Saturday, June 30, 2018

Today in Cyborg Sent From the Future to Destroy America News

I'm going to give myself a score of about 40% on this set of predictions from last month. 
  1. Mr. Hewitt will be given the industry-standard for flagrant Conservative media personality corruption (non-sexual predator category): 30 days on the bench, or "One Gingrich"

  2. MSNBC will find some currently discredited, out-of-the-limelight Conservative clown in need of some reputation rehabilitation and give them Mr. Hewitt's slot during his absence.  Even Money:  Ben Domenech, working title "How to Win Friends and Influence People by Marrying the Commandant's Daughter".  3-to-1:  Andrew Sullivan, working title "Ten Thing  Hate About Hillary".  Long Shot:  Kevin Williamson, working title "Hangin' with Kevin Williamson".

  3. During his downtime, network image consultants will coach the mayor of of Uncanny Valley, USA --
    Uncanny Valley -- used in reference to the phenomenon whereby a computer-generated figure or humanoid robot bearing a near-identical resemblance to a human being arouses a sense of unease or revulsion in the person viewing it.
    -- in how to more effectively mimic human speech patterns and facial expression.

  4. The network will  book Mr. Hewitt onto a couple of panels -- probably Hardball (MSNBC) and Meet the Press (NBC) -- to gin up some momentum for him during the run-up to his Triumphant Return to Comcast's good graces.

  5. His Triumphant Return!

From Raw Story today:
Conservative Hugh Hewitt makes surprise announcement MSNBC has pulled plug on his show
But don't worry kids!  His nearly-human visage will not disappear from the MSNBC lineup.  He's a sunk-cost and I expect the User Engagement executives at Comcast to make every effort to upgrade his firmware to try and make him less terrifying to small children and animals, who can sense these things:
He said that NBC News would continue to employ him as a contributor and he said he expects to continue to be a guest on MSNBC shows.

“It’s been great fun to host this show, I’ll see you on MSNBC again soon” the former anchor said.
Well, since the balance of my predictions fall under "time will tell", I'd have to say so far I'm pulling a solid "A" on this once.

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Jimbo said...

Good riddance to the Cyborg from the Future. I've never watched him but my supposition is that he was pulled because he can't do an actual show as opposed to being an idiot commenter on somebody else's show/panel.

Robt said...

I anxiously await my opportunity to exercise my right to turn off or change channel if the Hugh-bot appears on anything I may be viewing. As a Russian Bot hacked into the system like a internet unwanted unexpected Pop up ad.

I have a suggestion for all media outlets. In some of the networks endeavors to offer spectrum views.
Where is the "Never Trump opinion anchors? When the Koch Brothers paid illegal Mexican landscapers to nourish their well paid grass roots lawn care. Known as the Tea Party gardens.

These lawn care specialists might have been bewildered in compensation to promote weed growth. The pay was good.

So how do I submit my idea for MSNBC to offer and provide for the portion of the networks viewers who need a slice of air time for their, :Never Trump" masses?
They have numerous candidate to anchor such a show. One possibility would be Jennifer Rubin to replace Hewitt's time slot that the EPA allowed the Hewitt Corp to dump his toxic waste and pollute the environment of his time slot. So badly, that time slot will require environmental clean up to make it safe enough as sustainable to human life. The Hugh-bot did not require such an environment where a Rubin -Never Trumper would have such needs.

I mean really, Name me one show host (with own) show that is devoted and headed by "never Trumper".????

hard to imagine corporate networks promoting more liberal minded hosts.
A Never Trumper may have the ability to preside over the Jeff Flake Phenomenon. of criticizing the conservative (and Trump) while silently being with all the conservative "winning". Otherwise known as the hypocritical two step to hell dance.

Imagine a Never Trumper show that begins to produce segments like the Keith Olberman's "Worst Person in the world".

How that is so needed. It's use of displaying the BillO, Coulter, hannity of media rot in programming in the name of promoting hateful ideals to make one proud to belong and support.
How well it shamed decomposing corpses on FOX to the proud Gestapo impersonator. It was a simple segment, but powerful in the name the shame in public.

I would like to see more programming offered to hone my ideals and counter the right with expertise and unabashed clarity with no fear or politeness.

In the end, the MSNBC promotes the Trump agenda, the financial corrupt mafioso business of the GOP. That has it's talons in Drug distribution, Gambling with other people money and lives. Selling right wing books, life time appointments to NYT op ed jobs and paid bobbling talking heads as "guests" to market merchandise. To provide corporate welfare employment to disabled right wingers fallen from grace and unwanted. A place to employ your right wing Senator's daughter who has no real skills, no real employment future and finds it beneath them to seek employment like everyone else.

Could you see Megan McCain applying for a job at the Post office?

Instead of getting an education in something like Medical Genetic research to use those assets for importance. Living the life of Reilly (or Paris Hilton) Building fame on name and being a kardashian. Because being born into royalty provides the expectation of a level of existence within the upper caste even if it requires those with less subsidizing it.

Noticing I veered off the topic path. I close.

Not sure who I will miss the most, Jeff Flake or Hugh hewitt?

Unknown said...

My google account works for comments! I can comment again!!!

Anyway, I have wondered...


Now, I remember Ben Domenech on Chris Hayes show (Hayes may have been covering for Maddow, could have been pre "All In") on the early 2016 RNC in Tampa, and talking about the gay bars in the Tampa Bay area making alterations for the influx of Republicans. (He said the gogo dancers dressed in kaki shorts and short sleeve white button down shirts, and everyone laughed. I remember Chris commenting on the good music Ben mentioned. It was a cute scene where he had the entire panel's attention for a few minutes.)

Anyway, what I read then was that he doesn't discuss his sexuality, he had a girlfriend years before, but he had identified as bisexual.

And now he's married, and that past is gone from Wikipedia.

He's also married to perhaps *the* most gay-friendly woman in the GOP. She has never denied occasionally going to gay bars with her friends and having a good time.

Sorry for the non sequitur, but that is one of the instances of the Forgetting Machine that has always annoyed me.


Dave McCarthy said...

yeah, a nun might give you an A-, but you definitely earned, as you said, a solid A.

Tom Shefchik said...

Give yourself more points please. I saw the cyborg on a panel on MSNBC yesterday. I was going to change the channel because like with the fake president, I am allergic to his face and voice. But he was critical of the GOP, but that was likely the first and last time.