Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Professional Left Podcast Episode #761: No Fair Remembering That Time Michael Steele Pretended He Was a Democrat

“You say I acted atrociously. Yes. I did. I do it for a living.” -- Mike, House of Games



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Kasteel said...

I can't look at Steele and not see a muppet.

wibble said...

...Replacing Mehdi Hasan, of all people. What a load of merde.

marshwren said...

On an unrelated note, the anagram of Michael Steele is, aptly enough: "Ah, lies. Elect ME!"

Less aptly, the anagram of Alan Keyes is "ask any eel".

Robt said...

Just thinking all the GOP that led to Hoover and his fantastic Hoover-villes. They worked hard and the wealthy spent much money on getting America those shanty towns.

They were there because God forsaken them, they came from poor stock, they were incapable of pulling themselves up by their own boot straps and becoming the next Howard Hues.

It began with FDR and it took five presidential terms by FDR to correct the fascist, ruling class created for the unworthy.
After the GOP was out of the presidency for 5 terms changed them. It brought the likes of Truman and Ike. It did not take time for the GOP radical anarchists to grow big and fat on the wealthy's money and gain prominence again.
Take a look at the latest GOP candidates of importance. See how they want to return to Hoover, Jackson.
The good old days, they call it.
Thing is, there is no path for a FDR to have 5 consecutive presidencies to put things right.

The obstruction of a branch of government are in place to obstruct most any great gains into the future.