Thursday, January 26, 2023

Professional Left Podcast #690

"If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable."  
-- Louis D. Brandeis
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Anonymous said...

Good morning and happy Friday, BG and DG.

With only respect, I must dispute that the GOP base are stupid, non compos mentis meat sacks. To briefly explain how, let me take you a few years back.

A friend invited me over to his ancient farmhouse to watch a PPV WWE (pro wrestling) event. Bear in mind, the last time I had watched pro wrestling, the WWE was called the WWF.

I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing. So campy, so over the top, so obviously hammy. One guy - don't ask me names, I don't remember - walked down the aisle to the ring. There were stunt performers in scarecrow suits - like pumpkins for heads, sackcloth clothes. The wrestler touched each "scarecrow," and it "came to life," stumbling and lurching down the aisle behind the wrestler.

The commentators were talking about this as though it was real. "Look at (wrestler) bringing those scarecrows to life!"

I commented to my friend that this was... fucking ridiculous.

He laughed and replied, "We know it's fake. We don't care."

That's the GOP base.

They know, they absolutely know, that the bullshit coming out of the mouths of the officials they elect is BULLSHIT.

They don't care.

To quote Shakesville's Melissa McEwan: "These people aren't misguided. They're mean."

I promise you, from firsthand experience, they (the GOP base) know the lies are lies.

They know.

They just want to win. Lying, cheating in elections, flagrantly breaking rules while insisting that opponents follow rules scrupulously - all these are just tactics. Honesty and integrity are just words to these folks. It's usually impossible to make them feel shame by calling them out on hypocrisy, because hypocrisy is, by many if not most, considered a completely acceptable tactic.

They know the lies are lies. They know their leaders are cheating, and they're okay with cheating.

"Not all..." Yes. Not all GOP voters are irredeemably cruel assholes. But many - too many - are.

They just want to win.

I wish this wasn't true, but to my experience it is.

Thanks for all you do.

Robt said...

You are correct about the California senate race.

I recall a friend telling me he had a fall out with his firl and he was down and out.

Girl Trouble, Asked. Yes he replied. One of the best kind of troubles I said.
How's that he responded
If you had no girl at all what would it be like?

So the difficult choice between Reps. Porter and Schiff is a tough one. Sure wish I had that rough choice. But hey, they have that choice balloting.

You should understand why I am down and out.

dinthebeast said...

The California senate race is even trickier than that, as Barbara Lee has also announced. I'm leaning toward supporting Katie Porter because she is not in a safe district. I mean Adam Schiff is Adam Schiff, and possibly the worst thing about leaving the East Bay is no longer getting to vote for Barbara Lee every other year, but both of them could conceivably get their old seats back and Katie Porter I'm not so sure...
Last time the senate seat was up I voted for DiFi, and was almost to the "regret my vote" stage when Kevin DeLeon, who was her opponent in that race, blew up in the racist bullshit recording scandal, so as far gone as DiFi is, I still probably made the right call.
It still feels a little like betrayal to vote against Barbara Lee, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, I guess.
Thank you again for the podcast. The atmospheric rivers let up this week and I even made it up to the mailbox once wearing spikes on my shoes to keep from falling on my ass in the ice, but it's supposed to snow again tomorrow, so it may be a few more days until I try that again.
I had to explain the "his hair is standing on end' joke to Briana, and I'll show her a picture to make it clear as soon as I'm through typing this.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

I sugar Pine

What you have in the senate race is choice(s) .

When you voted for DIFi it was not much of a choice when it comes down to it.
FIFI was the only choice between her and that Kevin DeLeon
Porter , Lee and Schiff. You cannot go wrong with anyone of them.
If I only had your choices.

Robt said...

Oh yeah. Almost forgot

Anonymoua (above) Spoke of the smart republican that know.

The WWE analogy is a good one.

IAn observation of many republicans I know and are still on speaking terms with.
It goes like this;

I am tired of paying for all these wars and got to get those democrats out.
But wait, GW Bush took us into wars and you voted for him a 2nd time to continue them. It was Bush who put us in war.

Well I am sick and tired of politicians putting us in all these wars.
Notice; He accepts the fact Bush is responsible for the wars but will not assign responsibility to which specific political party politicians. Because they are his and he cannot admit it or he will be saying he is responsible for voting as he did.

It is how they got to blaming Obama for Bush's Wall Street bail outs. They could not escape the dates of occurrence, the video of GW publicly saying he is using socialism to bail out wall street.

How they attempted so hard to reach their fantasy that Obama bailed out wall street and not the Bush they voted for, the republican who despised socialism, the republican that said free market and pull yourself up by boot straps you do not have.
So Democrat and republican turned into "Politicians".

The dire need to be correct on everything, never wrong on anything. Never learning from mistakes.