the sleazy Republican candidates for whom he worked elected.  In fact, it would be fair to say that Rick Wilson would not have a roof over his head, or food on his table, or a private plane, or enjoy the wide network of influential contacts who keep him in the spotlight had he not been so successful for so many years at relentlessly pandering to the same ignorant, toe-pickin', gas-sippin' Republican chumps who he now openly mocks as toothless, credulous rubes.

These were his people, and he damn well knew exactly who and what they were back when he was taking money from Republican sleazebags to whip those toothless rubes into a frenzy and point them at the voting booth on election day.  

But what about after election day?  What about the irreparable damage that Rick Wilson's mob of berserk racist idiots went on to do to this country after he had spun them up and targeted them for his employers? 

Are you kidding?  Like a political hog factory, the hard, thankless, dirty and unprofitable work of cleaning up the toxic runoff from Conservative poison peddlers like Mr. Wilson -- of undoing the long-term damage caused by the toxic pig-shit they've spent decades pumping into our nation's ideological groundwater -- has always been someone else's problem.  

Like virtually every other Never Trumper, Mr. Wilson is untroubled by principle and guided by ruthless expedience.  And in 2016 it looked like a safe political bet to go big on bashing Trump in order to position himself as one of the leaders of a Republican "I Told You So" coalition which would sweep to power as the saviors of the Party of Reagan after the inevitable election of Hillary Clinton.  

 But that didn't happen.  Because -- exactly as we dirty, America-hating Libtards had been warning for decades -- those ignorant, toe-pickin', gas-sippin' Republican chumps had been flattered and stroked and and pandered to and glorified so relentlessly for so long by men like Rick Wilson that they had swollen to become the overwhelming majority of the Republican party.  

And they nominated and elected a lying, pig-ignorant racist lout who was just like them.

And so, like virtually every other Never Trumper, Mr. Wilson now makes a living kicking around the same toothless rubes and craven Republican traitors whose asses he was enthusiastically kissing just moments ago.

Fortunately for Mr. Wilson, he has many, many friends in with the one profession where enriching a certain breed of media-spawned Conservative while carefully concealing their frauds, lies and mind-blowing hypocrisies from the general public is just another day at the office.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, that profession what now passes for "journalism" in the Land of the Free.

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Jimbo said...

Rick Wilson is not a journalist and I doubt he would ever claim to be one. He’s a propagandist and rightwing pundit who knows the people he now mocks very well. But no, he isn’tt even a faux journalist.

Jean Peterson said...

On target, as always. I can't believe somebody besides really old people in my family use the phrase "red-headed stepchild" (as in, "You treat me like a red-headed stepchild!"). Freaky.

Polite Radical said...

He showed his hand today when he pulled out some gin-u-wine both siderist bullshit equating Trump's looming exec. order for his stupid wall to a POTUS Kamala Harris pulling the same shit to combat climate change.

Polite Radical said...

He showed his hand today when he pulled out some gin-u-wine both siderist bullshit equating Trump's looming exec order on his stupid wall to a POTUS Kamala Harris pulling the same shit to combat climate change.

RUKidding said...

Isn't Wilson just another Johnny-come-lately Charlie Sykes wannabe?

It's another grifter gig. Must be some serious buckeroo$ in it for the time being.

Once Trump finally gets the dump one way or another, all of these Never Trumpers will jump right back up on the reliable gravy train Republican band wagon.

You can bank on it.

Evil Brad said...

Rick Wilson could have made a killing selling Trumpy Bears to the rubes had he chosen to go that route.
Could have had as many twitter followers as James Woods. Could have been a regular on the Fox News gravy train.
But he didn't, did he?
If you cannot discern any principle motivating conservative Never Trumpers, then you are clearly operating on a profoundly flawed model of the universe that makes you see every single thing as an expression of raw power. Either that, or the spectacle of a conservative putting his money where his mouth is is driving you batty.

Robt said...

An excuse me off topic.

Over the Trump beautiful wall.

Using the Robin Hood Method.


parachutes are optional

RUKidding said...

Rick Wilson "putting his money where his mouth is" - LOL.

Rick Wilson is putting his mouth where the money is. Some days it's for Trump. The next day it's for Never Trump. Depends on who's offering the most payola.

What is it, though, that Never Trumpers are espousing or proposing? I certainly don't know because it's not anything concrete. just yelling about how bad Trump is and how A-MAZING it is that Trump's rabid fans are such racist sexist horrible goobers.

But what are they proposing as a solution?

It's just more of the same old same old divide and conquer. Apparently there's money to be made as a Never Trumper. Maybe the Trump universe didn't want to pay Rick Wilson as much anymore, so he found a new gig.

I'm supposed to congratulate him for his alleged new found "I've seen the light" "principles"??? LOL.

Robt said...

Hey RU

"I'm supposed to congratulate him for his alleged new found "I've seen the light" "principles"??? LOL."

Not my place to answer that oiser .

I will tell you you IMy head cloud has Sykes, Frum, Hewitt, Kristol all filed in the same file.

Nicole Wallace and Schmidt in another file

But Jennifer Rubin is in the same file as Sully (Hudson emergency landing fame Sully) who said he was republican but no more and could not vote for republicans in the midterms to provide Trump with any support whatsoever. He pretty much pleaded on the Last Word for everyone to vote as he will. For Democrats in Congress to give Trump what he says he wants so dearly.
When I listened to J. Rubin on Romney being a pathetic Trump shoe shiner when he gets into the Senate. She is way past the Never Trumper.

Give Trump a great big beautiful Democratic wall in Congress.

J Street said...

Yeah, I pointed this out numerous times last year--Rick Wilson is going to go back to shoveling GOP bullshit into the gaping maw of an ignorant, teeming train wreck of Republicans who are going to need media-savvy people who can convince middle-of-the-road Americans that they 1.) had nothing to do with Trump 2.) hey, I stood up to that Trump guy and 3.) Trump is not my fault, he's the fault of those Dumbocrats.

He will sell his wares to whoever wants them, and he will turn on every single Democrat who follows him as soon as it is safe to do so.