Monday, May 23, 2016

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

Donald Trump, Liberal Blogger:

Trump is right, although he gets his dates wrong.  Kristol (and dozens like him) has been open, suppurating lesion on the whole concept of professional journalism for decades, whose long record of spectacular public incompetence would have gotten them sacked from any other job years ago. But through some special, private arrangement among the scumbags who run our media not only are none of Bill Kristol's serial fuck-ups in any way career-ending, but employees of the corporations who run the media are clearly under orders to never broach the subject of what a colossal fraud Kristol is.

 It is among the many theses which we scrofulous Liberal outsiders nail to the Media Cathedral door every week, year after year, and which are brushed off by the High Priests who run the media, every week, year after year. Very much like Captain Renault's bar tab in "Casablanca":
Oh, please, monsieur. It is a little game we play. They put it on the bill, I tear up the bill. It is very convenient.
It is very convenient.  But in Donald Trump, the media has made a monster that it bigger his creator. And so while no mere Liberal media critic has ever succeeded in dragging Kristol into an exchange over his spectacular public incompetence, Trump is now big enough to prompt an actual response from Bloody Bill.

 A weak, weak, weak-assed response:
Every time Trump goes after the media he wins, because far, far too many of them -- and the corporations they serve -- really are every bit as shitty and corrupt and unaccountable as he says they are.

The media has had years to listen to its critics.  Years to empty it overflowing dumpsters and fire it's Kristols. But instead of cleaning house, they have doubled down on the trash and treacle because far, far too many of them -- and the corporations they serve -- really as as shitty and corrupt and unaccountable as Trump says they are.

None of this affect Bill Kristol in any way, of course. Undeterred by any worries that the young man who hired him will ever fire him, Kristol is free to proceed with great confidence in his plans to create a Third Party out of other people's resumes and other people's money, because he knows for sure where all those Independent voters are hiding.

They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south, and north somewhat...

And speaking of that sack of neocon offal, for some reason, ABC's "This Week..." continues to pay him to masturbate in public:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Yes, and I want to bring that to Bill Kristol, because obviously you've been -- made no secret that you're against Donald Trump; you're part of the Never Trump movement, trying to get a third-party candidate into this race. But that whole movement seems to be dwindling right now.

KRISTOL: No, I don't think so. I think the Republican National Committee and the Trump and Clinton campaigns are trying to sort of strangle it in its infancy because they're scared of this. I mean, look at that poll. When you throw Mitt Romney and someone who hasn’t run in four years, probably isn't the ideal, in a way, third-party candidate that would impressive man and I think would be a good alternative to vote to Clinton and Trump, he right is a 20-20 --
It was a wasteland & you're better off having skipped the whole, sorry mess.


Jimbo said...

Don't know if this was an ABC transcript issue or that Bill "Bloody" Kristol has now been reduced to gibberish by the Trump monstrosity but his response to Stephanopolous was unintelligible at best. Oh, and O/T but these silly polls showing Bernie leading Clinton:remember the RNC (and Trump) want Bernie to be the Democratic candidate because, in the unlikely event he was chosen, 10,000 Joe McCarthys would suddenly launch a tirade of anti-communist, this-man-will-enslave-Murrica campaigns, the likes of which have never been seen before and they will annihilate Bernie as anything remotely viable a candidate. That's why all the gunfire has been trained on Hillary and almost nothing on Sanders.

RUKidding said...

Always wrong Bill Bloody Kristol, who got fired from the NYT, of all things! (look at all the other pitiful losers on that rightwingnut gravy train there. How can anyone get fired??), continues to make money somehow by being wrong about nearly everything. But he sucks up and kicks down with the best of 'em, so I guess that's bloody good enough for the Masters of the Universe to keep him in beer 'n skittles.

So Kristol, for whom we have to thank for nails on chalkboard voiced epitome of ineptitude and stupidity trailer trash on steroids Sarah Snowbilly Palin, is now advocating for a "third party" to somehow kick the GOP out of the way and take the brass ring away from Donald and Hillary in November. Ya don't say.

I guess Bill Bloody Kristol and his drinking buddy Dame Nooningtonhampshire can gather to drink their ketamine cocktails whilst dreaming on about this bright, inbred, but well-heeled group of trustafarians who'll show the Donald who's who and what's what.

Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket! Rightwing trustafarians, and according to Nooners, they'll be gracious enough to include a few of the more bohemian trustafarians, as long as they all piddle and poop in the correct bathrooms.

Seems like a winning plan to me.

No wonder I sometimes agree with Donald Trump. Thanks a helluva lot, Bill Bloody Kristol, for making that happen, too.