Friday, March 31, 2023

Someday Your Prints Will Come


So Tiny


Kevin Holsinger said...

Please don't let Bane be behind this like he was Fitzmas and the Mueller investigation...

Being a liberal is hard enough.

Habitat Vic said...

Back in 2016 when there was a kerfuffle about TFG's hand size, I somehow found a PDF of his hand. Supposedly from Madame Tussaud's wax museum where they had accurately scanned/measured Trump before he became President (and his ego hadn't quite crossed the event horizon yet).

As it turns out, Donnie Two Scoops and I have the same overall hand size. His palm is .25" larger than mine, but I have .25" longer fingers, so it evens out. However, I am only 5'7" and he is supposedly 6'3". So yeah, he really does have small hands or at least lives up to the "short fingered vulgarian" moniker.

Grung_e_Gene said...

HA! Shows what you know! Prints are taken digitally now and have been for a long time!

Robt said...

Indicting Trump does not prevent him from his well known court delay and delay tactics. printing is only the beginning.

I have take note of The GOP house openly trying to interfere with a state's criminal investigation and now prosecution trial.
The entire GOP floating that any prosecutor must be a republican to prosecute a republican.

Sen. Graham on the Hannity calling out Trump donation site to donate for billionaire Trump defense team to "defend himself".
( problem donating to his defense team and donating to his campaign" Can America afford it?

I have to return to the Senate after J6 when Sen. McConnell rallied enough GOP senators , to not vote to impeach and they did acquit Trump.
Then, the old turtle on the floor of the senate said, Trump hasn't got away with anything and that he is responsible for a lot of mouthy stuff. That when he leaves office he will be subjected to the laws . So "he hasn't got away with anything, yet" unquote.

Sending the billionaire money to bribe judges, to hire thugs to threaten the jurists, to pay his lawyers, to pay his jets fuels cost when he fly's back and forth from
MAG A Lago to NY.

I just know, not one of these republicans will show up for me if I get a speeding ticket issued out of partisanship by a radical Democratic police officer. Not a one.

Richard said...


Robt said...

I am willing to offer my time as a jurist to NY city as a jurist. I am the the ultimate unbiased person when it comes to Mr. Donald Trump.
I mean if NY finds it difficult to find unbiased people to serve.

I mean watching Eric Trump on snoozeMAX ( alternative FOX_ for children. Where Eric says that corporations are paying prostitutes for sex all the time and all the time (everyday) they pay these prostitutes for the sex and to sign non disclosures.
And these corporations are writing it off on their taxes as business expenses. Which forces working class people to pay more taxes to make up for the tax write offs.
This wouldn't effect my Jurist considerations , deliberations and judgement what so ever.
I never heard the phrase chanted, "Lock her UP". I have never met Trump so I can't have any prior vias to hold against him.
If they require references.
My GOD, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, James Comey, The Pope, and (I am sure I can count on the Pro left ) to vouch for me as well.