Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Gingrich Rules Abide

If you are a regular reader, you may remember about a month and half ago (or, 30 Trump scandals and 115 Trump WTF? lies ago) a two-bit wingnut conspiracy pimp names "Judge" Andrew Napolitano, was sent to the media penalty-box for embarrassing Fox News shareholders.

Specifically, he was kicked to the curn for trafficking in the "Obama wiretapped Trump" lie in great and authoritative depth and detail.  Which would have been just one more in an endless procession of Fox News lies -- lies which fly into the empty heads of Fox News viewers, nest for awhile, and then flutter away as they are displaced by the next Fox News lie -- but for the fact that President Stupid very publicly grabbed it and ran with it and blew everything up.

At the time, this was the verdict of the L.A. Times:
People familiar with the situation who could speak only on the condition of anonymity said Napolitano is not expected to be on Fox News Channel any time in the near future. Napolitano was not available for comment...
And, at the time I suggested that readers reset their Gingrich Rules Countdown Clocks to zero because...
By and large, the rule for Conservatives who live on the wingnut-welfare teat is, when they publicly step on their own dicks spectacularly enough to displease the money guys, the Gingrich Rules kick in:  30 days on the bench, after which they are reintroduced back to the media ecosystem via some "legit" format during which no mention whatsoever will be made of what got them on bad paper with the network in the first place.

And if  it turns out that Napolitano doesn't swing enough weight to rate the Gingrich treatment?  Or if the mud he splashed was too injurious to the corporation to warrant early parole from the dog house? Well that's why "senior legal contributor" positions at Breitbart, National Review or Russia Today are invented.

Well guess who's back, baby!!!

Fox's Napolitano Speculates That Comey Was Fired So Hillary Clinton "Can Be Indicted For Espionage"

Judge Andrew Napolitano: "Let Me Suggest Another Scenario ... Maybe [Hillary Clinton] Should Have Been, And Still Can Be Indicted For Espionage"

In a world gone mad, you can always count on The Gingrich Rules.


dinthebeast said...

"Wait, how are we gonna both sides THIS one? Oh, I know, call the Judge! He don't care, he'll lie about anything!"

-Doug in Oakland

Wheezy said...

Good call, my man.

Not that it wan't like shooting a fish in a barrel.

With a MOAB.


jim said...

"Noblesse oblige" we called it back in my callow yoot ... Utopia for jackholes.

Petard included for a nominal fee.

huckermill said...


Ain't like shooting fish inna barrel, cuz if it were then ever'body'd see it coming n they damn sure don't. You wuz commending dg, I get that, but I'm inclined to think you diminish his original thinking n insight stead a lauding it if you sez it's easy. A riddle is always easy: after you's tolt the answer.

trgahan said...

Because how else can FoxNews calm its panicking viewers after Trump immediately follows a clumsily firing of a, until a few days ago, Hero of Conservatism with Putin demanded close door meeting in the Oval Office where Russians brought their own electronic in other than haul out Shameless Hack no. 12453256 to accuse a Democrat of espionage.

Thus, Crazy Uncle Liberty can sleep another night.

Robt said...

If I may say,
Thanks Obama......!

Until Trump is gone Obama is at fault. If it wasn't for Obama, Trump would not have had to fire Comey.

I think Obama is still in control of the secret government weather machine and matter fact,
Now that I think of it,
With all the repealing of anything Obama going on.

Why are the Chem-trails still being dispersed from the aircrafts?. And those juice boxes that cause the Log cabin Republicans.....?

eddie blake said...

they DO need red meat for the base and i REALLY wouldn't be surprised if they DID go after clinton.

they would figure it would be a BRILLIANT distraction.

they're not very bright.

Robt said...

"not very bright"

With a ton of deviancy in the dimness of shadows and darkness.