Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Science Fiction University Episode 21: Labor Relations

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Robt said...

Enjoying life.
After using the last of the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers, making a killer Turkey sandwich with all the trims.

Sitting down and listening to Science Fiction Theater is an enjoyable luncheon.

May your Thanksgiving leftovers last as mine has.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

I listened to this during the morning.

1. I wondered whether "The Time Machine" should be included in this conversation, since I'm sure people like Mr. Bezos would love it if his employees could just live underground, not bother him, do most of Amazon's work, and he gets to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

2. I wanted to make a joke about "bad sci-fi predictions" including "Atlas Shrugged," where the U.S. government is so not bought off by corporate America that the government is practically at war with it. But I get the feeling if I called "Atlas Shrugged" "science fiction," you'd ban me for life.

Best to you and your loved ones.

driftglass said...

"Atlas Shrugged" is definitely science fiction. Very, very, very bad science fiction.

Kevin Holsinger said...

But "Star Wars" is NOT science fiction. Damn, that burns. :)

Robt said...

I had thought "Atlas Shrugged " was Ideological/ political self aggrandized Russian Fiction.
But not even bad, very bad Science Fiction.

I mean "Queen of outer space" is poor Science Fiction but it needs new category title as, Science Fiction-able spoof.
I mean comedy alone as a category doesn't fully fit masterpieces like , "Space Balls".