Thursday, November 30, 2023

Professional Left Podcast Episode #760

“Patience, n. A minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue.” -- Ambrose Bierce



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OCD said...

Is that a combined Star Trek X-Men cartoon image?

driftglass said...

Forbidden Planet.

drbopperthp said...

My favorite movie of all time. Sweet Baybee Jesus - how many people have I forced to watch it while I have regaled them with a point by point exposition regarding it as the primary "source for every sci-fi classic of the past 60 years cum Big Willie Shakespeare".

Robt said...

First, Trump is the most prolific liar of the republicans. Arguably, of America's entire population.
So when I see the House GOP expels George (whatever his real name is) Santos.

I asked myself.

Has George Santos lied more than say, Jim Jordan? 3 toes?

Lying Ted? Public Handy girl? Denny Hastert? Greatest accomplishments ever White House Press Sec. Col. Huckabee Sanders?
If we are removing house Representatives for lying. I have no problem starting with Santos. Just, why are we stopping there?

dinthebeast said...

I won't deny Rachel her ambition that she clearly delineated years ago: "To interview a Cheney, any Cheney" but I have serious doubts about her bringing up what a repugnant monster Liz is during the interview.
I paid two perfectly good American dollars to watch the Hayes/Maddow interview, and ended up feeling like Colbert did just as good of a job in a tenth of the time.
Fuck Tim Miller in his nose with the giant bean poster he poses in front of on MSNBC.
Not a big fan of Rolling Stone, but props to them for their Kissinger headline.
So now that he's left congress on his own terms, I suppose Anthony Devolder will go back to his day job as a rocket scientist/brain surgeon.
So I wonder how those raging homophobes in Moms for Liberty will react to one of their founders having gay sex?
I couldn't bring myself to watch the Rhonda Santis/Gavin Reptile thingie, but from what I've read, Gavin did a pretty good job. Which is probably a good thing because he's not ever gonna go away, and if he's at least marginally competent, that will be better than the alternative.
Thank you again for the podcast. The cat murdered a mouse and left it on the door mat. He hasn't done that for a while. It's gonna snow and we aren't gone yet, but at least it's not supposed to snow that much...

-Doug in Sugar Pine

driftglass said...

Thanks, Eric. That's the one.