Thursday, September 21, 2023

Professional Left Podcast Episode #745

"Scratch a pessimist and you find often a defender of privilege."  --  William Beveridge


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dinthebeast said...

I sent a text yesterday to my friend Sara who lives in Huntsville that read: "I would pay good money to watch Doug Jones kick Tommy Tuberville right in his nuts." Tommy thinks he's being clever. With a bullshit culture war issue (that the goddamn Republicans are getting their asses handed to them over, by the way) he's thinking he can force the Democrats to use up all of the goddamn floor time that they are using to confirm judges. I hope his balls drop off into his shoe and he steps on them. What was that? Am I Irish? Why yes, why do you ask?
DFB obviously doesn't have any business consuming expensive liquor if he can't correctly budget for it. Back when I had a fondness for certain illegal substances and worked at low paying jobs, I never had any problem prioritizing our spending, and sometimes the splurges cost more than $78, and never once cut into our shelter or food budgets. It's not that fucking difficult, and I was always thankful that I lived in America (specifically California) where it was possible to live that way in good standing.
Thank you again for the podcast. I had to go to Madera for a doctor appointment Thursday, and I had to tell him that I was moving to Humboldt county soon and that I wouldn't be his patient after that. It was weird walking out of the exam room area and not stopping at the back of the front desk to get my next appointment. I did get a tetanus booster, but I'm gonna wait until Friday to get my covid booster and flu shot at the Vons pharmacy, because they give me 15% off of my groceries for each vaccination I get from them. So I may actually get one each this Friday and next, and who knows? Perhaps I'll get the two course shingles vaccine after that. 15% is 15%.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

Enjoying the media's discussing GOP/ Trump trials and tribulations. So much better than listening to them telling us what Trump tweeted every 3 minutes and how it is not so abnormal.

But what I gave consideration to was Trump's behavior over trashing and heartening Judges, Prosecutors, Jurists , witnesses and anyone else he perceives as his enemy. No not political opponent but his enemy.

Those threats I see as very serious. I come down at holding Trump in contempt in jail for a day or two and them see how he responds to the judge to review his attitude on the problem.

Sure he is the former president. Lincoln was treated worse. Kennedy too.

There is nothing, nothing in the constitution that even points to any law that former presidents must be provided more allowances under law than others.

We need a judge (with a lifetime appointment) to reach out to Trump and show him some reality. For the Judge, Jurists, prosecutors cannot threaten Trump in return. Oddly, that would be a crime.

Oh yeah, A shout out to your retirement Rupert.

May you have many fine seances with Rush and Roger in your Golden years. Perhaps Hannity and Ingraham or Brett Hume will stop in and visit to walk down false witness memory lane of the good old days of pulling dingle berries to put on the air to feed you zombie horde.
The slug is retired. Long live the slug in dementia retirement. And may Rupert inherit the wind.