Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Professional Left Podcast Episode #813: No Fair Remembering Bill Buckley And The Power Of Myth

"It was a modest slip of the tongue, I was searching for the word ‘fascist.’" -- Gore Vidal apologizing to the presiding judge that time Bill Buckley sued him for calling him a “pro-crypto-Nazi.”


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Jon Sitzman said...

* POP POP POP * ^_^

Good morning y'all - great to hear you.

BG's "pop pop pop" and DG's re-read (with a bonus "pop pop pop") remain in the published cast starting at 6:03. Totally doesn't hurt the feel and flow, and in fact it humanizes y'all to us other hoomins who have actually, you know, done podcasting stuff as well. Don't know if you want to change it (and you totally don't have to make this comment visible), just wanted to let you know it was there.

Also, once I've listened to the whole cast at least once, consider it shared. (I'll let you know once done.)

Stay safe y'all. Thanks for all you do.

driftglass said...

Ha! Yeah, we make zee little boo-boo every now and then. Thanks for the heads up.

Jon Sitzman said...

ReBoost diary is up.

(Hope this brings you some views guys!)