Friday, January 04, 2019

Everybody Knows That The Boat is Leaking

Everybody knows that the captain lied...

Almost exactly one decade ago, The New York Times, published these six words -- the happiest six word many of us had seen in the Times in a long while.
"This is William Kristol’s last column."
Yes, Bill Kristol -- who had made a career out of being bloodily, spectacularly, struttingly wrong about almost everything -- had finally worn out his wingnut affirmative action hire at the Grey Lady.

Just as he had turfed out his wingnut affirmative action hire at Time magazine the year before.

Just as he had been shown the door at his wingnut affirmative action hire at ABC News before that.

At the time here is what I wrote:

Of course, based on the Law of the Conservation of Villager Idiocy, I assume he has been let go to, oh, say, boss PBS, or take over as editor-in-chief at the L.A. Times, or run Citibank, or work part-time as the $175,0000/month rebranding manager for the Palin/Plumber '12 exploratory committee.

But for the next little bit I can dream that a just Universe has laced up its kicking shoes and finally, finally, finally punted this smirking, bestial, blood-soaked hack into the ranks of the unemployed and that the next we'll hear of him will be a mention in the Walton Family house organ as "Greeter of the Month" at the Sadr City WalMart.
Sadly, Mr. Kristol never had to take that Sadr City WalMart greeter job because for dark and terrible reasons which absolutely no one will talk about, the tiny clique of cynical exploiters who have all but wrecked honest reportage in America made it their personal mission to prop Kristol up and rehab his career.

 Over and over and over again.

And now that Kristol's Weekly Standard has been sent upstate to play all day with Trump Style,  Trump World and Trump Magazine?  

Well here here's a Fun Fact.

The internet billionaire who gave Bolshie Freedom Troll Glenn Greenwald a couple of hundred million dollars to play with (and just look what that bought him)... the same internet billionaire who is now underwriting the latest wingnut welfare relief program of Conservative con men Bill Kristol and Charlie Sykes.

Which means that I am definitely either in the wrong business or the wrong universe.

Everybody knows
That's how it goes
Everybody knows...

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Jimbo said...

There us no justice when it comes to the rightwing.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Let's not leave out Sykes, who has always been a disgraceful Grifter willing to say anuthing for a buck.

His biggest creation is Scott Walker, whose implosion turned Charlie-tan into the Never Trumper he claims to be today. Now that Scotty is looking for a job, I anticipate seeing him "write" a large amount of lies in a Bulwark column shortly.

John Hall said...

You're not in the wrong business, Drift. Maybe you're just on the wrong team. But you can still be famous and wealthy. All you need to do is sell your soul and turn against everyting you hold dear.

Or maybe you're on the decent side and the struggle is always harder but in the end you're a better human being for it.

I'd always go with the latter.

Dark Avenger said...

Without his daddy he’d be a retired car salesman by now.