Thursday, September 21, 2023

If You Squint Your Ears Not Very Hard At All...

...and listen to two of the recently-former Republican Never Trumpers who have almost completely colonized MSNBC in which they bitch about -- 

  • The madness of the Republican party.
  • The calculated, reptilian depravity of Mitch McConnell.
  • The reckless, ratings-driven irresponsibility of the mainstream media.
-- you could be forgiven for mistaking their interlocution for literally any breakout session at any of the Yearly Kos/Netroots Nation gatherings of the Liberal tribes going back almost 20 years now.

Or, say, any of the panel discussions and after-hours bull sessions from any of the Eschaton conferences (EschaCons) that are now almost lost to history.

Here is where I shamelessly borrow pictures of the panels and topics from Darrel Plant's account of EschaCon 2008 to make a point:

Having an Impact

Eschacon: Having an Impact
DigbyJane HamsherNToddAtrios

Comedy and Political Critique

Eschacon: Comedy and Political Critique
watertigerTrexThe Rude PunditTed RallThers

Creating Constitutional Accountability

Eschacon: Creating Constitutional Accountability
Scott HortonKagro X, Eric Johnson (Chief of Staff, Rep. Robert Wexler), Bob Fertik

Media Bias

Eschacon: Media Bias
Will BunchEric BoehlertSusie MadrakAthenaeSpockoDouglas K. Smith

DFH Economics

Eschacon: DFH Economics
Paul KrugmanAtriosEchide of the Snakes

Do you really think that (almost) any or all of these smart and mic-savvy Liberals, or any of your favorite Liberal podcasters, couldn't do what Charlie Sykes does?  Or Tom Nichols?  Or Tim Miller? Steve Schmidt?  Matt Dowd?  Nicole Wallace?  Jennifer Rubin?  Sarah Longwell? Joe Scarborough? Mika Brzezinski? Mike Fucking Barnicle?  And on and on and on?

Imagine for just a moment what the "Liberal" media could have looked like if NBC/MSNBC had put a fraction of the money and talent they put into hyping their crash-and-burn experiments with Greta Van Susteren or Megyn Kelly or Hugh Fucking Hewitt...into promoting (almost) any or all of these smart and mic-savvy Liberals.

Remember Maddow looking directly into the camera and enthusiastically declaring that "Greta is Great!"?  The same Greta who now works alongside Mark Halperin and other fallen-from-grace media dregs who have washed up on the shores of NewsMax?

Imagine for just a moment what the "Liberal" media could have looked like if NBC/MSNBC had put a just fraction of the tens of millions of dollars in free publicity they shower on Never Trump media companies like The Bulwark and The Lincoln Project every year ... into promoting the podcasts and projects of talented Liberals who do great work and live out of tip jars and GoFundMes.

So why in the world have the networks chosen to hand all the chairs and all the mics and all the promotional apparatus over to a gang of recently-former Republican Never Trumpers -- who were all disastrously wrong about their own party until five minutes ago, and all contributed mightily to the catastrophe that now faces us -- instead of smart and mic-savvy Liberals, who were right about the Right all along and who can explain, clearly and coherently, the long, appalling history of the Republican party and the Conservative media and the complicit mainstream media that led us to this place?

Oh my sweet summer child.  It is precisely because they can lay out in damning detail the long, poisonous, racist road down which the Republican party and the Conservative media and the complicit mainstream media have been racing for decades that these smart and mic-savvy Liberals cannot be allowed within shouting distance of network microphones and cameras.  

Burn The Lifeboats


Neo Tuxedo said...

If memory swerves me left, Krugman has occasionally been allowed on MSNBC to be shrill about some bit of obvious economic fuckery, but yeah, that's about it. And Eric Boehlert has fucking died for our sins, is it not? The surest proof that no traveler may return from the undiscovered country is that he and Steve Gilliard have not clawed their way through the Veil to rain down unholy fucking vengeance on the people who fucked us into this mess.

Robt said...

Sykes refers to Trump as an "abnormal " person in the clip.

Lying, degenerate, with nothing but hate for Americans unless he can profit and be king and even then would use power to punish those he dislikes or will not do his bidding.

I mean, can they handle him Asif he is Putin?

Media has a rough time figuring out how to deal with the George Floyd family.
As they go to the red diner to talk to those disgruntled Qanon clowns that threatened the lives of some people they do not like. We must understand the haters. The targets of the hate and threats do not require any air time because most know how they feel? Is that it?
How about putting things on air to make the Red Diner Qanaon folks uncomfortable?

Sykes like other republicans. Say they are still conservative. Hold conservative principals, religious zealotry, greed, desire to force others how they want them to live.
They are no different than Matt the Gaetz, Marge spork foot or he in public hand job Bobert. Then there is diarrhea mouth Jordan .

Sykes and them all believe in the same things. Sykes likes to say he is just not for Trump but he has stated many times, He likes Trump's policies and accomplishments.

FAct is, if Sykes was a congressman in the house right now. He would be as difunctionally misfitted and his fellow conservatives.
Let me remind you,
To this day, Sean Hannity of the FOX continues to claim he is a coderivative and not a republican.

Batocchio said...

I share your anger, but also, seeing those EschaCon photos does warm my heart.