Wednesday, April 22, 2015

10 Years After: 2013 -- Imaginary Reagan

After a short breather, we return to this final stretch of this 10th blogiversary fundraiser with the back half of the Year of Our Lord 2013.  

In 2013, Imaginary Reagan remained our Greatest Preznit Evah! 

The News From Stupidville

Is even stupider than usual.

The headline is at least intriguingly ambiguous:
Our ‘Credibility’ Is Gone, and Airstrikes Won’t Restore It
OK. Interesting. 

 Do go on sir...
Even if we launch some cruise missiles and blow up some Syrian military buildings . . . our credibility is in tatters, anyway. Everybody knows...
And this is the point at which you might assume that the crackerjack journalists at the National Review would want to a brief but thorough educational autopsy of America's lost credibility beginning with, say, how George W. Bush launched two catastrophically botched wars in the region based on lies. How how we scooped innocent people up by the truckload and threw them in prison and tortured them.  

That sort of thing.

But; shockingly, no:
Everybody knows our president makes promises he can’t keep, threats he doesn’t intend to carry out, bluffs and then gets mad when others call his bluff.
Also President Obama failed because he refused to become the Prime Minister of the UK and then use his Magic Leadership Wand to persuade a war-sick Parliament  to do his mighty bidding:
Diplomatically, that’s a six-inch putt, to put it in terms the president can appreciate
And this is what really sets National Review's journalism apart: the fact that it is not only insightful but funny to boot because, see, Obummer is always golfing instead of scouring the pages of the National Review for sage foreign policy advice.  But while it is funny (and wise -- so very, veyy wise) it unfortunately cannot be said to rise to the level of epic, rolling-in-the-aisles-of-the-NRO-Voyage-of-the-Damned  funny because it's rather shocking failure to wedge in a reference to the TelePrompTer that does all of the Kenyan Usurper's thinking for him.

That's National Review journalism 101, gentlemen!  Don't let it happen again!

However, because I am feeling charitable,  points taken away for gross TelePrompTer-mention-FAIL will be almost entirely restored thank's to the author's willingness to risk it all on a decision to boldly hot-glue a reference to Benghaaaazi to this mess before hitting "Publish".
Reminder: We still haven’t arrested, killed, or as far as we know, even pursued anyone for the attack in Benghazi.
Reminder: the reason it is impossible to constructively engage Conservatives at all is that, for them, all of history began on January 20, 2009.  

Nothing before that exists.

Except, of course, the pillar of pure light and freedomy goodness that is Imaginary Reagan:

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