Thursday, February 22, 2024

Since I Already Wrote About The Inevitable Re-Rehabilitation of Mark Halperin Back In 2019...

 ...after I wrote about his attempted rehabilitation in 2017 ... 

... I  see no reason to once again waste perfectly good adjectives re-re-rewriting it now. 

This is why we OG bloggers have archives.  So I'm just going to link to all of that old stuff below and you can visit it, or revisit it, or not as you see fit.

This week's inciting incident began with Halperin humping the leg of one of the worst human beings to ever disgrace this Land of the Free.

In which Halperin launches his latest "Hey, remember me? I used to be bigtime!" moneygrab:
He also discusses his new platform, 2WAY. 2WAY is a live video platform that allows participants to take part in informative and civil conversations online with people from across the political spectrum.

Which, based on his history as a creepy sexpest, he probably should have called "Live from his NewsMax cubicle stabbin' cabin, it's 3WAY With Mark Halperin".  It is an invitation?  A threat?  

Then, having lubed up his pundit street cred by taking a roll in the podcast hay with an even bigger degenerate than himself, Halperin was ready to slip back into the periphery of the Bright Lights of the Big City with...Morning Joe.  

Squint Scarborough prepped his unsuspecting viewers by telling them that he had personally "looked at a Democratic focus group last night as it was going on" and it was "so fascinating on so many fronts".

A focus group led by...Mark Halperin over at the very important-sounding "The Wide World of News" but which, it turns out, is just Halperin's shitty little blog on Substack. 

Some mornings the internet can be an unbearable hellscape, but bless my soul if the reaction to Joey Joe Joe Junior trying to Halperin-roofie his audience wasn't swift and clear.

Dozens and dozens of Tweets like this.

Halperin had been a loyal housepet of the Morning Joe freakshow for years, and ever since he got sent to the media sexpest farm upstate, Squint and the Meat Puppet have tried over and over again to find a way to slip him back on the air.  One can only imagine the calls the Scarborough household gets at all hours from an increasingly desperate Halperin reminding them for the umpteenth time of what Great Friends they are, and How Much Value his creepy, robotic, always-tilting-Right presence brought to their show even though he didn't have to do it since he was Mr. Big Time Regular on Meet the Press.  

Also that the Iron Rule of the Beltway Media is that There is a Club, and that if all of us clowns and grifters don't stick together and cover for each other, The Club starts to lose cohesion and then we all go down.  

So, of you'd like to read a lot more about this awful person and the Beltway media crusade to rehabilitate him, here's the link.

And here's a link for those of you who may want to know why 75 powerful Democratic operatives were not interviewed for this post.

I Am The Liberal Media


Jon Sitzman said...

Good afternoon BG and DG!

Right wing media is awful.

Supposedly centrist media is awful.

Which is worse?

I'd say it's hard to say, but I kind of don't think it is. Right wing media is pretty widely known as CT horseshit pig-swill dirty-diaper soup at this point. It's crap, it's lies, and (not enough, but many) people know it's crap and lies.

But supposedly centrist, "mainstream" media? No, that's a whole fresh level of hell.

Here's Digby with some more evidence of how completely abysmal the NYT is. Especially check out the last tweet, documenting the headline change. They're not being subtle about this.

The NYT is a Republican newspaper, and at the moment it's a political attack vehicle in service of the Republican party. The mask is off. This isn't journalistic malpractice - it's pseudojournalistic malice, and it damn well needs to be called out as such everywhere we can.

Yes, Democrats should criticize the New York Times. The Times will still be staggeringly bad, but if more readers learn it is staggeringly bad, at least they'll pay less heed to its intentional poison.

Thanks for all you do.

Robt said...

Basic recipe for rotten media.

Owned and funded by right wing zealot

Hires inbred executives.

They hire sleazy friends who need jobs but aren't qualified.

They hire show procurers who that show hosts that desperately need a job have no skills and the worst resume
but their well off parents know someone and they are willing to say and do anything, anything they are paid for.

You can add a pinch f oregano or the left ear of a giant. Ad lib.
But it still is just the witches brew And them Puritans of Salem hated witches brew so much. Well that is history.
(Bring Back the Puritans?).