Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Matthew Dowd Remains a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

Some of you might still remember a dim and distant past before Matthew Dowd the a paid MSNBC contributor.  Back when Matthew Dowd was ABC News' chief political analyst.

And during the 2016 campaign for president, from his position as ABC News' chief political analyst, Mr Dowd would regularly rain derision and hellfire on anyone wo suggesting that Both Parties were not equally terrible or opine that Hillary Clinton was not anywhere near as dangerous and awful as Donald Trump.  

Matthew Dowd the ABC News chief political analyst was of the firm and loud belief that what Murrica needed was for the entire political system to be torn down and remade in a storm of disruption!.  And that anyone who felt otherwise was a damn fool and a mindless enabler of the K'rupt! Duopoly!

Relics of Mr. Dowd's sad devotion to that ancient religion can still be found in the mildewy archives of ABC News where, one assumes, that as an ABC News work-product, Mr. Dowd cannot demand that it be hustled down to the ABC News cafeteria in the dead of night and ritually burned.

Sick Building Syndrome: Time to End the Political Party Duopoly

The two leading candidates are simultaneously unelectable on their own.

By Matt Dowd

February 18, 2016, 1:54 PM

However you would be hard pressed to prove any of this in Twitter court since Mr. Dowd has takes great pains to eradicated from his Twitter archive any evidence of his former deeply held core-principle that yadda yadda  Both!Sides! yadda yadda.  Mr. Dowd also immediately blocks anyone on social media who mentions his past.

And boy howdy, would he have some explaining to do after tweeting this (h/t @j_consolidation) -- 

-- were he not protected from having to explain his own words by a phalanx of his Beltway media colleagues.

But Mr. Down is a member of The Club.  And therefore, like all the other always-wrong hacks whose pasts the media is continuously whitewashing, nothing will come of this.

Nothing at all.

Which is why you can file it with all the others under:

"...but all these moments will be lost, like tears inconvenient, career-crippling pasts washed away by the rain fellow travelers in the media."


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Robt said...

I thought Dowd was running to be cattle rustler or something in Texas?

He is a Texan I understand and I hear everything in Texas is bigger.

Like Liars, idiots, paid flying monkeys, GOP excuses,

V\Barf bags and insane libertarians that pretend to be republicans.

I heard it on the TV somewhere so it must be true.