Thursday, February 23, 2017

NH Governor Signs "Here's a Big Pile of Guns, Everybody Grab as Many as You Can" Law

Which should thrill the fuck out of these people.

The odious Chris Sununu -- the misbegotten issue of the odious John Sununu -- would like everyone in New Hampshire to be armed to the teeth, and no one to know who is packing what.  

From HuffPo:
You No Longer Need A License To Carry A Concealed Weapon In New Hampshire
The state’s licensing requirement had been in place for nearly a century.

New Hampshire residents no longer need any kind of license to carry a concealed handgun after the state repealed a nearly century-old law that allowed police to deny concealed carry licenses to people they believed could pose a risk to others.

New Hampshire already permitted open carry, but local law enforcement long had discretion to deny individuals a license to carry a concealed weapon. The system, in place for 94 years, let police prevent people who they knew had a violent history from getting license.

On Wednesday, Gov. Chris Sununu (R) signed a law that simply allows residents to carry a concealed weapon without a license. Similar legislation had been twice vetoed by former Gov. Maggie Hassan (D)...

As the GOP rolls back rights for LGBT Americans, puts looters, polluters and anti-science goblins in charge of our air and water, rounds up our neighbors, openly conspires with our enemies and hides from their constituents...

...I'll be on my middle-class porch in the middle of Middle America, waiting for The New York Times Action Van to show up and ask me about my feelings.

In the meantime, to prep for what I'm sure is the Times' Roving Flyover Zeitgeist Action Team's imminent arrival, I shall bone up on what The Grey Lady is saying to America today.
Trump Voters Are Not the Enemy 
Nicholas Kristof  FEB. 23, 2017
Oh Jesus.  Really, Kristof?  Really?

Well, maybe it's a parody.  And I could really use a laugh right now.
...the comments...registering legitimate anxieties about President Trump — but also the troubling condescension that worried me in the first place. I fear that the (richly deserved) animus toward Trump is spilling over onto all his supporters.

I understand the vehemence. Trump is a demagogue who vilifies and scapegoats refugees, Muslims, undocumented immigrants, racial minorities, who strikes me as a danger to our national security. By all means stand up to him, and point out his lies and incompetence. But let’s be careful about blanket judgments.

Not a parody.

So here's how this will go.

First. Kristof will know some guys.  Some guy from his home-town, or where he went to college, or where his car broke down that one time...
My hometown, Yamhill, Ore., a farming community, is Trump country... 

And these guys he knows?  They're not bigots at all!
 In Yamhill, plenty of well-meaning people were frustrated enough that they took a gamble on a silver-tongued provocateur. It wasn’t because they were “bigoted unthinking lizard brains,” but because they didn’t know where to turn and Trump spoke to their fears.

And now comes the money shot, because the whole reason for this column's existence is to spin a comforting fairy tale for Nick Kristof's hometown pals and his insulated Beltway readers.  That the real problem here is not the meatheads who elected The Bastard President, but my Liberal disdain for the meatheads who elected The Bastard President.

Or, rather, the three reasons why yadda yadda yadda because depending on word count requirements, there are always two or three reasons why this is all my fault:
There are three reasons I think it’s shortsighted to direct liberal fury at the entire mass of Trump voters, a complicated (and, yes, diverse) group of 63 million people.
First, stereotyping a huge slice of America as misogynist bigots is unfair and impairs understanding.
I'm sorry,  I couldn't hear can't hear you over the constant roar of tens of millions of Republicans screaming that I am an America-hating traitor out of tens of millions of radios for the last quarter of a century.

Maybe you missed it.  Maybe radio reception isn't so good in New York City.

But please, do go on.
Second, demonizing Trump voters feeds the dysfunction of our political system. One can be passionate about one’s cause, and fight for it, without contributing to political paralysis that risks making our country ungovernable. 
Tolerance is a liberal value; name-calling isn’t...

Our country is ungovernable, Nick, because your fucking homies, keep electing assholes who make it ungovernable.  Is there something in the water in Yamhill, Oregon that makes people just surreally stupid?  If so, maybe your homies could take it up with the Environmental Protection Agen...

Oh wait.

Never mind.

Your homies voted to liquidate the EPA.

Because Freedom!  And because I was mean to them.
The third reason is tactical: It’s hard to win over voters whom you’re insulting...
Again, can't quite hear you over the etcetera, etcetera and also --

-- the etcetera.

But sure, please ramble on
Yes, the Trump camp includes some racists and other bigots. But it’s a big camp, and let’s not be so quick to affix labels on every member of a vast group.
Yes.  Only some of them are bigots.  And only some of them are homophobes.  And only some of them are xenophobes. And only some of them are misogynists.  And only some of them are fascists.

The rest are obviously either just as dumb as a bag of hammers, or are, for some reason, really, really, really comfortable with bigots and homophobes and xenophobes and misogynists and fascists.
Go ahead and denounce Trump’s lies and bigotry. Stand firm against his disastrous policies. But please don’t practice his trick of “otherizing” people into stick-figure caricatures, slurring vast groups as hopeless bigots.
Translation:  Please don't hold voters in a democracy responsible for the voted they cast.

If you need me, I'll be out on the porch, Nick.

Waiting for the van.

Stupid Shit Andrew Sullivan Says Continues

Mr. Andrew Sullivan -- who is definitely not blogging -- wants to make it very clear right from the start that he is not blaming Liberals for the existence of Trump's very own malformed H.R. Haldeman homunculus, Stephen Miller:
No, I’m not blaming liberals for Miller’s grim fanaticism.
And then he goes on to explain how, you know, when you really think about it, you know what? Liberals really are to blame for the existence of ambulatory Conservative malignancies like Stephen Miller.
I feel like I know him because I used to be a little like him. He’s a classic type: a rather dour right-of-center kid whose conservatism was radicalized by lefties in the educational system.

Before too long, they start adopting brattish and obnoxious positions — just to tick off their SJW peers and teachers. After a while, you’re not so much arguing for conservatism as against leftism, and eventually the issues fade and only the hate remains.
And then, as he rambles on a little further into this definitely-not-a-blog-post about how Liberals are to-blame/not-to blame for Stephen Miller, Mr. Sullivan gets around to blaming us for Laura Ingraham.

And Ann Coulter.

And Milo Yiannopoulos.
Think Ingraham and Coulter and Yiannopoulos. They are reactionaries in the classic sense: Their performance-art politics are almost entirely a reaction to the suffocating leftism that they had to endure as they rose through the American education system. 
I think of Ann Coulter, whom I met recently, backstage at Bill Maher’s show. What struck me was her sincerity, searing intelligence, and grasp of the facts. In another universe, she could have become a reasoned defender of a sane conservatism. Instead she ended up writing In Trump We Trust. In exactly the same way, Miller really is a product of Santa Monica and Duke — their living, breathing, raving antibody.
And then of course, there is the -- ahem -- money thing, 
Of course I knew better — and could have made a decent argument for deterrence instead of behaving like a brattish dick. But I didn’t. I wanted to annoy and disrupt the smugness around me. If you never mature, this pose can soon become your actual personality — especially when you realize that it can also be extremely lucrative in the conservative-media industrial complex.

Andrew Sullivan; still putting the "ass" in passive aggressive.

Longtime readers might remember that I have written once or twice about how the extremely morally flexible Mr. Sullivan bailed out of the lucrative "Apologist for the depravity of Conservatism" business when the market for it started to crash under Dubya, and, along with his pals David Brooks and David Frum and Ross Douthat (and all the rest of the usual suspects) got into the lucrative "Blaming Both Side for the depravity of Conservatism" business before the paint on the walls of the High and Holy Cult of Both Siderism was dry.  

And just like Brooks and Frum and Douthat and all the rest of the usual suspects, Mr. Sullivan did it all without ever once taking any responsibility for the monsters his movement has spawned, or daring to mention that we dirty Liberals had been right about the Right all along.

Also according to Mr. Sullivan's latest non-blog post, Steve Bannon is a very bad hombre, and The Young Pope is a good show.  

Which only begins to scratch the surface "Things no sane person needs New York Magazine to pay Andrew Sullivan to tell them."

President Evilene

Don't nobody bring him no bad news.

The taxpayer-funded nannies the White House now employee to keep President Angry Man-Baby from nuking Greece because he had that bad gyros that one time have figured out that the only reliable way to Il Douche's heart is through his planet-sized narcissism.

From Politico:
How Trump’s campaign staffers tried to keep him off Twitter
The trick? Making sure his media diet included a healthy dose of praise.

The key to keeping Trump’s Twitter habit under control, according to six former campaign officials, is to ensure that his personal media consumption includes a steady stream of praise. And when no such praise was to be found, staff would turn to friendly outlets to drum some up — and make sure it made its way to Trump’s desk.

"If candidate Trump was upset about unfair coverage, it was productive to show him that he was getting fair coverage from outlets that were persuadable," said former communications director Sam Nunberg. "The same media that our base digests and prefers is going to be the base for his support. I would assume the president would like see positive and preferential treatment from those outlets and that would help the operation overall."
On the one hand. at this point "We Fucking Told You So" hardly seems adequate.

On the other hand,  I'll bet all your wingnut friends and relatives believe Il Douche is doing a bang-up job.

And there is the problem.  There is the Terrible Truth that only despised Liberals dare to utter.

It's not Trump.

It's all of them.  And it always has been.

Gutless Gohmert

It should surprise no one that the Stupidest Man in Congress would try to hide from his constituents by cowering behind a woman.

But even I was surprised that the woman Louis Gohmert (R-Deliverance) would try use as human shield would be Gabby Giffords.  From The Hill:
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) on Thursday invoked the 2011 shooting of former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.) at a constituent event as a reason not to hold a public town hall.
"At this time there are groups from the more violent strains of the leftist ideology, some even being paid, who are preying on public town halls to wreak havoc and threaten public safety," Gohmert said in a statement.
"Threats are nothing new to me and I have gotten my share as a felony judge. However, the House Sergeant at Arms advised us after former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot at a public appearance, that civilian attendees at Congressional public events stand the most chance of being harmed or killed—just as happened there."

You may remember, that less than a month ago, Louis Gohmert was so overcome with concern with guns and public safety that he a co-sponsored a bill to make it easier for mentally ill people to buy an arsenal.

Because like any other vermin infestation, when you let Republicans run wild. this is just what they're gonna do.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

CPAC: Funeral For a Fiend

For the last few days, some of the Very Best Beltway Media People have been sitting on the porch, passing the jug around and remembering the days back when CPAC was a nice little gathering of intellectual giants who sipped port and debated Burke in front of a small, well-behaved audience of star-struck kids who just lurved Murrica so god damn much it'd just make you cry.

And them Trump and Milo came along and fucked it all up which is why Conservatism can't have nice things.

From Ezra Klein, former Liberal turned Important Media Executive:
From Kathleen Parker, nationally-syndicated conservative Pollyanna who has recently taken to feigning shocked when conservatives behave like conservatives:
At CPAC, conservatism betrayed

By Kathleen Parker Opinion writer February 21 at 8:05 PM
Remember when conservatism meant deep thinkers and big ideas? Get over it.

Today, conservatism means get your Miley (Cyrus) on and show us your tongue, shout Trump to the rafters, pay up for the privilege of “free speech,” and young — very young — “love.”

Or so it would seem, judging by this year’s lead-up to the annual Conservative Political Action Conference that begins here Wednesday. If young conservatives came looking for mentors and for values confirmation, they may have wasted their ticket...

You get the idea.

But here'e the thing.

You know what actually fucked up the annual gathering of the wingnut tribes at the Conservative Political Action Committee?


And you know when Conservatism was officially FUBAR?

Decades ago.

Of course you're not going to hear that from media professionals whose stock-in-trade is hawking the comforting fairy tale of Conservatism's glorious Pre-Trump/Milo days to the rest of their Beltway friends, which is why I feel I must take it upon myself to once again take you back...back...back in time.

Back to when Donald Trump was just another rich, loud, racist real estate asshole gaming America's bankruptcy courts and screwing the people who worked for him out of an honest day's pay.

Back to when Milo was just a cluster of cells being cultured in a Petri dish by a handful of lunatics in Paraguay:

Back to when I wrote this in 2008...

Big Fucknozzle Trade Show

hits D.C. this week.

For all nine-minutes of bullshit, faux-introspection chin-music that came from the Right about change, future and vision after they got hog-slaughtered in the last two elections, if you want to know what is really at the corrupt, oozy heart of the American Conservative movement (and its filthy little avatar, the Republican Party) look no further than their ideological trade show: the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC.

How do I know?

'Cause Dick Cheney tells me so (from the CPAC website):

“CPAC has consistently over the years championed those ideas that have made America great: limited government, free enterprise, low taxes and a strong national defense."

– Vice President Dick Cheney

“CPAC has never been more important!"

– Amb. John Bolton

“… A showcase of the heart and soul of American conservatism”

– Los Angeles Times

“CPAC is the preeminent yearly gathering of conservative activists."

– The Washington Post

And since bullshit walks and money pays the piper and calls the tune, who finances this freak show? Who lays out genuine coin of the realm for this three day Course in Wingnut Miracles, and what do those sponsors believe is the real problem with America?

The American Conservative Union: who believe that OSHA, commies and liberals are destroying America.

Accuracy in Media: who believe that liberal control of the media is destroying America.

Advocacy Ink : who believe that bad wingnut PR is destroying America.

Alliance Defense Fund: who believe that non-Christians, queers, unregulated vaginae and porn are destroying America.

American Civil Rights Union: who believe that militant atheists are destroying America.

American Federation of Senior Citizens: who believe that liberals are destroying America.

American Future Fund: who believe that non-Limbaugh-approved thoughts are destroying America.

American Service Council, Inc.: who believe that "socialized oil" is destroying America.

American for Tax Reform: who believe that taxes are destroying America.

Americans for Limited Government: who believe that Evil Gummint things are destroying America.

Americas Majority: who believe that non-Judeo Christian morals are destroying America.

AT&T: who believes that iPhones are destroying America.

Black Republican PAC: who believe that the 99.7% of African Americas who are not self-loathing enough to join the GOP are destroying America.

BMW Direct, Inc.: who believe that not hiring BMW Direct is destroying America.

Campaign for Liberty: who believe that any and all regulations of corporate interests are destroying America.

Capital Research Center: who believes that ACORN and labor unions are destroying America.

Catholic Family Caucus: who believe that people who point out their site is full of broken links are destroying America.

Center for Individual Freedom: who believe that people who point out that a site festooned with screaming eagles, flags and links to wingnut causes and spokesmodels is hardly "non-partisan" are destroying America.

Citizens in Charge Foundation: who believe that non-plebiscite-based Gummint thingies are destroying America.

Citizens United: who believe that things that don’t smell like Reagan's underpants are destroying America.

Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute: who believe that smelly liberal feminists are destroying America.

College Republican National Committee: who believe that "unions and leftist interest groups" are destroying America.

Competitive Enterprise Institute: Site offline, which can't be good for competitiveness.

Concerned Women for America: who believe that non-"Biblical values" are destroying America.

Congress of Racial Equality: not sure who they believe is destroying America, but its leader has great love for that pallet-truck-o-wingnut-crazy, Alan Keyes.

Congressional Effect Management: who believe that "the negative effects of Congressional deliberation on investor wealth" are destroying America.

Council for America: No site available, so America must remain dangerously uncounselled.

Culture 11: who seem to believe that doctrinaire wingnuts and plutocrat asswipes like virtually everyone else at CPAC are destroying America.

David All Group, LLC : who believe that the wingnut widget gap is destroying America.

David Horowitz Freedom Center: who believe that "All conservative action groups agree that" "the tenured radicals who have taken over America’s universities" are destroying America.

Eagle Forum: who believe that liberals, Messicans, a lack of ballistic missiles, non-Christians, queers and unregulated vaginae are destroying America.

Eberle Associates, Inc.: who believe bad wingnut PR is destroying America.

FairTax: who believe that the 16th amendment and its commie fellow travelers are destroying America.

Family Research Council: who believe that non-Christians, queers, unregulated vaginae and "ultraliberal judges" are destroying America.

Freedom Alliance : who believe that non-bomb-first/ask-questions-later policies are destroying America.

FreedomFest: who believe that not jamming the words "freedom" or "liberty" into every fucking sentence fragmentis destroying America.

Freedom's Defense Fund: who believe that "the radical left and their elitist allies in the mainstream media" are destroying America.

FreedomWorks: who believe that taxing rich people and evil gummint are destroying America.

Google: who believe that Yahoo and YouPorn are destroying America.

Hasan Family Foundation: who seem pretty cool.

Hispanic Leadership Fund: hard to tell but I'm guessing that if vouchers, free trade and tax cuts will save America, then unions and liberals will doom us all.

House Conservatives Fund : who believe that taxes, gays and non-Reagan-approved "conservatives" are destroying America. who believe that the Evil Liberal Media who destroyed Sarah Palin and brainwashed America into voting for Obama are destroying America.

HSP Direct LLC: who believe that bad wingnut PR is destroying America.

Human Events: who believe that ideas that haven't passed through the colons of ""Robert Novak, Michelle Malkin, L. Brent Bozell, Terence Jeffrey, Bruce Bartlett, Thomas Sowell, David Limbaugh, Oliver North, Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, etc." are destroying America.

Intercollegiate Studies Institute: who very probably would believe that people who point out that a site that's a tossed salad of commentary and books about "traditional values", liberal "tyranny", Conservative though, and the wit and wisdom of Robert Bork is hardly "non-partisan" are destroying America.

Intermarkets, Inc.: who believe that bad wingnut PR is destroying America.

Islamic Free Market Institute Foundation: who believe that taxes and regulations are destroying America.

Jim Worthing Productions: who believe that bad musical production values are destroying America.

John M. Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs : who believe that all the usual suspects are destroying America.

Judicial Watch: would probably believe that people who point out that a site with a "Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians" for 2008 list that includes
  1. Barack Obama for his "alliance with the sleazy ACORN operation's 'voter registration;" and 'get out the vote' efforts" and his "corrupt dealings with convicted felon Tony Rezko and unrepentant terrorist William Ayers"
  2. Hillary Clinton for, among other things, "paid sleepovers in the Lincoln Bedroom, cattle futures fraud, and stealing White House furniture"
  3. Some unwhitewashably-convicted Republican criminals like Ted Stevens thrown in for "balance"
but cannot seem to find the time or column inches to include war criminal, traitors and terrorists like George Bush and Dick Cheney really shouldn't be calling themselves "non-partisan" are destroying America.

Legacy List Marketing: who believe that out-of-date GOP mailing lists are destroying America.

Let Freedom Ring: Watch their ad
and then take a wild fucking guess at what they think is destroying America.

Libertarian Party: who believe that not letting wingnuts smoke pot is destroying America.

Liberty University School of Law: Hmmm. Jerry Falwell's Holy Fundy Law School? Let's take a moment and try to guess where it will come down on every single fucking thing.

Manhattan Institute for Policy Research: who very likely believe that people who point out that "Conservative think tank" is semantically equal to "Lemming 10K Cliff's Edge Fun Run to find a Cure for Death by Deceleration Trauma" are destroying America.

Media Research Center: who believe that the Sekrit Liberal Media Cabal are destroying America.

National Rifle Association: who believe that any opposition to a person's right to keep and bear ballistic missiles just like the Founders intended is destroying America.

National Right to Work: who believe that any attempt to organize working people out of debt peonage is destroying America.

National Taxpayers Union: who believe that any attempt to tax the beneficiaries of work class debt peonage is destroying America.

New York State Conservative Party: who believe that poor people, liberals and so forth are destroying America.

Pajamas Media/TV: who believe that those who mock the omniscient genius of Joe-the-Plumber/War Correspondent/Economic Analyst are destroying America.

PM Direct Marketing: who believe that anyone threatening to raise the price of wingnut junk mail is destroying America.

Politics Magazine: who believe that people who don’t get that politics is just a fucking business -- like farming, or plastics -- are destroying America.

Radio America: I don't know exactly who Radio America thinks is destroying America, but I'm guessing that any outfit which gives six hours of air time smack in the middle of every weekday to a stone sociopath like G. Gordon Liddy would have a list of America destroyers that wouldn't be too hard to figure out. who believe that "elitists (yes, they are on both sides of the aisle) pretending they were doing things to help 'regular folks'" (while drooling over all thing Reagan and pumping out post after post about the Evil Left) are destroying America.

Save Our Secret Ballot: who believe that organized labor is destroying America.

Shirley & Banister Public Affairs: who believe that bad wingnut PR is destroying America.

Strategic Campaign Group: who believe that poor "Republican Campaign Consulting Management" are destroying America.

Susan B. Anthony List/Team Sarah: who believe that unregulated vaginae are destroying America.

Terra Eclipse: who believe that misaligned synergisms in the paradigm-shifting topography. Of new media. Platforms. Or something. Are destroying America.

The Heartland Institute: who believe that anti-tobacco and global warming kooks are destroying America.

The Heritage Foundation: who believe that The Left and all the lefty things we do are destroying America.

The Leadership Institute: who believe that a shortage of conservative leaders who understand the misaligned synergisms in the paradigm-shifting topography. Of new media. Platforms. Or something. Are destroying America.

The Poker Players Alliance: believes that regulations on internet gambling are destroying America.

The Republican Majority is a password-protected site. Hehehe. Big tent my ass.

The Washington Examiner: believes that those wacky liberals are destroying America.

The Washington Times: believes that the infidels who do not yet recognize the Most Reverend Sun Myung Moon's godhead are destroying America. believes that those who will not take advantage of their fabulous of one FREE copy of Ann Coulter's latest steaming slop bucket of bile and viper-head soup for every 12-month subscription to Townhall Magazine are destroying America.

Tradition, Family, Property: believes that the failing and "discredited" Theory of Evolution, Teh Gay and those damned unregulated vaginae are destroying America.

TV Watch: who believe that swill on the tube are destroying America.

Vernon K. Krieble Foundation: who believe that people who refuse to let the Free Market run buck wild are destroying America.

Victory Solutions LLC (whose website is currently and unironically down) believes that barriers to technologically-empowered the Right are destroying America.

Young America's Foundation: who believe that frivolous youth who are not "preserving and protecting Ronald Reagan’s Western White House—Rancho del Cielo—and using this historic presidential property and our newly renovated Reagan Ranch Center in downtown Santa Barbara, California, to pass on to future generations the ideas and lasting accomplishments of this great American President" are destroying America.

Young Americans for Freedom: who believe that Evil Gummint things are destroying America.

Youth For Western Civilization: who believe that Godless liberal multiculturalists who want defile to flower of our Southron Womanhood are destroying America.

And so, like any other catastrophically failed business being run by inflexible, third-generation, inherited-wealth-rich/brain-poor imbeciles, the GOP is absolutely incapable of coping with the fact that it’s core product is now less popular than road-kill-on-a-stick in the marketplace of ideas.

Because baby, to everyone Left of Genghis Khan, the headlong-into-the-abyss direction Party of God has been monstrous obvious for years now (from the late Steve Gilliard in 2005):

A note to our conservative friends:


Ever wonder why New Yorkers detest George Bush?

Because we experienced his incompetence up close and person. We knew this guy was full of shit, absolutely full of fucking shit, after they started to play games with the funding and gave Wyoming terrorism money. We knew he was an assclown then.

We thought DC 9/11 was a comedy, because the Bush we saw hid in AF One like the scared bitch that he is.

But did you listen?

Fuck no. Until last week, Ann Coulter was calling New Yorkers cowards for not endorsing Bush's folly in Iraq.

We have been screaming for two years that Bush and his team sucked. That they had no clue. They sent soldiers to be wounded in Iraq without armored anything. And you idiots cheered him on from the safety of your keyboards. We told you he was fucking up Iraq. But no, we supported Saddam, we were racist, we blamed America.

You say this isn't about politics? Fuck you, this IS politics, real time, real life politics, where the insanity of all your ideas are exposed to the world for the fraud that they are. Tax cuts kill. Ask the relatives of the dead of the Gulf Coast.

Well, motherfuckers, the alligators are feasting on dead nigger and there isn't an Iraqi in sight. And Bush is trying to gladhand his way through a mess which has stunned FOX reporters. I mean, Shepard Smith is calling Fox's talking heads liars ON THE AIR.

CNN rips Bush in print and online after nearly five years of sleep.

Instead of hearing what we had to say about Bush, you called John Kerry a coward, mocked Max Cleland, blamed everything but herpes on Bill Clinton. You enabled Bush into this mess and now you're shocked?

Instead of growing, learning or adapting, the same moral flatliners at the helm of the GOP have been staring at this arc of catastrophe year after year and using their media and money to hammer home the same mantra over and over again:
This. Can. Not. Be. True.

Like Big Finance and Big Auto, the Party of God has fallen.

And fallen.

And fallen.

Have fallen from Pepsi to Diet Shasta to Sam’s Choice Mountain Lightning.

To a boutique/nostalgia political-market loser that no one but double-wide dwelling Confederate States of America Re-enactors will swill.

So, like every other flailing, trust fund wannabe-J.P. Morgan with too much dough and not enough sense, the GOP is now doubling-down on its worst ideas 

‘cause that’s the way Daddy built the franchise!

Ignoring the fact that They Are The Fucking Problem, the brain-wizards on the Right – cursed with far too much power and not a lick of common sense – continue to fall like Lucifer, screaming louder and louder on the way down that it was all the fault of the fucking unions. Or taxes.

Or foreigners.

Or liberals.

Or wild vaginae.

Or gays.

Or atheists.

Or Darwin.

Among all the earnest mole rats that pay to put on this farce -- among all their pathetic sites encrusted with screaming eagles, garish flags, glowing crosses and Reagan-on-black-velvet paeans to the delusions of their youth -- you'll not find a single idea that hasn’t been as dead as disco for 20 years.

Not a single bogey man that wasn’t already long in the tooth back when drunken fiasco Joe McCarthy was using them to terrorize a different generation of Americans into giving up their freedoms.

And so, like every other gold-plated imbecile CEO, since the problem can’t possibly be as simple as your product sucks ass and kills people, it must

Which means we have reached that Exciting Moment in their death-spiral where the Party of God cries out for Madison Avenue to save them from oblivion and from being forced to face their own dead hearts and crippled souls, and they start drawing high-priced, jiggly-vocabularied consultants and marketing parasites

like a dead coyotes draws flies.

UPDATE: Welcome C&L visitors.

America's Forgotten War Apparently

On President's Day, Mr. Dowd of ABC News implored The Bastard President to look to Mount Rushmore  to understand what makes leader's great.

Which would make for a terrific lesson, were it not for one gargantuan and inconvenient historical fact about which ABC's chief political analyst seems completely unaware.

COLUMN: Think Mount Rushmore to unite the country, build respect

On this Presidents' Day, let us reflect on what has made our greatest presidents great. First, they sought to unify the country and build up the bonds that linked all Americans to each other.

Second, they were respected by nations around the world as symbols of leadership and integrity. Look at Mount Rushmore and see that these are the values that are consistent across the four faces carved into the South Dakota stone.

President Trump had and has the chance to be a transformational leader in America, and has talked about making America great. But unless he follows the lead of our greatest presidents, he will likely go down in history as mediocre, at best, or an abject failure, at the worst...
Yeah, the monkey-wrench in this evergreen Beltway Both Siderist fairy unity tale is always Lincoln. The man who, along with George Washington, bookends the faces on Mount Rushmore.   Who launched his political career about two miles of my little house right here in the middle of Middle America, and whose tomb is my town's most famous and revered site.

Lincoln -- America's first Republican president -- did, in fact, attempt to "unify the country and build up the bonds that linked all Americans to each other".  But the slave-holding South would have none of it: their fervent belief their "peculiar institution" was both sanctioned by Almighty God and critical to their economic future made unity or compromise so unthinkable that they seceded from the Union and turned their guns on the federal government rather than discuss the matter any further. Convinced that they were fighting with the Lord on their side against an implacable and existentially evil enemy, they launched a civil war that ended only after their cities were burned, their ships sunk, their armies destroyed and their Confederacy blown to bits at the cost of over 600,000 dead.

And even after America paid this terrible price to settle the question of slavery once and for all, the minute the Union army's boot was taken off of their collective throats, the states of the former Confederacy immediately went back to their old ways and Jim Crow was born.

So "unity" my shiny metal ass.

But there is a crucial ideological difference between our divided nation then on the verge of civil war, and our divided nation now.

From Mr. Ta-Nehisi Coates in The Atlantic from June, 2015:
What This Cruel War Was Over
The meaning of the Confederate flag is best discerned in the words of those who bore it.

The Confederate flag is directly tied to the Confederate cause, and the Confederate cause was white supremacy. This claim is not the result of revisionism. It does not require reading between the lines. It is the plain meaning of the words of those who bore the Confederate flag across history. These words must never be forgotten. Over the next few months the word “heritage” will be repeatedly invoked. It would be derelict to not examine the exact contents of that heritage.
Citing the plain text straight out of the states' articles of secession and the printed and spoken words of the leaders of the Confederacy leaves no doubt about what they believed were fighting for.

They believed the institution of slavery existed by divine mandate. Period.  They believed in the expansion of the institution of slavery.  Period.  And year-in/year-out, their ideological intransigent and white-hot fervor remained constant.  They had principles.  They were depraved principles to be sure, but they were coherent and most importantly they did not change with every vagrant breeze.

Now jump ahead to 2017, and ask yourself, what the direct ideological descendants of the CSA --  the rank and file of modern Republican party -- actually really truly believe.  I mean, to have dug themselves into such inesca defensive positions which are every bit deep and impenetrable as the Confederacy.

For example, just turn on Conservative talk radio for any 20 minutes period in the last 20 years anywhere in America and will hear the base of the GOP braying that us dirty hippies -- you and me -- are an implacable and existentially evil enemy. Just listen to these people, and you will hear a powerful belief that the Lord on their side in this twilight struggle against us filthy commie America-hating monsters.  Just look back at the words and deeds of their leaders and see that compromise with the hated Left is considered tantamount to treason, and they have spend the last quarter of a century ruthlessly purging their political ranks of anyone who is interested the art of democratic governance.

From The New York Times, December of 1994:
Republicans Get a Pep Talk From Rush Limbaugh
Published: December 12, 1994

BALTIMORE, Dec. 10— To all the advice for the new Republicans coming to Congress, add this from Rush Limbaugh: A hostile press corps lurks inside the Beltway.

"You will never ever be their friends," the talk-show host warned most of the 73 Republican freshmen at a dinner here tonight. "They don't want to be your friends. Some female reporter will come up to one of you and start batting her eyes and ask you to go to lunch. And you'll think, 'Wow! I'm only a freshman. Cokie Roberts wants to take me to lunch. I've really made it!' " The audience laughed.

"Seriously," he added. "Don't fall for this. This is not the time to get moderate. This is not the time to start trying to be liked."

The freshman class, which included not a single "femi-Nazi," one of Mr. Limbaugh's favorite epithets for supporters of women's rights, whooped and applauded, proving itself one big fan club of the man it believes was primarily responsible for the Republican avalanche in November...
These people have whipped themselves into permanent state of rage-drunk, ideologically bunkered-down, loaded-for-bear readiness...

...but in defense what?

And there's the rub.

Because while they're all well-trained to vomit out whatever the Approved Wingnut Talking Points are for this week (Whitewater! Vince Foster!  ACORN!  Kenyan Communist Usurper!  Death panels!  Email!  Benghaaaazi! Etc!) the sad truth is, the rank and file of the Republican Party doesn't actually believe in a single god damn thing.

No kidding.  The meatheads have no fixed principles whatsoever. They are completely hollow except for the steady diet of Fear!Fear!Fear! the get from Fox News and Hate Radio and a barely sublimated sense of self-loathing from which they find temporary relief by flinging themselves into the arms of any con man who promises to make up Libtards cry.

No principles,  no memory, and their responses to even the simplest questions about policy, history and their own fucking words from 10 minutes ago are, like Trump, invariably weird, circular bullshit.

This is why it's pointless to try to reason with them.  Because their "conservatism" is not an ideology.  It's a dissociative disorder:
Dissociative disorders (DD) are conditions that involve disruptions or breakdowns of memory, awareness, identity, or perception. People with dissociative disorders use dissociation, a defense mechanism, pathologically and involuntarily. Dissociative disorders are thought to primarily be caused by psychological trauma.
Ganser syndrome is a rare dissociative disorder previously classified as a factitious disorder. It is characterized by nonsensical or wrong answers to questions or doing things incorrectly, other dissociative symptoms such as fugue, amnesia or conversion disorder, often with visual pseudohallucinations and a decreased state of consciousness. It is also sometimes called nonsense syndrome, balderdash syndrome, syndrome of approximate answers, pseudodementia, hysterical pseudodementia or prison psychosis. This last name, prison psychosis, is sometimes used because the syndrome occurs most frequently in prison inmates, where it may represent an attempt to gain leniency from prison or court officials.

Ganser is an extremely rare variation of dissociative disorder. It is a reaction to extreme stress and the patient thereby suffers from approximation or giving absurd answers to simple questions. The syndrome can sometimes be diagnosed as merely malingering, but it is more often defined as dissociative disorder...
Anyone who has bothered to pay honest attention to American politics for any length of time cannot fail to notice that Republicans “core principles” routinely flip 180 degrees week to week, year to year depending on who is in the White House and what Fox News and Hate Radio tells them to believe.

Fortunately, unlike Lincoln, to bring this country together we won't have to level whole cities and smash entire armies.  But the propaganda machine that keeps tens of millions of meatheads stupid and scared and berserk will have to be taken on directly and dismembered.

...looking at the eye-melting madness that now runs freely and openly through the Right and the jaw-dropping "Both Sides Do It" denialism that continues to infest most of our media from top to bottom, it has never been more obviously true that we as a nation cannot endure permanently half-Fox and half-free.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This Is Your Moment Arthur Pewty!

Having carried water for more than 20 years for the Conservative movement that gave us supply side economics, union busting, the Cheney Administration, The Bastard President and so much more, America's Most Ubiquitous Conservative Public Intellectual thinks that things are fucked up and shit and that someone, somewhere should really get busy fixing them.

Ideally, somebody with actual influence.  Perhaps someone who has deep, long-standing ties to the Conservative movement and can call those fuckers out by name as the con men and demagogues that they are.  Someone who has a standing gig at America's newspaper of record.  And a standing gig on PBS.  And NPR.  And The Aspen Institute.  And Meet the Press.  And on the college lecture circuit.  Someone who can get anything he writes published and promoted globally.

Not David Brooks, of course.  

But somebody.

From Mr. David Brooks in The New York Times:
In different ways Eberstadt and Cowen are describing a country that is decelerating, detaching, losing hope, getting sadder. Economic slowdown, social disaffection and risk aversion reinforce one another.

Of course nothing is foreordained. But where is the social movement that is thinking about the fundamentals of this century’s bad start and envisions an alternate path? Who has a compelling plan to boost economic growth? If Trump is not the answer, what is?
I can think of lots of ways to start getting the country back on track, but since all of them involve stripping people like Mr. David Brooks of The New York Times of any power to frame our national discourse in any way, I cannot imagine that they will be enacted any time soon.

This was your moment Mr. Brooks.

And you blew it.

The Center for Economic and Policy Research reminds us that, in order to keep his economic fairy tales propped up, Mr. Brooks frequently resorts to, y'know, lying:
Yes Folks, David Brooks is Making Up His Own Facts Again

While it apparently makes folks like Brooks feel good to tell these sorts of morality tales about the failings of men today, it actually has nothing to do with reality. While fewer prime age men (ages 25-54) men are working today than in 2000, the share of prime age women has fallen by almost the same amount. Furthermore, the percent of prime age women working had been rising prior to 2000 and was projected to continue to rise by most economists. 
The fact that women's employment rates have fallen as well is important because it indicates that, contrary to what Brooks tells us, the problem is not a gender specific moral failing. The problem is most likely a good old-fashioned shortfall in demand in the economy. 
This matters a great deal because we actually do know how to create more demand. It's called "spending money."...
Yeah, but this crazy idea of "spending money" is in direct conflict with Mr. Brooks' top priority of "cut my taxes", so again, don't expect it to become part of our national dialogue anytime soon.   

Monday, February 20, 2017

Sunday Morning Party Line

This Sunday, the War of the True Conservative Scotsmen raged on, both on The Twitter Machine --

-- and on the Sunday Shows (from Meet the Press):
CHUCK TODD:  Welcome back. Panel is here, Hugh Hewitt, host on the Salem Radio Network, former Democratic Congresswoman Donna Edwards of Maryland. She's been on an RV tour so she took a break. Amy Walter, national editor of the Cook Political Report, and David Brooks, columnist for the New York Times. Welcome all
If the American political has manifested two more consistently wrong knuckleheads than Brooks and Hewitt I have yet to have the pleasure, so of course they have Reserved Seating on Meet the Press.

Because the nation's Overton Window was long ago crated up and hauled away to the Maple Street.

Where The Monsters Are Due.

And now that the Monsters are actually here, the spectrum of Acceptable Beltway Political Discourse now runs from Brooks (or Matthew Dowd or Bloody Bill Kristol) to Hewitt (or Brit Hume).

From feckless Beltway frauds like Brooks and Dowd and Kristol, who spent their careers peddling Imaginary Conservatism snake oil and building the Maple Street Monsters, and who now cower in the nave of the High and Holy Church of Both Siderism frantically denying that they had anything to do with anything --
CHUCK TODD:   ... David, I'm going to start with you. Two columns this week that you had were headlined "How Should One Resist the Trump Administration?" That was a Valentine's Day. "What a Failed Trump Administration Looks Like." You have-- That's pretty declarative in thirty days.

DAVID BROOKS: Enemy of the people. I'm an enemy of the people. You know what, my fear of the administration as it's shaken out so far is not that it's incipient fascism, it's that it's anarchy. There are 696 appointed jobs that need, require Senate confirmation, and the Trump administration hasn't come up, named 692 of them. And so there's nobody home in the government. The civil service has basically opted out because they've been offended by Trump. The court system has given themselves permission to block every Trump initiative because they've been attacked by Trump. The intelligence community is some sort of disarray or disaffection. To lead, you actually need to lead a government. And the government has gone AWOL. And so in one of those columns I liken him to Captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise at the command deck pushing the pretty buttons, but they're not attached to anything. And I've been in touch with a lot of foreign officials this week. They're noticing and they're afraid of a weak United States.
-- to stone, cold wingut goons like Hewitt and Hume who have always been out and proud about their neofascism and are de-fucking-lighted that the Monsters they worked so hard to bring to life are finally here:
HUGH HEWITT:  I think they're going to remember given the rally yesterday that he has got deep and lasting support in red America. And I disagree with David pretty fundamentally on where we are right now. And I think that to quote Dan Rather, "News is where you look." I look at Intel investing seven billion and bringing 3,000 jobs to Arizona.

I look at the Gorsuch nomination. I look at Reince's interview with you which was spectacular. I think if he names John Bolton as his national security advisor today he will find another ally who can do the Sunday shows as well as Reince did with you and articulate...
Hewitt continued to lobby for appointing the objectively batshit John Bolton to the most important national security job on Earth, and casually shrug off the idea of tens of millions of Americans losing their health insurance because as, I have pointed out many times before, Hewitt is not, in fact, human.

A cyborg sent from the future to destroy America who Comcast/NBC pays to be one of the Respectable Teevee Faces of the Turd Reich.  

And David Brooks -- life-long Republican establishmentarian testicle cozy who has never met a Republican atrocity he would not instantly try to disperse with his mighty Both Siderist Hammer -- is now the Respectable Teevee Face of the Opposition.  

Yes, you have now lived long enough to see David Fucking Brooks repackaged and resold to the Great Wad by Comcast and The New York Times as a leader of the resistance (much to the consternation of noted has-been actor and Conservative lunatic James Woods.)
Which is why it should surprise no one that Brooks' idea of "resistance" (which Chuck Todd never actually touched on because it is too fucking ridiculous) is exactly the sort of scheme you would expect from a life-long Republican establishmentarian testicle cozy whose career depends on not offending powerful people or admitting that his Republican party is the problem (from me last week, "Sex Advice from a Eunuch"): doesn't involve actually "resisting" anything, but instead relies on the entire Republican Party wandering off and getting lost in the woods so that the apparatus of government can be magically taken over and repaired by a generation of Gerald Fords who will suddenly appear and spring into action and fix everything.  
Also on Meet the Press, John McCain did what he always does: fling himself at the nearest available microphone to Talk Big about Murrica and Patriotism, before shambling back to the Congress to obediently toe the party line. His doddering "Maverick" show is an embarrassment which should have closed out of town 20 years ago.   Meanwhile, on ABC, Right-Wing Mole Jonathan Karl had the duty and invited CNN-quality-hire and Trump enforcement-droid Corey Lewandowski to use our public airwaves to lie to the American people.

Sure it was obscene, but isn't is all obscene?

So let us pause this war of the True Conservative Scotsmen to bring you a report on what one awful Libtards was writing 12 years ago, back when every one of these assholes were terribly busy braiding each other's hair, fawning over the economic and military genius of the Bush Administration, slandering the Left and cackling about their Permanent Republican Majority..  From April of 2005:
Little Red State Fundy sez...

Whatever will we tell the children? Posted by Hello

One day we will have to explain to the children what happened when Thurston Howell III lost his right mind and decided that for the sake of some tax cuts to make him incrementally more comfortable, his very bestest buddies in the whole, wide world were the Ultra Right Wing Gorgons down in Jesusland.

May I suggest the following?

The Story of Little Red State Fundy

Little Red State Fundy found a grain of hate.

"Who will help me plant the hate?" she asked.

"Not I," said the Moderate Republicans.

"Not I," said the Undecideds.

"Not I," said the Libertarians.

"Then I will," said Little Red State Fundy.

So she buried the hate in the bloody ground of the Old Confederacy. After a while it grew up paranoid and ignorant and violent.

"The hate is ripe now," said Little Red State Fundy. "Who will do the mass mailings and preach bigotry from the Pulpit?"

"Not I," said the Moderate Republicans.

"Not I," said the Undecideds.

"Not I," said the Libertarians.

"Then I will," said Little Red State Fundy.

So she licked envelopes until her bill was cracked and dry and stood up into the House of God and crowed to her flocks in their millions that God Loved Them for hating and killing creatures who were not like them.

Then she asked, "Who will help me focus this hatred politically?"

"Not I," said the Moderate Republicans.

"Not I," said the Undecideds.

"Not I," said the Libertarians.

"Then I will," said Little Red State Fundy.

So she made databases and phone banks, and walked door-to-door with petitions that talked of Gods Great Hatred of Gays, and Gods Great Hatred of Judges that did not worship the Hate God in exactly the way the Little Red State Fundy told them to.

Then she carried the hate to steps of the Congress and the White House.

"Who will make a mandate from this hate?" she asked.

"Not I," said the Moderate Republicans.

"Not I," said the Undecideds.

"Not I," said the Libertarians.

"Then I will," said Little Red State Fundy.

So she got on the phone with her very good friend Karl Rove and with his help organized carpools to the polls, and get-out-the-vote drives, anti-gay marriage amendments and smear campaigns. For Jesus.

And Little Red State Fundy delivered the margin of victory and was featured in many, many magazines: without Little Red State Fundy, the Republican Party could never, ever, ever win anything.

And now everybody knew it.

Then she said, "Now who shall help me Rule the Earth."

"We will!" said Moderate Republicans, Undecideds, and Libertarians.

"I am quite sure you would," said Little Red State Fundy, "but see, now you are all my bitches."

Then she called Randall Terry and Tom DeLay and Ann Coulter and Jerry Falwell and Rush Limbaugh and James Dobson, and they and the rest of the Shining Path Republicans used what was left of the Constitution as ass-floss.
And judges were terrorized into silence.
And those deemed ungodly were beaten in the streets.
And they invaded whoever the fuck they felt like, for whatever fucking reason they chose.
And the very idea of a Free and Fair press died.

And to people who had been very clear all along that they genuinely believed in a Theocratic Nanny State and thought that precipitating Armageddon and triggering the Second Coming should be the highest calling of any worldly government, were handed over the police, courts, government, treasury and nuclear weapons stockpiles of the United States of America.

And in the end -- just as they had been warned for the past twenty years -- there was nothing whatsoever left at all for Moderate Republicans, Undecideds, and Libertarians.

And one more thought, courtesy of Brother Charlie Pierce:
And, please, for the love of god, ye editors and news directors throughout the land, enough with the expeditions into the heartland to talk to people who helped bring this down upon themselves and on us. These folks have nothing new to say. They voted their id and their spleen and they're still on a high from that. Some guy in a café in Dubuque wants to say that he voted for this president* because he "tells it like it is," or because he thinks the steel mills are coming back? Can you watch that rally in Florida and believe that these opinions have any real merit?
These opinions had no merit 12 years ago.

They have no merit now.

And they will have no merit two years from now when the Pig People rise as one to declare that none of this was their fault and that they've never even heard of Donald Trump

Saturday, February 18, 2017

This Post is a Trick

See if you can spot it...

Here is a video of John Dean on the Joy-Ann Reid program today 
talking about the deeply authoritarian core of the GOP 

And here is a photo of Evil Liberal John Dean speaking while 
America-hating radical Liberal Barry Goldwater looks on.

You know, for all the general bebitching and bemoaning about the horrible state of public discourse in this country (now that Progressives have started to counterpunch) we Lefties are always faced with three, glaringly obvious facts:
1. The Right started this fucking firestorm. The evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible. They did it to court the extreme, rightwing theocrats and racists that now have taken over their Party, and without whom it would be impossible for them to ever win another election. They did it coldly and with deliberate calculation.

2. Efforts to laugh off or “meet them halfway” have been a failure. Efforts at appeasement of the Mussolini-hearted men who rule the GOP have yielded nothing on the Left but the failed triangulation policy that keeps DLC consultants in big cake and hairplugs…and nothing from the Right except howls of laughter. In the absolutist conservative lexicon, Compromise = Capitulation, and therefore view compromise as spineless and cowardly. So at any effort to find genuine compromise and simply they redouble their “Liberals are vacillating Frenchmen who believe in nothing” narrative. Converselym any effort at standing pat on principle and they redouble their “Liberals are obstructionist” hooligans narrative.

To the Modern Conservative, democracy is a zero-sum-game and Liberals are not the opposition, but the Enemy. To be wiped out as expeditiously as possible.

3. The Persistent Vegetative Press have long since been beaten and starved to the point of abject capitulation, so no joy there. They steadfastly and conspicuously refuse to report on one of the biggest stories of the last 40 years: that Republican Party has been taken over by Stalinists. Instead they have positively sprinted in the opposite direction: burying any story that is critical of the GOP qua GOP, and forever fishing around in the margins for ways in which they can cast the Left as somehow equally and oppositely bad as the Right.

This “Fallacy of False Bisection” is the Conservative Propaganda Firewall; the press’ protective delusion that the “Center” is the Absolute Good wherever is happens to be located today. So that all a Conservative needs to do to radically shift the debate in his direction is to keep charging deeper into the twilight Tyranny/Fascism territory. And, no matter how far he goes, because the Lapdog Press has no fixed principle except “balance”, they will dutifully pace off half the distance between Ann Coulter and the Democrat Du Jure and arbitrarily declare that THIS is where the Reasonable Middle should be.


Ignoring, of course, the fact that tomorrow the "Center" will be 100 miles to the Right, and since Theocrat Conservative starting playing this game, “the Right” has been dragged so many million parsecs to the Right, the beliefs of a New Reasonable Middle Man would make Richard Nixon look like a Socialist.
So with the Press stiff and cold and the Right gone mad, who are we talking to anymore?

In the short term, I have always believed we are talking to the actual middle.

People who many have signed up with the Conservatives because they bought Rush’s despicable lies, because it gave them someone to blame and there was no one to tell them otherwise.

People who should be Democrats, but watched the Democrats roll over and try to play nice-nice with the GOP as it was infested and seized by the scum of the Earth, instead of whipping the crap out of them.

People who have been conned into believing they are forced to choose between “strong, vicious and stupid” and “weak, cowardly and smart”. Who have been brainwashed (with the assistance of Vichy Democrats) into thinking that those are their only options. Who hate those choices and long for others, but also know, in a dangerous world, stronger is a better bet.

People respond to strength, which is why when Dems fight -- really and persistently fight -- Dems eventually win.

Because our ideas really are better (and among them, yes, we will be raising taxes. Fucking-A. We’ll be rolling back the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy, Day One, 8:00, you mooching, thieving pricks.)

Our theologies are better – all of ‘em!

Our sense of humanity and compassion is not only vastly superior, but something we are actually proud of.

We love our Constitution and not just our Flag.

We don’t think the end of the world is either inevitable or desirable: We pray for peace and a million more years of sunrises, and not for fucking Armageddon.

We respect the lessons on past, but passionately believe in the future; we fight for it and not some delusional, idealized, Disneyfied, Conservative Times of Yore that never existed.

We love our Nation Ideals and not just our zip code.

Our women are sexier and smarter and stronger that you can possibly comprehend. And instead of finding that threatening and terrifying, we find it...magnificent.

Our culture is healthier.

And although we love our beer, our Liberal Chardonnay kicks ass.

That’s in the short term.

In the longer term we are all addressing the Future. The generations yet unborn who will look back at America and wonder just what in the fuck happened to make us lose our natural minds!

Well, consider what would happen if we still lived in a society where “proof” actually meant something. Where clapping your hands over your ears and whirling away dervish-like screaming “La-La-La-I-Cannot-Hear-You” when confronted with facts would get you mocked and laughed at, and not appointed to head the local Republican Party.

Consider, say, the case of Albert Einstein and general relativity (In the end how do you know you're a geek? When all your little parables seem to feature a little physics)…
… of all the thousands of eclipses studied by scientists, the most important one was the eclipse of 1919, which was able to provide the clinching evidence in favour of one of the most revolutionary ideas in the history of physics, namely Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

Although general relativity was a radically new formulation of gravity, its predictions were largely consistent with Newton’s highly successful theory of gravity. However, Einstein’s theory did make one or two predictions which distinguished it from Newton’s theory, and, if true, these predictions would show that Einstein’s model was closer to reality. For example, Einstein predicted that a gravitational field should bend rays of light much more than was expected by Newton’s theory of gravity. Although the effect was too small to be observed in the laboratory, Einstein calculated that the immense gravity of the massive sun would deflect a ray of light by 1.75 seconds of arc – less that one thousandth of a degree, but twice as large as the deflection according to Newton, and significant enough to be measured.

Einstein pictured a scenario whereby the straight line of sight between a star and an observer on earth would be just blocked by the edge of the sun. Einstein believed that the star would still be visible because gravity would bend the rays of light around the sun and towards the earth. The sighting of a star that should have been blocked by the sun would prove Einstein right, but it is generally to impossible to see starlight that passes close to the sun, because it is swamped by the brilliance of the sun itself. However, during an eclipse, the sun is blacked out by the moon, and under such conditions a gravitationally distorted star should be visible.
Light bends, so general relativity is true (well, relatively.)

The Sun does not travel around the Earth, and a look through any telescope proves it.

It doesn’t matter that “germs” ain’t mentioned in the Bible: Cough on a slide, look at it under a microscope, and tell me what you see.

Now take a look at this video -- 

-- and see the evidence for our current plight just as unambiguous and quantifiable as orbital mechanics or the speed of light.

If you have the time, watch the whole thing, and to read the book, and realize that John Dean is, at heart, a lifelong and loyal old-school Conservative.

That his idol and friend was Barry Goldwater: Father of the Conservative Movement and a man who absolutely reviled the maggoty thing is had mutated into at the hands of the likes of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

That what he is saying strongly parallels some of what founding Conservative Bill Buckley has already said.

And what Kevin Phillips (former Republican strategist and author of "The Emerging Republican Majority") said in his most recent treatise, “'American Theocracy”.

Conservatives all, each practically screaming in their own way that Conservatism is dead, gone, hollowed out and is being worn as sheep's clothing by despicable men who hate and oppose everything the Original Conservatives ever stood for.

So not only do Modern Conservative have contempt for the Founders of our country, they have moved so far into the abyss that they actually dismiss, ignore and revile the Founders of their own ideology.

Consider the numbers Dean is citing: That 23% of the American population are “pure, rightwing Authoritarian followers”. That a tiny fraction – perhaps 1% -- are Liberal, but the rest, the overwhelming majority, identify as Conservatives.

So right there you can kiss any precious pet theory of “balance” goodbye.

Then consider the shameful fact that only about half of the eligible public actually votes during Presidential elections anyway, and quite a bit less at the midterms. And given that it’s a pretty good bet that the 23% who are aggressive, dogmatic followers of a Dear Leader will be much more likely to find their way to the polls, they will be far more represented in the voting half of Americans than in the non-voting half.

So, being conservative (pun intended), lets say 40% of the actually voting public are those “pure, rightwing Authoritarian followers”

And then consider that the numerical split between Dems and Republicans is about 50/50, and the “pure, rightwing Authoritarian followers” tend to overwhelmingly be Conservatives, you end up with damned near 70-80% of Republican voters fitting this profile.

Then, just for good measure, figure out from your own experience how many voters of any Party are actually agenda-driving “activists” -- the ones who pound the pavement, evangelize and make and enforce policy and discipline -- and what kind of Leaders, Policy Makers and Disciplinarians you are likely to grow in this Brownshirt Hothouse, and you begin to see what Liberals have seen and tried to warn this nation about for decades.

That the Grand Old Party has been taken over by monsters.

That based on their perverse theology and enraged-sheep psychological makeup, they have very deliberately driven the traditional democratic model of leadership out of their Party in favor of an aggressively Authoritarian paradigm that is clear in its direction, ideology and intent.

That the GOP has a fascist soul.

Which is why we have to fight like hell. For our values. For our nation. And for that 10% in the middle.

Because appeasing people like this never works; just ask your fathers and grandfathers.

And because, specific programs, policies and timetables aside, in America when one Party openly runs on a single-planked platform of “FEAR” under the “Jebusland Uber Alles” banner, that should damned well be a good enough reason to vote for the other guys.

+   +   +   +   + 

Did you spot the trick?

The trick is, other than the lead-in video, this is a post I wrote 11 years ago.