Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Ep 703 No Fair Remembering Stuff Podcast: Iraqi War and Remembrance

"It is unknowable how long [the war in Iraq] will last. It could last six days, six weeks. I doubt six months." -- Donald Rumsfeld

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Jon Sitzman said...

Good afternoon, DG and BG.

Thanks for this reminder of how insane the Bush 2 era was, and its lasting consequences on current-day media and political climate. I lived through this era, and despite your assertion early in the recording that this was by no means an encyclopedic compendium of the lies, corruption, and criminality of the Bush 2 admin, you still taught me things in this cast.

And you've eloquently stated (again) one of the core hypocrisies of the endlessly arrogant mainstream media, back to the era of David Broder (and probably before): that by their lights, no matter what gets said to or about liberal Americans; and no matter how much overt criminality gets committed in the clear light of day, for liberals and Democrats to display any anger (or, heaven forfend, utter a swear word - the horror!) is somehow indefensibly uncivil.

I cannot imagine how sick you both are of beating this drum. I'm much less politically aware and historically educated than you (in fact you have both taught me much, and thank you for that) and I feel like I've been digitally screaming about this stuff enough to burn throat and fingers raw. And you've been doing it for a decade longer.

Thanks for all you do, seriously. It matters. People do see and hear you. I hope that one day many more do. But no matter the future, what you do matters RIGHT NOW, and has every day you've done it.

So thanks, y'all are awesome, and please keep on keepin' the fuck on.

Robt said...

One tithing about war veterans, they do not forget the war they fought in. It cant be deleted from their organic rolodex in their skull.

Sure, there have been many who attempted the liquid 5th eraser or other scrubbing pharmaceuticals to no avail.

Accepting you survived when others did not. The visuals you did not want to see. The violence you committed on others before they did unto you.

Rummy is deep southeast of Hell border only degrees from from the Darth Vader Dick and the GW stroking the canvass for slice until he pauses on.

To all the Glory corrupted Hell raisers that made it all possible. may their be a river of molten lava you must wade in for eternity.
Not to worry. There will be plenty of company on its way so not to feel alone. There is the MAGA LAGO man who bestowed the " Suckers and Losers" names to those that sacrificed. All his demon seeds.

If there is such a thing as Hell in an eternal after life.

D Joseph said...

Here is the direct link to the blog post from May 2007 in case anyone wanted to read it like I did. https://driftglass.blogspot.com/2007/05/why-balance-is-bullshit.html

dinthebeast said...

At least Rumsfeld is dead.

-Doug in Sugar Pine