Wednesday, December 07, 2022

But They're ALL Harkonnens

No Half Measures


Ian said...

Wasn't Feyd-Rautha supposed to have been attractive looking?

Nailed the Glossu Rabban comparison.

CardinalJedi said...

Who’s the Baron? Dick Chaney? Rove? Reagan?

tony in san diego said...

Yeah, don't want to see DeSantis in a Sting costume!

Robt said...

If true, Putin has an escape plan to flee to South America if he ends up losing like a loser with Ukraine.

Sharks do smell blood in the water and all.

I just wondered if Trump should have an Ankle GPS tacker planed on him now that the Special Council is on the move.

Georgia AG lies on the move with state election extortion like he did with Ukraine.

Do Putin and Trump share a mansion in South America?