Monday, April 06, 2015

10 Years After: 2010 -- Housekeeping

The 10th blogiversary fundraiser continues with the Teabagger Backlash Year of 2010. 

I have overstayed my welcome in 2010, so for the benefit of my future self, I'm tagging several posts I don't want to lose track of if/when I build this into a book, and then wrapping up the year with two of my favorite posts.

In 2010, I lost yet another job.  Damn. And not to be self-serving, but it was yet another case of people who knew vastly less than I did not listening to me when I told them they were plowing ass-first into iceberg territory.  And then...we hit an iceberg. Then they had to let people go, because, y'know, iceberg.  And first on their list was me.

The New Capitalism Is A Club

The Politics of Left and Right

Grace Hopper's Revenge

In 2010, I wrote a lot about Chicago politics including "Sun to Set on the Bridgeport Empire"

In 2010,  President Obama drove Liberals like me to despair with his myopic, David Brooksian unwillingness to see our politics as they plainly and simple exist.  He really wanted to fix Washington using the Villager's blueprints, and the more rabid and openly deranged the Right became, the more he heeded their call to appease the loonies by punching even more hippies. ("Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Left".)  When he finally figures out too late that the Right was NEVER going to see reason and began to act accordingly, David Brooks and his fellow villagers immediately and tearfully abandoned him.

The History of Conservatism In 95 Words

In 2010 Tom Friedman was still writing.  About Iraq.  And no one was stopping him.

By 2010, David Brooks had won the Overton Window war.  His narrative was THE narrative, and brick by brick he used his ever expanding influence to radically rewrite American history to suit his fantasies of how things shoulda been.  And all along the way I futilely documented his atrocities, because someone really should:

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