Tuesday, May 17, 2022

There Are Too Many Pigs for the Teats -- Abraham Lincoln

Having spent decades creating a reliable voting base of reprogrammable meatbags, internecine fighting among the GOP's top grifters and demagogues has once again broken out over the issue of  --

-- who gets to bilk the chumps --

-- and for how much.

No Half Measures


Anonymous said...

You know, you look at Carlson and... at least I wonder: how the absolute f*cking hell does this fool have anyone who takes him seriously? All his mannerisms point to intentional deceit and malicious hyperbole. I understand that people can like the message without liking the speaker; in this case, the two are so deeply intertwined that I feel like getting anything other than revulsion from a Tucker Carlson segment indicates as much about the viewer as it does about the host. Judgy, I know. Meow.

bowtiejack said...


Anonymous said...


Neo Tuxedo said...

As I've said elsewhere, he has the exact same mannerisms as a lot of their preachers, so to doubt him in any way would
(a) constitute Touching the LORD's Anointed, which is the kind of thing that gets you torn to bloody ritual shreds by bears;
(b) risk them questioning their trust in those same preachers, which compounds the sin and means you have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge, which eating is the Sin Against the Holy Spirit that they warn you about, because it means you are no longer As A Little Child and thus cannot and will not Enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Neo Tuxedo said...

The comment I came here to leave (as distinct from the hairy-eyed rant I already left):

Dracula vs. Frankenstein! Featuring, in one of his final filmic appearanceses, Lon Chaney Jr. as GROTON the MAD ZOMBIE!

SouthSideGT said...

@Anonymous re:YT video: I shall wash but I shan't be clean. OMG etc.

IMHO drifty, Tucker is running a long con so he can run for President and is using his hour of hate every night to figure out what works with the "reliable voting base of reprogrammable meatbags". He has similarities to Trump: tee vee host, inherited money and a regressed to the mean level of intelligence along with a talent for self-preservation. I mean he should have never had a job on tee vee once Jon Stewart eviscerated him but here is with a prime spot on the GOP's propaganda network.

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