Saturday, February 24, 2024

Thousands and Thousands and Thousands

Here's a exciting gladiatorial contest that the whole family would enjoy, except that it'll never happen.

The graphic above represents the spectrum of Republican party/Conservative movement as it existed around 2016.

On the left is Joe "Joey Muskets" Walsh.  Failed, one-term congressman from Illinois and blustering, shoutycracker MAGA Trump guy until late 2017/early 2018 who we call "Joey Muskets" because he was forever grabbin' his musket and rushing off to fight on the barricades of whatever wingnut idiocy was hot shit that week. 

On the right is Mr. David Brooks of The New York Times about whom I have written on this blog once or twice :-)

If there exists a noumenal ideal of the smug, clueless, Beltway fraud, it's Mr. David Brooks. who despite being profoundly wrong about everything all the time has nonetheless built himself a very lucrative and influential cottage industry feeding Both Siderist bullshit to wealthy, cosseted ideological shut-ins.

For his entire career, David Brooks has maintained that bellicose goofs like Joey Muskets either did not exist at all, or were nothing but an admittedly loud but teeny tiny irrelevant fringe of his Republican party.

For Joey Muskets, Brooks was just the sort of RINO squish Beltway quisling who was always collaborating with the Libtards to deny real Murrican patriots their FREEDUMB!!

Both are men.  Both are white.  Both are on their second marriages.  Both are 62 years old as of this writing.  Both claim to be "Conservative" whatever the hell that means anymore.  Both make some or all of their living as professional opinion-havers on various media platforms.  And, of interest to us today, both of them base their claim to a place in the media spotlight on their own, special signature insight into the hearts and minds and souls of "the people".  

Especially "voter" people.  

Very especially Republican voter people.   Thousand and thousands of Republican voter people.  

Here's just a couple of such claims made by Joey Muskets:

And, in diametric opposition, here is David Brooks last night on the PBS News Hour responding to Jack Posobiec at CPAC saying "We're here to overthrow [democracy] completely. We didn't get all the way there on January 6, but we will endeavor to get rid of it and replace it with this right here." then holding up a cross and saying "Replace it with this."

Brooks:  Yes, it's meant to be — I mean, there's a game right-wing commentators of that sort play.  They get — they say something that offends the left, and then they could say, oh, the left hates me. And then they get popular in their own crowd, and so it's a form of performance art to shock the bourgeoisie.
And I take it with utmost cynicism, that they are just trying to get attention, and this kind of humor is, shock the left. And then I have owned the libs. So I think it's like, crass, stupid. 

Do I think it represents the thousands of Trump voters I have interviewed? 

No, none of them would talk like that.  They're all serious people who have serious views that I happen to disagree with, but they're not like that kind of guy at CPAC.

With Brooks, it's the Tea Party all over again.  Brooks' career is defined by a truly superhuman refusal to see his Republican party and his Conservative movement as they truly are.  Which is why, back in 2010, he turned the act of jogging past one group of protesters into a deep, sociological proof that the Tea Baggers were all the salt of the Earth and not even a little bit racist.  

Even when the turn of events became so tectonic that they brought all of his bullshit crashing down,  briefly prying his eyes open and moving him to swear to his employers that he would do better and get out of his bubble and touch indians and see the mountains and the valleys and the whole rest of that song -- 

-- at his earliest opportunity he snapped right back to being "Both Sides Do It" David because he is psychologically and professionally incapable of being anything else.

So, I propose that PBS or NPR or the WWE bring these two mopes together in a televised, sanctioned Thunderdome of disputation to determine which of them has actually talked to thousands and thousands of Trump supporters, on what day and at which Ohio diner. 

The winner will be awarded the "True Conservative" belt, even though I have a very strong feeling the answers to those three questions are going to be "neither", "never" and "none".  

And you know what?  I won't even insist that, because it's my idea, I get to officiate.

Instead I will content myself with sitting up in the cheap seats.

Eating popcorn.

And rooting for injuries.  

I Am The Liberal Media


Jim from MN said...

"Both claim to be 'Conservative' whatever the hell that means anymore." The kind of money shot that would get two thumbs-up and a wink from Ron Jeremy AND Peter North.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

"I hear from thousands of GOP base voters every day."

There are 1440 minutes in a day. How long is he talking to these voters for?

Best to you and your loved ones.

Neo Tuxedo said...

There are 1440 minutes in a day. How long is he talking to these voters for?

He didn't say he talks to them, he said he hears from them, presumably on his TwiXter feed. And I suspect he hears from a lot more of the Great Wad than Bobo does, even if the exact numbers be open to debate. I wouldn't say I'm any more sympathetic to either of these bobbleheads than to the other, but at least Joey Muskets has reached the point of admitting the problem exists. Maybe tomorrow, maybe someday, we'll be able to offer our solutions, offer our alternatives, and he won't decline.

Unknown said...

David Fking Brooks needs to spend the rest of his life working six-day-a-week closes including weekends at a Dollar Store in Bawcomville, Louisiana, where he lives right close by. FOREVER. Disappear. Off the teevee. NOW.

At least Capehart had the grapes to call it White Christian Nationalism.

Walsh ain't even worth my time, that putz. He oughta be fishslapped with a sock full lugnuts.

Robt said...

Like Dug, The different reality like the old John Birch Society with their panic attacks over Government putting fluoride in the water to mind control them.
Like that sort of different reality?

Perhaps it is the Rush Limp-Paw era of GOP ear screwing sex of his listeners for eons. Placed on multiple stations and broadcasted multiple times per day.

Listening to the reruns 4 or more times a day. Hel, sleep with Rush playing through your radio al night.
How about the GOX that titles itself "News" network? Sending in the brain mites to eat their listeners brain cells and call it entertainment. How long has GOX been shoving the notion into the heads of viewers that only they report and tell the Truth while telling them the others are lying and lying for the evil Satanic Liberal Commie Maoists.

Then their are the Reagan mental hospital released patients who became preachers . Gained following by preaching the hate of others while indulging in child sex offenses being closed Cathedral doors.

They united the KKK and the NAZI supremacists through Breitbart Web site and now call themselves the "ALT Right " which gathers at storm front now. Plotting harm and government take overs.

The common cause, they all hate Government or "Big Government" with its Deep State. All meaning someone else, those people, Them There other stranded fellows. The evil ones. They are not in your Klan.

maybe, Just maybe there are right wing Billionaires that actually believe like this and fund it. Not sure how wealthy the Pillow Guy was but he let his money go through his fingers like water. And his employees that worked for him are out left without even enough to file bankruptcy.
I do see the wealthy funding this but not for the merits. For the disruption, the dismantling of United. Since Hoover there has been a wealthy selective movement . Funding many Tree house clubs to promote the GOP and all of its flies to lay maggots and multiply for their power to return.. The power Hoover lost for them. Which FDR took 5 4-term presidencies to correct.

People like your Joe Walsh are in it for the money. They are yes men to the party leaders or the donors. They never intended to represent constituents. When they ejected as Cheney, Walsh, Sykes, they are provided a nice position to live conformably.
There are those exceptions to that rule and the Boebert in Colorado may be one of them. She is no Sarah Palin to grossly mooch off of peripheral political profiting.

But here is to , Looking at the bright side of life......

But the way, I know all I stated above is correct and true because I didn't rely on information from a key House GOP Russian fed informant.

Anonymous said...

Same as it ever was, but what happens when the shooting starts?
Brooks would be so very smart to retire right now.

Robt said...

At least since Goldwater, republicans have ben a
Tree House exclusive club. How they are forced into lockstep by the national leadership and if they do not assimilate. They get primaried, cut from committees, lack of RNC financial support and publicly admonished as a RINO.

This became the purity demand that cause the purging of the RINO disloyal traitor. Who represented his district or state constituents instead of tree house club leadership.

All republicans must assimilate. They all must be the same. Straight off the assembly line. Suit, clean cut Wear God on their sleeve, worship the Free Market, hate unions, .

Remember when the entire GOP decided no one could be patriotic of their country unless, unless they wore the American Flag lapel pin on their suit collar....?

have you noticed how the GOP do not wear the American
Flag pins. As if they are about to all wear the Russian flag pin instead...?

Since Trump became a shoe salesman, the golden sneakers. Should the congressional republicans all have to wear the Trump golden sneakers to show their loyalty....!

All congressional republicans forced to wear the golden sneakers to display their obedience to Trump.

I mean their heart is not truly in it to wear the American Flag Pin made in China anymore.

bt1138 said...

I don't love these people of course.

But you have to give a few points to Walsh for a sort of rough honesty. It flaps in the breeze, but it feels like it might be coming from a place that is semi-honest as it seems free to range about.

But Brooks, as you know, is the worst sort. Never lying, never telling the truth. An absolute squish as THEY would say. Entirely untrustworthy. The guy that will get eaten by the alien at the first sign of trouble.