Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Nick and Me

The totally true story of how I made a big-time Hollywood actor and Conservative nut job cry like a toddler and run away.

In the video above you will meet Mr. Nick Searcy -- that older cat with the "Rush" cap, appearing on the Fox show that no one has ever heard of.

He is a very able character actor, and his "Acting School" stuff definitely has its funny moments.

He is also one of the biggest amateur fonts of pure nonstop wingnut bilge you are likely to find on these here internets.

I spent some time the other day trying to teach this particular pig to sing on Twitter.  I didn't cuss.  Didn't Caps/Lock shout.  Didn't insult his family or his professional accomplishments -- or even mention them except to say that I liked "Acting School".

Instead I kept my usual good humor -- a smile on my face and a song in my heart -- and cheerfully went about pushing as firmly back against his unhinged bile as 140 characters would allow -- minus a few dozen for the twitter handles of the gaggle of Mr. Searcy's little friends who hopped on-board hoping to count coup on a Real Live Liberal and who instead got their asses cheerfully sawed off and handed back to them by me.

Over and over again.

(For the record, they all appear to be this guy:)
On one level I know this sort of thing is a futile exercise.  On another level -- that part of me that still wants to believe in the possibility redemption and comity -- I feel the need from time to time go down into the slop-trough of the heart of Conservative thought and confirm with my own eyes that they really are as spectacularly, arrogantly stupid, relentlessly ugly and rabidly hate-drunk as they appear to be.  It also sharpens me up; clues me in on which direction the next wave of Big Loud Wingnut Stupid might be coming from.

I learned nothing new, but re-learned most of the old stuff.

Critical to all the other lies these meatsticks tell themselves is the need to just stop-stop-stop History dead in its tracks around 1964:

To help them face their abject terror at the thought of talking about the actual GOP as it actually existed during their actual adult lives, I even helpfully posted the summary of the Congress' voting record on both the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act (example):
But they still adamantly refused to set foot in the 1960s:

    1. Go to your high school history teacher right now and force him give you Chapters 1965-now.
    2. I'm sure you'll learn about Reps trying to pass civil rights while Dems/KKK opposed.
    3. So whoever told you otherwise LIED to you. Are you OK with that?
    4. Whoever told you that Lyndon Johnson & the Dems didn't try to block Ike's CR act lied
    5. You're quite right. That did happen. In 1957. Thanks for proving my point.
    It was also filibustered by Dem Strom Thurmond. Hey, whatever happened to that guy?
This is because people like Mr. Searcy are so chin-deep-and-sinking in a ideological sewer full bigots and anti-science fundies that -- like a waterhead drunk who would rather croak than admit that booze is the real problem -- manning up and facing reality would so utterly annihilate his self-identity as a family man and upstanding citizen...

6h you keep mentioning your son. Is this the way you want him to behave? 
Details6hNo, I want him to be whiny and dumb like you. “: your son. Is this the way you want him to behave?”
...that he can only cope by staying in a constant state of combative denial.  By just clipping out or shouting down those huge inconvenient slabs of history that make him look like a lying buffoon.

Mind you, on the subject of every Dixiecrat since before the Presidency of Lyndon Johnson, they are full-on, Limbaugh University grads, versed in every detail.  As am I.  As are most Liberals I know.

But after 1964/1965? 


Seething, angry silence and the radioactive stink-eye for anyone who keeps rudely bringing it up.  

These are genuine charter members of the Tribe That Rubs Shit In Their Hair -- my shorthand for the Conservative mutual masturbation society whose lunacy grows exponentially more unhinged when excitedly puppy-piling their batshit nonsense among themselves -- who happily rub shit in their hair because everyone else in the club is doing it -- and are shocked and furious when they go out into the light of day to find that normal humans flee their unholy stink.  

And for them history ends right about the time Jonny Quest premiered on ABC and only begins marching forward in its full glory again on January 20, 2009: the day the Kenyan Usurper destroyed America.

In my travels I learned amazing things...like nobody ever really supported Bush/Cheney:
That Dick Cheney was not a real Conservative.

And that Strom Thurmond quit the Democratic Party and became a Republican because he suddenly stopped being a racist.
1 Junhe stopped being racist & switched parties. “: Thurmond. what happened to that guy?”Expand 

I learned that every Democrat is a Liberal and every Liberal -- every one -- is a liar.

Every Liberal is a pussy. Every Liberal is a racist, fascist, Maoist leech and every bad thing that ever happened was entirely due to Liberals.

That by the commutative laws of Liberal Awfulness that slither aound in the ideologial dumpster inside Mr. Searcy's skull, Liberals are Pure Eeeevil because we are A) somehow responsible for 120 million Communist murders
and, even More Purely Eeeevil because B) we cleverly pretend we have no idea what the fuck he is even talking about when he randomly pulls Stalinist atrocities out of his ass and drops them into the middle of the conversation.
What I'm getting at here is the opinions of Conservatives like Mr. Searcy and his minions are really, really fucked in the head.

You will be shocked to learn that the Southern Strategy either never happened or is somehow irrelevant:
That Clinton was never impeached:

    1. And unaccountabilty MT : Like all Democrats. Their entire philosophy is based on dependency. “:
    2. "I did not have sexual relations with that girl" RT
    And. He. Was. Impeached. Remember? It was in all the papers. For years.

And let me tell you, being randomly accused of crying "racist" by a raging imbecile because I am beating him like a rented mule and he literally has nothing else to throw at me just never gets old!
  1. @yesnicksearcy @Donaselby @SMFIII @Mattie96 @jtLOL No. Modern Conservatism has devolved into a Orwellian caricature of what it once was.

no. You don't know what you're talking about, and you just like saying "racist." @Mr_Electrico @Donaselby @SMFIII @Mattie96 @jtLOL
For fun, I also took away Mr. Searcy's  own ALEC "study"
and slapped him around with it.
I even went down a little side-road with what was apparently a very drunk, very angry five-year-old  who goes by the handle "TANSTAAFL" but who clearly had no clue who Robert Anson Heinlein was ("TANSTAAFL" is part of the Lunar flag in Heinlein's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress") or what he had written.  And so in the spirit of Christian kindness, I reached out to try to fill in some small portion of his bottomless pit of ignorance with free lessons in the history of Heinlein and science fiction.

It quickly spiraled into this:

Which also amused me:
I confess I do have an encyclopedic knowledge of SF seemed ignorant of Heinlein so I thought I'd help

Image will appear as a link
  1. "encyclopedic knowledge of SF" - Enough said. Nanu nanu.
  2. I also have an encyclopedic knowledge of Ayn Rand and Edgar Allan Poe. These are bad things why?
  3. So are you against reading generally, or just specific genres?
All of which brings us to Sunday morning, when I noticed Mr. Searcy rampaging once again across Teh Twitter and keeping America safe from rational thought by starting his day with the Wingnut Breakfast of Champions:
1.  Calling someone a pussy for blocking him on Twitter:
Brave tweets me and then when I respond, blocks me. This kind of courage is what it take to be a liberal man. Well played!
2. Dutifully repeating one of those hilariously dumb bold-faced Conservative lies that Crazy Uncle Liberty loves to send to soft-headed Useful Idiots via VERY LARGE FONT emails.

Now unless you're a fairly credulous simpleton, those bold-faced Conservative lies can usually be debunked in under 30 seconds with a few clicks of a mouse.  Sadly, Mr. Searcy -- in addition to being a very able actor -- appears to be just such a credulous simpleton and since I kinda felt sorry for having publicly kicked his ass so brutally the day before in front all of his little friends and minions, in the spirit of Christian kindness, I reached out to gently correct his latest public bed-shitting.

And that was when...

wait for it....

...Mr. Searcy decided to block me on Twitter :-)

Or to paraphrase Mr. Nick Searcy:  
This kind of courage is what it take to be a Conservative man. Well played!

UPDATE:  Thanks to Mr. Holsinger for catching the worst of my spelling errors. 


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

Grammar Nazi here.

"on the subject of every Dixiecrat SINCE before"

"AND (unless you're going for an accent) that was when...wait for it...."

Enjoy the rest of your day.

---Kevin Holsinger

Frank Stone said...

I think Mr. Searcy's Twitter avatar tells us all we need to know about the psychological world he inhabits.

n1ck said...

I'd rather stick a fork into my eyes than deal with Twitter.

Kudos for dealing with the Fever Swampers over that format.

Anonymous said...

I have tried to wade into these, and I truly admire your fortitude. I don't have a twitter account, but there are other places. I let my YouTube account expire when Google took over, mainly because I avoid the comment section. Surprisingly, the ICanHasCheezburger sites regularly devolve into fevered ugliness, and they stopped their (beloved by me) Pundit Kitchen because the couldn't handle censoring the racism. Even "Doonesbury" on GoComics has gone from a mostly center-to-left crowd to people vainly fighting a handful of bomb-throwers, starting every day with "And when will Liberals care that Obama should be impeached for..".

I've tried a few times. One with a religious person who claimed, among other things, that the Bible was never used to support slavery (I was taught otherwise at a *Catholic* school) got some interesting comments from others but was otherwise fruitless. His counters were essentially "You're wrong! Period!", or "You're attacking my faith and want to oppress Christians!", and "Well, you say that, but what about X and Y and Z and Alpha and Beta and Gimmel and Tsadi and Sampi and Qoppa and... umm... 鶏?" There were a few times I had to say "Qoppa? 鶏?!? Those points are really not relevant, but...". I then tried ignoring some of the radar chafe, but everything I ignored was a "Victory!". I did learn from that situation that the best way to deal with the flurry of bullshit is often "That is irrelevant because X, and not on topic. Now...".


JerryB said...

Hey DG. I admire your wading into the cesspool that is Nick Searcy and his minions. As I said, I had my special time with him a few weeks ago. Truly a special kind of bile emanates from his ilk. I do wonder how long he can continue to find legitimate work in his field spewing that kind of right wing hatred. 'Roid Rage perhaps. An intervention may be in order.

Cliff said...

I'll second N1ck on the matter of twitter, but good on you for the attempt.

I spent some time on Swampland, some years back, arguing with wingers.
The only thing I ever found that slowed them down, made them start backpedaling, even for an instant, was to point out their racism.

And the next day they'd be back at it.

So the moral I learned was:
sit back and watch them run into that brick wall we've been warning them about.

Bustednuckles said...

You crack me up dude.
Trolling the crazy fuckers on twitter just for fun.
Encyclopedic indeed.

I'd feel sorry for the ignorant fuckers but it would be in a watching someone have a Grand Mal seizure kind of way.
It's something obviously beyond their control to be so willingly ignorant.

Using logic and pointing out the truth just causes them to go into default mode, full retard.

BTW, nice touch with the Mr. Electrico handle.

watchdog said...

That was very entertaining, right up to the point when the coward blocked you. You should post a link to this blog article on there just to tweek his thin-skin a bit more. I love these types of back and forths they are alway fun. I've participated in one or two on Crooks and liars and Addicting info, most wingnuts are just tolls though, lobbing a stupid bomb and then scurrying away to hide.

Anonymous said...

I do it because it is good practice. Somebody should start a website where people can publish their measured arguments deployed in the face of hopeless fatheads. Pearlsbeforeswine.com perhaps.


bowtiejack said...

Thank you for all that you do. Your protective shield of rationality & knowledge should serve you well in dealing with these people John Carter.

I first read Heinlein in Boy's Life in the 40's and I miss his work too. Although I think I've got everything he ever wrote with soft or hard covers on it.

It's interesting that the one witty lunkhead thinks his TV soap opera reference to Star Trek is a real riposte.

I would bet serious money he wouldn't know what either "space opera" or "riposte" meant.

These people all make me think of that distinctive species of American, who upon graduating from high school or college, throws his rented mortar board high into the air, screaming , "Thank God! I don't have to read any more fking books!"

Again, thank you for all that you do - sometimes even fish in a barrel have got it coming.

Daniel Harper said...

Searcy may be a rabid right-winger, but "Justified" (and his work on it) is an inspired TV show, one of the few I actually take the time to watch these days. Definitely worth a watch if you're inclined for a bit of smart crime fiction in serialized form.

driftglass said...

"Justified" is a cut above most police procedurals and it has an excellent pedigree, coming as it does from the work of Elmore Leonard.

Tomm Undergod said...

If your history of s-f involves the writer Eric Frank Russell, you might check out "The Great Explosion" for an interesting precursor to Heinlein's comeback novel.

Tomm Undergod said...

Later: Maybe I was thinking of Russell's use of MYOB -- Mind Your Own Business. TANSTAAFL, however, goes back decades before the Heinlein novel, according to Wikipedia.