Thursday, April 11, 2024

Professional Left Podcast Episode #794: MSNBC Wins and Loses

"Trust everybody, but cut the cards." -- Finley Peter Dunne, writer.


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Rodnchance said...

re: T Bogg
I too miss his blog.
I think he is a writer for Raw Story as Tom Boggioni. That's my assumption.

Robt said...

My analogy of how the press deals with Trump is that of the Uvalde police that have all the tools and weapons to thwart an active school shooter. But feel hesitant for multiple excuses and sit outside and wait for it to play out while the kids inside are slaughtered.
Leaving the Uvalde police to enforce stopping parents from going in and taking matters into their own hands to get it to stop. After it has all played out, they will all join their journalistic minds together and do an autopsy of their failure as they did in 2017.

For a laugh the networks are pressuring for presidential debates * for entertainment profits) as The Donald has been demanding.
Personably I do not require debates between Biden and Trump. Press already has proven themselves to not be able to fact check. It would be like Chuck Todd says, I just put them on and let them say what they wish, it is not mu job to reside around any fact or truth. Nor to question them on the lies.

I noticed during The 4 years of the chosen one.. Texas did not send any immigrants to other states for publicity. It is not like they were not there for the human trafficking.

dinthebeast said...

Yeah, when the whole Ronna debacle was just concluding, I went to watch Jen Psaki's show and Michael the fuck Steele was there in her place. Yup, the former press secretary for Joe Biden was being subbed for by the former chairman of the goddamn RNC. Faux lesbians my ass.
It took me a long time to see the government as a positive force of any kind, which is fully retarded considering my dad worked for the US Forest Service since the year I was born, so government money literally raised me, bought my race bikes and my first electric guitar and amp.
But no, I was an outlaw because I did drugs so the government was bad.
Thank the flying spaghetti monster I lived through that (just barely, I quit the drugs after the stroke that nearly killed me). That was, however, sixteen years ago this month, and given the absolute upending of my former life by my disability, it seems like I've been like this my whole life. But thinking that denies the thirty two years that I worked before my stroke, so there are perfectly valid reasons to remember who I was and how I thought before this time in 2008.
You're right about Biden's relentless pursuit of student loan debt relief, and as it turns out, gun control. It's almost like he wants to do some good while he's president or some shit. Lawrence was right. The real problem is and always was the millions of people who voted for Republicans, for whatever fucked up reason. So now our job is to overpower them at every election as long as they still exist (and know that when they're finally gone, some even worse assholes will come to take their place) all the while living alongside them and hoping we can get policies enacted that make their lives better.
Damn, now I'm sounding like a fucking Christian or some such horseshit.
Thank you again for the podcast. Just FYI: The Internet Pet of the Week on your website is still Marie Curie the snail.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

Ahoy DG.
Would it be too much to ask if you can post the full text of that Trump speech on his great policy over China and air pollution.

It sounded as unfinished and would like to make sure of the full context on it. I want to poke it at my GOP house member who likes to say. " I don't approve of his crudeness and tweeting but I adore his policies.

Want to confront my House Rep. on what is the policy here he supports?

Not sure how to find it in text. Know you are a busy podcaster and all, but if you have it or link where I can get it, Mucho appreciation.