Friday, April 12, 2024

Talk to the Organ Grinder...

...Not the Monkey.

From CBS:
Trump backs Johnson at Mar-a-Lago as speaker touts "election integrity" bill


I Am The Liberal Media


Robt said...

Can you clarify , Do you mean,
A) Organ grinder
B) Organ grinder.

Nick Jr. said...

In terms of being scary, going with an evil clown instead of an actual photo of Trump is a lateral move.

Anonymous said...

Little Mike Johnson, or Mike Little Johnson as some girls might have said, demonstrates it all so perfectly here. It's like a cartoon. I think we're in Toontown. That might explain it.

Dave McCarthy said...

Pretty strict on the election integrity. Apparently if you're from Mars you can't vote here, because LAWS!

Robt said...

Will Speaker Jonson and Donald set up the porn watch app with each other so they can minter each others porn and does it include Johnson's kid?
Sharing the McDougall and Stormy porn with Johnson could bring him closer to his chosen one.
What I haven't figured out is, how does this Porn watch app secure elections.
It is like with the tax cuts that didn't reduce abortions. Why is that the tax cuts and deregulating doesn't apply to women reproductive rights?