Monday, November 13, 2023

All Statements That Begin With "The GOP Should"...

...are meaningless noise.

For example, this from the Washington Post:

The GOP should consider that its opponents aren’t simply brainwashed

This is a piece of a common, though obviously not universal, rhetorical line on the right: The left is acting not out of principle, but confusion. Republican losses aren’t because of opposition to the right’s policies, but because some nefarious force is changing people’s minds. It’s a neat trick that simultaneously absolves the right for pushing unpopular ideas and portrays their opponents as gullible sheep...


The GOP should also consider filling its pockets with stones and walking into the sea, but they're not going to do that either.

Makes me wonder what it is about the term "reprogrammable meatbags" that  opinion writers do not understand?

I Am The Liberal Media


Kevin Holsinger said...

This is why I don't sign Internet petitions meant to tell some douchebag Rightwinger to stop being a douchebag rightwinger. Unless I'm planning to buy this person with my Soros Bucks, odds are I'm not getting through to a Congressional Republican.

Robt said...

Not to disrespect your title theme of What republicans should do.

I have noticed lots of media segments where they mention some of the insanity of the GOP foinf on and the host poses the question.

What are democrats going to do about it?

For instance, Trump's Hitler referencing at rallies.

Yeah it is nasty stuff. But tell me? What are the democrats going to do about it when all the republicans in congress are silent on it.
Even Ronna McDaniels (Romney) ion TV in front of her Mormon God said she will not comment on it. When that is part of her job to communicate and promote her GOP candidate. She is on TV to do so and when specifically asked. The Cock crows three times.

So much for her religion and her God being a moral compass.

Where did Mitt and his wife go wrong with Ronna?