Thursday, February 02, 2023

Checking In On Bolshi Freedom Troll Glenn Greenwald

What's that scamp up to now?


Oh my.

So in addition to being Laura Ingram's occasional political Hitachi wand and Tucker Carlson's frequent political FleshLight, ol' Spleenwald now has his own padded cell on Rumble -- "The cloud services business is known for hosting Truth Social, and the video platform is popular among American right and far-right users" -- where he can write on the walls with his digital feces to his heart's content.


Anybody still have any "droneglass" comments they want to drop?  Left over from back in the days when I was using this little blog of mine to warn that Spleenwald was not to be trusted and got myself slagged myself by all my Liberal betters for even suggesting such a thing?

I was never more "famous" in the upper echelons of the Liberal blogosphere than when I was that asshole who dared to doubt Spleenwald's unalloyed heroism and integrity.  

There's a lesson in there somewhere.

Also, for the benefit of future historians, here's a screenshot of the above Tweet -- 

-- posted here because, as Spleenwald has already shown us, he has no qualms about scrubbing his inconvenient past from his Twitter archives...shortly after attacking other people for  scrubbing their inconvenient past from their Twitter archives.

I would declare this to be Peak Greenwald, but as he has already amply demonstrated, there is no Peak Greenwald.

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Robt said...

Okay, Is this an science Fiction theater extended episode?

Prove to me that this post checking in on Greenwaldo and Marge the Greene is not a poor example of how a bad science fiction movie is made?

dinthebeast said...

I remember being pissed at Snowden for picking Greenwald to give his stolen data to, and now Snowden isn't looking too great either.
So is Glenn going to have an in-depth discussion with Ms. Three Toes over the taste of Kevin's dick?

-Doug in Sugar Pine