Monday, April 22, 2024

Consulting Bill Kristol on Foreign Policy... not the flex the Bulwarkians think it is.

I Am The Liberal Media


chrome agnomen said...

at least there's enough awareness here that they differentiate between 'serious, sober people' and bill Bristol.

baby steps!

meremark said...

Happening NOW (Tues. morn) -- hailstones, possibly tornadoes. Bearing down on Springfield, IL vicinity.
Residents should seek shelter.

As seen on TV.

'But you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.'

DocPhysics said...

Bill "wrong about everything" Kristol.

AlbertEShort said...

AKA Nostradumbass, "the brains behind Dan Quayle". "the brains behind George W Bush", "to international relations what Larry Kudlow is to economics".

TotR said...

Dear DG and BG,
I am an avid listener and have a question: what was the name of the podcast you two appeared on about a week or two ago? You mentioned it in one of your recent podcasts, but I can't remember which and do not have the time (inclination) to relisten to the past months of podcasts. I would greatly appreciate the name said podcasts you guys visiited.
My many thanks

Robt said...

I am reluctantly sure the media could find someone who claims , Men can get pregnant. Give Birth. Proof after all is men have nipples to breast feed and that God working in mysterious ways caused the miraculous conception on "Mary".
If God is all powerful , he can make a man pregnant and give birth. Only the Godless would come out in disagreement of God. ( Noting that it is this person telling us their conception of God and his awesome powers. Not in Bible or any scripture).
They find the existing folks that believe the Earth is flat and give them their voice.
Why not Bloody Bull? Or Sloppy Steve giving mass to sermonize of God's wrath coming down by the Eclipse.

Ever since news became entertainment for profit and not a journalistic public service to educate the citizens to have the information and knowledge to vote in an election and do it responsibly as possible.
We end up with GW, Trump, And can continue to elect Ted Cruz even though his father was involved in assassinating our American president JFK. According to Trump a once elected president . So far elected once.
The guy with many brilliant ideas like, Inking a hurricane, injecting bleach. Tax cuts for the wealthy trickles down , Denying all health care to working Americans makes us healthier and brings us closer to God by prayer to be healed.

It is why I like getting my news from mainly late night comedians and shows where I can hear from both (legitimate and serious) sides. Progressive and Liberal.

Let Bloody Bill speak out to Sloppy Steve and Sloppy Steve can Speak out to Scary Lake and so forth. They are in dire need of this type of media more than I.

driftglass said...

TotR, that might have been The Bradcast with Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen... or The Bill Show