Saturday, July 18, 2020

So, Four Years Later, How's That Whole "Disrupt The K'rupt Duopoly!" Thing Working Out?

Well it's been four years since Matthew Dowd used his position as ABC News' chief political analyst, to go all-on his Both Siderist jihad against the K'rupt Duopoly.

Seems only fair that we check in and see how it's gong.

Here is a sampling of Mr. Dowd's Twitter droppings from four-ish years ago.

And here is a sampling of Mr. Dowd four-ish years later.

Fun Fact:  Despite compiling a truly humiliating public record of being a complete, know-nothing fuckup when it comes to politics, so far Matthew Dowd has retained his title as ABC News' chief political analyst. 

Cancel culture my ass.

No Half Measures


Marc McKenzie said...

Once again, DG, thanks for bringing the receipts.

Of course, Dowd isn't the only guilty one; Susan Sarandon and Walker Bragman can be pushed in beside Dowd in the squad car. And Marc Lamont Hill--who four years ago was soooo intent on telling the world that nope, he wasn't going to vote for either Hillary or Trump because--drum roll please!--"corrupt duopoly" and also declared that four years of Trump would be better for the "revolution"...well, Mr. Lamont Hill has tested positive for COVID-19. Of course, the main reason why things with COVID got out of control was because of Trump.

Still, I hope that Hill recovers from this.

Robt said...

Out of the chronicles of DOWD that is amazingly kindergarten politics.

* I am a common sense conservative who thinks. The old Larry Craig Of Idaho, I am not gay line is useless when caught with your pants down in the men's room at the airport by undercover cop..

* Formalizing sitting on a fence as a side with his "Independent" toupee. allows him to look in the mirror and imagine how others see him.

* When does the Duoopoly become the Tripoly and stuck in the end game of Monopoly with one person owning everything.

Special note for Ron Fornier
* " Your candidate just called about 20% of her country deplorable.".

To date, the republican party that includes Trump as it's leader. continue to recycle their name calling of hate for any sector of Americans at every convenient distracting moment they live. Trump, has never finished calling out who to hate and Ron privately finds enjoyment in the people the GOP punish even if it is their own like a Romney or an Amash.

Your see, about that independence thingy;
It is not about joining a club that calls itself independent. It is about pssessing the mental honest capacity to be self assure and true enough to yourself no matter what side of an aisle you sit. That a referee would make the best most accurate call during a game in sports no matter who he favors (himself). when a ca;l needs be made.

Why a republican could not be allowed to be independent minded to make the earnest decision and not be swayed to protect that which they do not display and behave as.

Republicans becoming Independents to be nonpartisan. Only to name describe yourself as a "Common sense conservative". Is only making the geographical move and dragging along your alcoholism with you.