Monday, May 23, 2016

This World Was Never Meant For One As Beautiful As You

You may have noticed that I do not post on this blog about every lunatic shudder and tic and primal scream of the Donald J. Trump rolling freak show.

First, because other blogs with staffs and such already do that, so keep up the Lord's work there people!

Second, because it seems to me to be an empty, repetitive exercise.  Of course Trump lies about Iraq and lies about Libya.  Of course he's a braying, racist troll.  Of course he's trying to drag the race for president to his level by yelling "Rape!" at the top of his lungs.

Of course a thousand other things.

So what?

There are tens of millions of Republicans out there who believe exactly the same things. Meatbags who cannot function on a day-to-day basis without a steady diet of the insane slurry of madness and conspiracy that Fox News and Hate Radio serves up, hot and ready, every day. These are people who were only too happy to be cheerleaders for every one of Dubya's spectacular public failures.  Who yelled "Traitor!" at the tops of their lungs at anyone who disagreed with them.  And then -- without missing a beat -- of course they were only too happy to scamper through the Bush-Off Machine, reverse themselves 180 degrees and pretend they'd never heard of George W. Bush.  And -- bonus! -- begin immediately scream "Dirty Libtard Commie!" at anyone who pointed out that they were flagrantly lying.

And constantly chasing them down their batshit rabbit holes armed with all the facts in the world gets you exactly nowhere.  Prove to them that, say, Hillary never, ever said that she wanted to get rid of the 2nd Amendment and take away all their guns and they will hocus-pocus up a guy...whose cousin knows a guy...who was at this thing where Hillary's Close Personal Friend revealed the Whole Awful Plot!  

So there ya dirty Libtard commie. 

And of by some miracle you waste a few precious hours of your life tracing down the friend and the cousin and the alleged event where this all supposed all happened and prove beyond any doubt that it's all nonsense of course all you will get for your trouble is a "Yeah, but, y'know the Libs are just as bad" as your Conservative friend slithers off to make another nine-course meal of Sean Hannity's bullshit.  

As I wrote a decade ago as the long shadow of the Bush Regime blighted the land:*
What [David Brooks]** and the rest of the Moderates will not bring themselves to face is that no matter how bulletproof you make that most Randite of delivery systems -- the “rational argument” -- and now matter how aggressively you deploy it in favor of the most basic virtues preached by Ms. Rand (such as woman’s right to choose, or letting consenting adults do what they want – including marrying who they want) it will not change one, microscopic Fundy mind in any way that is measurable by even the most delicate instruments.

Stacking one scientific journal, magazine and grade-school textbook atop another for the last 150 years hasn’t caused Conservative Christopaths to grow opposable thumbs en masse, climb down out of the Stupid Tree and stop believing dangerously lunatic trash. The only effect Reality has on these clowns is to make them feel ever more picked-on and angried-up.

They are the intractable opponents of democracy who, for example, make it their business to make it impossible to keep the Public Square neutral, because Jebus Abhors a Vacuum. Because when you believe the Absolute Truth of your God should fill all things, you will also and inevitably view neutrality-by-design as an Evil Liberal Assault on your righteousness.

We must be rid of them, and there is no cure for the chronic disease of Conservative Fundamentalism (other than a free Huckster Convention in the Utah desert, followed by a thermonuclear flash, followed by an abrupt, mushroom cloud-shaped Rapturing of the faithful up to Heaven in the guise of radioactive-ash) but a slow, deliberate, erosive process of marginalization and education.

A process that cannot even begin as long as one political Party, far from distancing themselves from the Theocratic Hordes, instead insists on selling their soul for remaindered prices by pandering to the scum of the Earth for partisan gain.

And then has the gall to be surprised that the irrational, hateful people they coaxed into the drunken, electoral bed the night before for some kinky, partisan sex insist on behaving like irrational, hateful people when the sun comes streaming in the window the next morning.

When all of a sudden up you don’t have the stomach to look at the thing you let fuck last night, do you?

You just wish it would leave.

Christ, why won’t it leave?

Why won’t it get its scabrous ass out of your face and just leave?

And then you realize to your horror that you’re in its bed, not the other way around.

And it still wants to play.

And, finally, of course our establishment media is only too happy to go along with the Right at every turn of this never-ending. Lie/Fuck-up/Bellow-and-lie-your-way-out-of-accountability/Lie-Again/Fuck-up-Again cycle.  Because abetting this travesty and providing your Conservative pal with his infinite "Get Out Of Accountability Free Because Both Sides" card is their fucking business model.

Nothing will change until the Very Serious People who are set the parameters of our national debate are compelled to start acknowledging out loud and in public that the biggest reason our country is in trouble is that the Republican party is a dangerous madhouse, and the reason is got that way is because Conservative elites and oligarchs and media corporations designed it that way.

*In retrospect I should have expanded the range of this post to include the entire menagerie of failed lunatics and scheming con men who make up the GOP which I documented here and here back in 2005   Well, I was young.  I rose early, hit the gym, read the papers, wrote fast as blazes, and then went off to work 10 hours at a paying gig, squeezed in a sliver of social life, caught the evening news, wrote some more and then bed.

**Yeah, I have been writing about David Brooks for a very long time.  Nice to see that I'm starting to get some company on this lonely beat :-)


Chiefy said...

Yep, that's pretty much it. Thanks for the link to Young Turks. Got a chuckle out of that.

bowtiejack said...

Ah, good stuff to start off my week (the links too!).

Speaking (reluctantly) of the Donald, will no one ever on the electric TV machine or in the broadsheets have the courage to utter the N------ word?
The man clearly has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
He ticks off every DSM symptom.

Or as those pointy eggheads at the Mayo Clinic put it:

"If you have narcissistic personality disorder, you may come across as conceited, boastful or pretentious. You often monopolize conversations. You may belittle or look down on people you perceive as inferior. You may feel a sense of entitlement — and when you don't receive special treatment, you may become impatient or angry. You may insist on having "the best" of everything . . ."

Sound like anybody we know?

bowtiejack said...

Oh, and may I add that it's only because GOPers, conservatives, Tea Partiers, and "independents" are sooooo much more patriotic than thee and me that they want to give the keys to the nuclear locker to someone with a mental disorder.

Donald Walsh said...

I support any effort to ignore Trump. Truly. He is using his ability to remain at the top of the news every single news cycle, by saying any old crazy thing, true of not, just to keep his name on everyone's lips. It is THE anti-Trump remedy to ignore him. And it's not easy-- try not thinking about a pancake right now, I'll wait....See? Not thinking about Trump is especially difficult for the politically aware, but it is an important action (non-action?) we can do to fight back.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

In a world...

...where you saw that thing on C&L about Mr. Trump's wall being a "humanitarian" wall...

...and I wasn't one of only five people who remembered the "Frienship Ditch" from the movie "Speechless"...

...and somebody uploaded that clip from the movie so I could send it to you...

...I'd be feeling really clever right now.

But I don't live in that world.


Be seeing you.

RUKidding said...

Most of the nooz anymore is awash in Trumpmania. Even whilst pretending to diss the man or plot against him in some way, everyone on all channels are breathlessly agog awaiting the next "outrageous" thing that the Donald utters. And then some of the commentators can commence to mocking him (if not a serious show), or some can commence to "seriously" deconstructing his utterances, and so forth.

I'm with Donald Walsh, above: ignore this human detritus as much as feasible. We will have to pay some attention during the general election, but otherwise? Meh.

What's to say? Most of Trump's "policies" are absurd. He's a racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted pig, who figured out long ago how to mob up (literally) and milk the system for his personal benefit (but let's complain about poor people). The GOP proles have been tossed red meat and dog whistles for decades so they see Trump's viewpoints as not only the natural order of things, but as the way things should be. It's no surprise that they sieg heil at Trump rallies.

On the airwaves, none dare call it the great con job that it is.

Unknown said...

While it is technically understandable that "nothing" can be done to purge the GOP of its intentionally-courted-and-mated lunatic Christopath and racist sectors, the amazing thing I find is that the MSM, under the auspices of broadcasting and explaining to the entire US the "news" of each day (or even week), do NOT explain in great detail and to the point of nausea that the GOP has Christopath and racist sectors, and therefore every official utterance from any certified member of the GOP must be taken with the grain of salt the size of Wisconsin.

It is technically allowable in our democratic republic for one of the main political parties to lose its damn mind. It is not allowable for the arm of society dedicated to the dispersion of information to pretend that it is not.

EVERYTHING that is happening now in politics is a direct result of the corporate masters of the media abdicating their duties in favor of profits. And everyone employed by these media entities should just pack it up and go into advertising.

At least in advertising you are EXPECTED to use propaganda to sell your product. It's above-board, everyone knows it, and no one pretends that they are dispensing unvarnished truth of the good of the country. There is honor in advertising.

The hypocrisy in the MSM is as stunning as it is galling.