Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Great Reset Begins Anew

As I may have mentioned once or twice, given their codependent, catastrophic failures during the Age of Bush, the only way the Republican Party and the Beltway Media were able to sustain themselves during the Obama Administration was by agreeing to pretend en masse that history began on January 20, 2009.

Here is a small, pseudo-random sample...

...the reason it is impossible to constructively engage Conservatives at all is that, for them, all of history began on January 20, 2009.  
This is because people like Mr. Searcy are so chin-deep-and-sinking in a ideological sewer full bigots and anti-science fundies that -- like a waterhead drunk who would rather croak than admit that booze is the real problem -- manning up and facing reality would so utterly annihilate his self-identity as a family man and upstanding citizen that he can only cope by staying in a constant state of combative denial.  By just clipping out or shouting down those huge inconvenient slabs of history that make him look like a lying buffoon.
...who have spent so long in the Hate Media Wingnut Re-education Camp that they are now are unable to acknowledge that recorded history began before January 20, 2009.
The 10th blogiversary fundraiser continues with Inaugural Year of 2009. Or, as Conservatives quickly came to think of it, the Beginning Of All Recorded History.
What a pity that half of this country and all of our media have decided that history began on January 20, 2009.  
...it is sickening to see such a brazen slow-motion theft and mutilation of history...
Just as it is ideologically and psychologically impossible for Conservatives to admit that history began before January 2009.
It will fail, because it is impossible to bring people who refuse to acknowledge that history did not begin until  2009 to book for something they did in 2002.  Because as far as they are concerned, there is no "2002".

Or 2003.

There were no 2004 election.  Bush/Cheney did not win with 60 million votes and change.  The entire Conservative movement did not take to the streets in a giant, "Neener Neener!  We Won!  You Lost! So shut the fuck up!" parade that lasted until 2005, a year which also too never happened.

Just as 2006 did not happen.
And neither did 2007.
Nor most of 2008.

In fact, the entire predicate for the Teabagger Uprising  (ed note: There. Is. No. Tea. Party.) is that the Bush Administration never happened or, if it did, they certainly had nothing whatsoever to do with it.
Of course, to those on the Right for whom history began on January 20, 2009 this is all incomprehensible gibberish.
By 2010, at the age of 49, Mr. Brooks had gone all-in on his big plan to save his reputation by simply excising the entire Bush Administration from memory and reducing modern history to a contest between the Present Age of Policy Wonks versus the Good Old Days of Savvy Political Bosses.
Mr. Poulos has never known a world where every Republican administration left giant, steaming piles of deficits in its wake, which the Right began screaming must be cleaned up now!now!now!...once that Republican administration was safely out of office. Where the daily -- sometimes hourly -- revision of history to fit today's Conservative party line was not so normal it ceased being noticed.
Mind you, on the subject of every Dixiecrat since before the Presidency of Lyndon Johnson, they are full-on, Limbaugh University grads, versed in every detail.  As am I.  As are most Liberals I know.

But after 1964/1965?


Seething, angry silence and the radioactive stink-eye for anyone who keeps rudely bringing it up.

These are genuine charter members of the Tribe That Rubs Shit In Their Hair -- my shorthand for the Conservative mutual masturbation society whose lunacy grows exponentially more unhinged when excitedly puppy-piling their batshit nonsense among themselves -- who happily rub shit in their hair because everyone else in the club is doing it -- and are shocked and furious when they go out into the light of day to find that normal humans flee their unholy stink.

And for them history ends right about the time Jonny Quest premiered on ABC and only begins marching forward in its full glory again on January 20, 2009: the day the Kenyan Usurper destroyed America.
And it is in the very fact of this lie -- in the smug contempt for reality with which Mr. Brooks executes it -- that we find Mr. Brooks at his most genuinely Conservative.  Because when you strip people who call themselves Conservatives down to their basic wiring, you will find only three things that have been nearly universally true of all of them over the last +30 years:

They lie constantly about their own past.   They never supported Bush.  They never thought Clinton should be impeached.  There never was a budget surplus. And so on.  Or, conversely, there were WMD in Iraq.  Bush was a great president.  History began on January 20, 2009.  And so on.  They are junkie-dependent on massive doses of Strategic Forgettery to keep from facing the ugly reality of their real past...
Of course, the only place where Ms. [Jennifer] Rubin's amazingly stupid critique of President Obama might make a lick of sense (especially coming as it does out of the face-hole of yet another of American media's  horribly discredited neoconservative media propaganda slingers) is in an alternate universe where the Bush Administration never happened, and where neoconservative media stenographers did not spend eight years hauling uncountable thousands of metric tons of water for the most catastrophically failed Administration in modern American history because American  began on January 20, 2009.
With the exception of Ron Paul, every Republican candidate has run on a strategy of quickly co-opt the GOP base into helping them lie about their own past once they win the nomination because every Republican candidate knows that the past terrifies the Base.  In their bones, the Pig People know that if anyone starts seriously poking around back there, there's is no telling what swarm of terrifying "facts" might be unleashed to jump out of the dark and rip off their faces, which is why the have made their deal with Fox and the Devil to agree that history began on January 20, 2009, at around noon Eastern Standard Time.
GOP Top Tier Candidates All Agree On Six Important Things
  1. History began on January 20, 2009 and before that nothing whatsoever existed. Except Ronald Reagan, who floated alone in the cosmos for an undetermined time until he created America out of his short rib and three jelly beans.

  2. Gummint is exclusively responsible for half of all problems in the history of the Universe.

  3. Dirty Marxist hippies -- past , future and those presently loafing away their lives in "college", in the streets with OWS and in the White House -- are responsible for the other half of all problems in the history of the Universe.

  4. President can and should rule by decree.

  5. Rick Perry is a funny drunk.

  6. Bring us Barabbas!

Well kids, here we are once again.  That moment after every Republican catastrophe whence comes the most solemn and sacred ritual in the business:  the excavation of a memory hole big enough to bury the whole fucking fiasco, root and branch as fast as possible.  Dig the pit, dump the body, quicklime it, pour enough Chernobyl-grade bullshit over the site to sarcophagize the whole thing and then post signs warning future generations of the Dire Consequences of poking around anywhere near the truth.

Once again, con men and lunatics have led the Pig People straight into a sturdy ideological kill-box, and once again, the Pig People have no one to blame for their plight but themselves and their own rage, racism, paranoia and indestructible ignorance.  And since it is still psychologically impossible for the Pig People to admit error, for them to continue to function it has once again become imperative to deflect or destroy all external, real-world evidence of their moral and civil idiocy.

And so the Right -- this time led by President Stupid -- is doing what they always do: racing for the caverns below the Island of Lost Wingnuts to excise yet the another inconvenient slab of history and reset, once again, the Date On Which Recorded Recorded History Began.

But you know what elevates it to high comedy this time?

That long-time professional Trump knob-polisher, Joey Joe Joe Junior Scarborough has leased Neiman Marcus' very finest High Horse from which to chastise President Stupid and the rest of the GOP leadership for daring to use the oldest Conservative responsibility-evasion scam in their playbook.

And the language he presumes to use to puff himself up as a great and daring Speaker of Truth makes it pure, comedy gold.
"And I said it repeatedly, that you people believe that history begins on January 20th, 2017..."


Kevin Holsinger said...

Good evening, Mr. Glass.

You are the Leif Erikson of political insights. Got here first. Don't get the holiday.

Be seeing you.

Hubert Vale said...

You left out Joey Joe Joe's middle name: Shabadoo! 😂

Robt said...

Who the hell does Scar think he is ? Telling the transition ream the year and date. The same transition team that Rep. Elijah Cummings wrote and told of Flynn's foreign employers? Telling the man that says "Only he can fix it all".

The caped "scar adviser" superhero wasn't listened to. hard to imagine?
So when the conservative white supremacist in chief fixes our debt by selling China Alabama. Selling North Korea our Civil Rights act. lifting sanction on Putin and cutting taxes from the savings of killing people. Giving Wall Street Social Security. I am sure the Koch Brothers are interested in owning people. Maybe get into the breeding business.

You are on to something when pointing out when oppressive Al Qaeda type economic collapse and debt began in 2009.
When the Islamic terrorist drove fear into the hearts of El Rushbo dittoheads. and worse, he went door to door with a metal detector to confiscate all guns only from republicans. Leaving them naked and vulnerable to the gay.
Joey knows he voted for those tax cuts. One day he will be as rich as Warren Buffet with those tax cuts.
Heck, to sweeten a deal with Saudi he can toss in the 1st Amendment.

Scar floated on the Neap tide and now he wants to ride the Ebb tide as it wanes. You see, Scar boasts that his snake oil cures poverty. Like if you take $800 billion out of health care, will make the health care better for all.
But, that doesn't work for defense spending. You have to pour in more to make it better.

So the same snake oil of Scar's that cures poverty as he floated in on the Neap. As he floats out on the Ebb. The same snake oil now cures all cancer. and brings world peace.