Sunday, May 15, 2022

Dear "Normal" Apolitical People

I am going to predict your future.


Right now there are a thousands of elected officials in Washington D.C. and in statehouses across the country fighting over some really important things.

Many of those elected officials are straight up fascists, just like the ones your daddies and granddaddies fought in WWII.  Many of the other elected officials -- the ones in the Not Fascist party -- are pretty typical, American politicians.  Largely decent, some goofballs. and generally trying hard to serve their constituents and stop the fascists with the very limited tools they have available to them.

So here's your future.

The things the fascists want to do will  drastically affect your lives in years to come, but since you pay no attention to politics, you don't know this.  So if they win and the shit really hits the fan, you will be taken completely by surprise.  

You will demand to know why the no one warned you this might happen.  Why the people who have been fighting long and hard against these fascists didn't fight harder.   Why they "let this happen".  

You will turn for wisdom and solace to the same mainstream media hacks you always turn to.  

These mainstream media hacks will reassure you that whatever the Republican atrocity of the day happens to be is the fault of "congress" or "our broken politics" or "tribalism" or "partisanship".

Then you will go forth, secure in your cynicism, confidently blaming Both Sides.

Then you will shrug, adjust to the new regime, and go back to being "normal" apolitical people.

Both Sides Don't


Anonymous said...

Nice watch!

Anonymous said...

Why you gonna make me cry on a Monday morning, man?

And yes, I know you're right. I detest it, but I know it.

Jason said...

It's almost as if you've lived through this scenario before

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