Friday, June 24, 2022

Is The K'rupt Duopoly Disrupted Yet?

Remember five minutes ago when this guy was ABC News' chief political analyst?

And day after day he used his position to lecture his audience about how Both Sides are equally awful?

How there was zero difference between the parties?

How voting third party was the only way to overthrow the K'rupt Duopoly?

And anyone who disagreed with his professional wisdom was an idiot?

I'd tell you to look it all up on Twitter, but this coward deleted his entire Twitter archive for that period, so his Bush era croies at MSNBC could hire him to [checks notes] lecture their audience about how journalists who traffic in Both Siderism are foolish and toxic. 

And where, last night, his part advice to Democrats was...

Because there is a Club.

And we are not very much not in it.

I Am The Liberal Media


Kevin Holsinger said...

Morning, Mr. Glass.

I heard the Confederates blew up Fort Sumter this morning (Roe v. Wade), having no idea that they just started a war they're gonna lose.

Oh, well.

Best to you and your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's America. Lying for profit, and without consequence, is a time-honored tradition, after all.

Petty and spiteful of me, but I'm so happy that Dowd's recent political bid fizzled and died. If he ever tries again, I hope he fares equally poorly.

Robt said...

"Something is wrong with the out of step SCOTUS"

NOt to the billionaires that have funded the GOP who want to dictate and found doing it through legislating was not succeeding.

Since Hover they have been passing down from inheritance to inheritance and recruiting for the power they once had.

The rule of law is what the most wealthy now says it is. They bought the court through the GOP. Sure Propaganda worked throughout the years that constantly sought the weakest minds to brain wash and control by making them believe their fascism was their own closely held beliefs.

the court can now legislate anything it pleases with nothing we can do.
they're there for life. You know what else is not in the constitution, Social Security, Unions, if wealth committing fraud as a crime, polluting by corporations, . Anything the SCOTUS cares to to say on behalf of their owners. Their The justices children will be taken care of like a Putin oligarch's offspring.
If the congress passes any legislation, if the wealthy do not like it, they now merely file lawsuit and , "Poof". The Court strikes it down as unconstitutional because they say. so.
The court also ruled that tax dollars can now go directly onto the religious donation plate. (socialism). My taxes now go to private for profit religious schools. So they can institutionalize these student to go out and call me a sinner and condemn me for not being like them.

The thing here is, Government shall not establish any religion, (first Amendment). Yet now the government will pick and choose which religions will receive my taxes dollars. M
Who do I see to take up my right of freedom of religion?

who does a devout Catholic see to have his tax dollars go to a Catholic school instead of a Christian , Muslim, Jewish school? If the Governor is Catholic I guess the Catholic church gets the tax dollars to fund it.

It is clear GOP stuffed the court by extreme corrupt people to now be the legislature and the court to oversee their legislating from the bench.
The legislative branch is o longer a useful nor legitimate branch of the government . we can just eliminate it altogether. I mean the SCOTUS can now strike down any future SCOTUS confirmation and only approve of a justice nominee of their approval and perpetuate their control for those wealthy. I may blame the wealthy because it was their funding that made it all possible. The people they propagandized have some responsibility but they could not be brain washed without their wealth paying for it.
The GOP has constantly passed tax cuts for them and they used those tax cuts to further fund the GOP and the propagandizing.
We see the court endanger populations with gun violence
which they do not live in. When people paper on their front sidewalks with caulk, congress passes security for them as the SCOTUS does not allow those guns within 200 yards of the SCOTUS court building where they work.
No protection for my wife who will grocery shop with every angry sociopath carrying a gun . Like a fire crasher with a lit fuse ready to go off at any moment.

I am here to tell you, if a daughter of a SCOTUS justice was raped and wanting an abortion. She will obtain it and our tax dollars that pay their salary will pay for it.

Welcome to right wing world and it is just beginning to be formed. The Koch Brothers Plantation by any other name.

The SCOTUS will eventually bring America down to emulate Somalia.

Anonymous said...

If you're on Twitter, look who's sneaking up behind you.

Get their names.


Robt said...

God Bless America the Fascist -theocracy.

dinthebeast said...

But her emails...

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

One scenario of the religious zealotry of the high courts pre ordained decision of striking down Roe.

on worm of the can of worms scenario.

A woman who was born and raised in Illinois decide to join the U.S. Air Force as a career. She finds herself stationed at an Air Force base in Texas. She lives on base which is federal land. Although she resides with he military at the AFB in Texas, her husband still holds permanent residence in Illinois. With the military, one's station of duty is temporary and transitory.

One day she goes off base and is raped by a Texas man.
She finds herself pregnant and she already has a family. Her husband does not want the rapist baby and neither does the woman. going through the pregnancy will interfere with her career advancement and her personal life.
The state of Texas catches the rapist and he demands the woman by state law give birth to his baby from prison.

Who has jurisdiction?

- she is a Illinois resident that allows for abortion.
-She is a transitory temporary resident on federal land of an ARB in Texas.

- She was raped of base on Texas sovereign. the rapist is a Texas resident.

As a service member, does she get leave to return home to Illinois to have an abortion?
Does Texas claim authority because the rape took place in their state? The rapist has claims to the pregnancy?

Does the state have authority over Federal base laws?

Can the A.F. take action and transfer her to an AFB that is in a state like California that abortion is legal in spite of Texas.
All of this describes everyone else owning this woman does it not.

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