Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that if Matthew Dowd would like to revisit the years when he was employed as ABC News' chief political analyst, I am 100% down with that and will make myself available anywhere, anytime for this worthy cause.

Burn The Lifeboats

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Robt said...

Call it conspiracies if you wish.

Paid pollsters are working questions to inflate number for the Donald. This will be one of the '24 election cries of foul that he won.
It is obvious keeping Trump's numbers inflated and Biden's low contributes to legitimizing the red state voter suppressions.

Our media is showing it's concerns with horse race profits
over providing factual news for citizens to consume and use to determine their vote.

Hence the presidential debate that we all know will be a bad magic show of disgruntled angry cries and hate juxtaposed serious issues to continue to improve and accomplishments with stability.

With right wing sympathetic biased judges in place for the Donald to appeal to to drag out his denial of losing.

They placed a religious zealot as House Sleeker who was the lead congress J6 recruiter to stop the certification of legitimate electors.
One difference, The Biden Administration instead of the Trumpy one.
WE are witnessing right wing justices SCOTUS and the Lose Cannon in Florida. Who waste tax dollars playing the stall game. Because they (the GOP) believe all a indicted GOP presidential candidate need do to escape justice is to get elected president and God will make those indictments disapppear.
America is stuck in a time warp. the founding of our electoral college to balance states is now a biased established method to allow a minority to rule.

Think about it, With every state having 2 senators in congress for instance, today. A state as Calif with its population only gets two senators to represent maybe 10 times the population f a state like Wyoming with 2 senators
Our representatives have done a poor hob over the years of cleaning up our constitution, updating it to keep it relevant.
To eliminate old dorippid useless laws as the Comstock act.
It is obvious our tax code is a screen door on a submarine. The 2nd Amendment has been bastardized for weapons manufacturers profits.
And, Scottie canot beam us up .