Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Today In "Both Sides Don't" News

Q:  What's more addictive than meth, more profitable than iPhones. more indestructible than Kevlar and easier to make than Top Ramen?

A: Garbage Both Siderist opinions.

"Both Sides Do It" is easily the biggest of the Big Lies.  The Big Lie that enables all the little lies. From trying to sound smart at the office, to propping up an entire political media ecosystem, it's a lie that's perfect for all circumstances and occasions.  

Since the very earliest days of the blogosphere, we Liberals have spilled tens of millions of pixels debunking the Big Lie of Both Sides Do It, week in and week out, year in and year out, decade in and  decade out.  And we have actually made some progress, so "Yay!" for us.

And yet, when cornered, what is still the first tool the worst people always reach for?

From Crooks and Liars via Media Matters for America:

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): I think both candidates have to realize this, that if on the left, if Joe Biden listens to the squad, he loses. And I think if Donald Trump listens to Matt Gaetz and Steve Bannon he loses. They have to understand that most of the people are not on the extremes, and that if you can understand that you are going to win. The first one to understand that, and does what they think they should do, and not what the extremists are bullying them to do, is going to be successful.

Remember kids, Both Sides Don't.

Pass it on.

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Jon Sitzman said...

Good afternoon DG and BG! Hope you are well.

Today in news of the surreal - here's a Digby article worthy of re-reading: "It's Really Creepy."

The whole thing is good, but - with apology - I'm going to ask you to take a swig of your favorite bev, go to your happy place and steel yourself to listen to a scabrous lump of vulture vomit, a.k.a. Steve Bannon, actually speak words with his mouth. Here are the ones worthy of note: "The New York Times is throwing Biden under the bus every day and backing 'em up over him."

Of course, because Bannon is a scabrous mound of ambulatory vulture vomit (and I may be insulting vulture vomit), he winds it into his horseshit narrative about how Trump didn't actually lose in 2020, but forget about that; wingnut trolls are going to be wingnut trolls. What's astonishing to me is that Bannon is having to note the unignorable media bias at all. They're actually having to craft more lies to cover for the painfully obvious fact that the NYT is openly thumbing the scale.

In short, America's "paper of record" has become so obviously and openly biased in favor of one (incalculably corrupt and irretrievably insane) political (pseudo-)party that said party literally has to acknowledge it, even through lies, just to try and normalize it.

I hope to Dog that no memory hole is wide enough and deep enough to cover the failure and bias of the Times. Media has to change, or legacy national outlets have to just go away. They do more harm than good.

Thanks for all you do.

Robt said...

It is the unjustified excuse for republicans when they are caught committing crimes against humanity.

"GOP Rep. might have been caught sexually abusing a 5 year old boy but there is a Dem. Whose marriage ended up in a divorce because of incompatibility.

GOPer voted against ACA and a Dem voted for it so you see, both sides do it/

They will hang on to this like Trump hung onto cheating on his taxes as long as he gets away with it. Until accountability is employed.
I will say it one more time, Not impeaching Nixon and letting him accept his resignation to replace criminal punishment And Gerald Ford handing Nixon a pardon for his crimes (didn't help heal and unite Americans as it was a big mistake.
It set a lower standard not just for president but for all. Especially for the one's who take the oath of office.

Science has not come up with a way for me to communicate from the present to the past to tell them so. Hell, Trying to convey it in the present to the present is impossible.

Hitler saved these appeasers of the day from pardoning Halter for his war crimes on humanity. You know, to bring us all together and make the peace and all.

I mean how many times can you use the excuse to your teacher that the dog ate your homework so it is not your felt or responsibility and you should not receive a poor grade for no work.

Tony said...

Let me guess. Kilmeade was as vague as possible about exactly which policies suggested by the Squad are bad and which ones Biden is following.

Vagueness is one of fascism’s greatest allies.

Robt said...

Okay, lets fast forward to the ultimate Both sides match up.

Jesus and Satan both do it.....!

There are all those both sider match ups of the junk yards that are waiting to be discovered.

Being a religious rightie , being superior in Godliness than thou.

Sarah Palin preaching how others should live as shee does not hold up her own family values compared to Rep. Boebert who preaches GOP family values. shouts allegations of about Joe Biden and his lack of family values and corruption crime family Hours before her son is arrested for multiple crimes.
See, Bath sides. Palin as well as Boebert.

Both Godzilla and King Kong do it.