Thursday, June 13, 2024

Professional Left Podcast Episode 812: What's An Independent?

"Granfalloon: A proud and meaningless association of human beings." -- Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle


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Abu Scooter said...

Just a suggestion. However much Sam Alito might regard himself as a Pope, a better title for him is "Inquisitor."

Inquisitor Sam and Inquisitor Martha-Ann make such a great couple... .

dinthebeast said...

Sometimes some words just get annoyingly associated with things that don't really connect with other similar usages and can no longer be used by those other users for social reasons. My brother was a biker. Big burly guy with a beard who rode a Harley and did speed. I was a motocross racer, and later as I had to describe myself, a "motorcycle enthusiast" who wasn't big, burly or bearded, although I may or may not have actually partaken in stimulant usage a time or two. I saw a meme (another stolen word, from Richard Dawkins) that described modern independents perfectly: "The flight attendant wheels the food cart up to a passenger and asks if they are interested in either the chicken, or a bowl of feces mixed with broken glass. An independent is someone who asks how the chicken is cooked." I believe in the importance of manners, but this is a situation where the best manners are those that guide people who might otherwise have participated in the downfall of democracy away from such behavior.
I live in California (Californian by birth, by nature, and by choice, as my friend Jack used to put it) and according to the New York Times, the 1,000 people closest to me on the map are 71% Republican. Our congressman is Tom the fuck McClintock. We are moving back to Humboldt county soon, where things are still a bit more hippie-ish, and there is a Democratic congressman.
As for Sinclair, perhaps I didn't miss that much by not ever owning a television. The last house I lived in with a television regularly watched Walter Cronkite on that machine.
Thank you again for the podcast. The damn cat brought in a mouse and let it go yesterday, but last night I caught it in a little plastic box trap I bought off of Amazon last year, and flung it down the hillside.

-Doug in Sugar Pine