Tuesday, January 11, 2022

By Their Forgeries Shall You Know Them

Traitors all.  Sold their souls for a slice of Preznit Turkee.

No Half Measures


Sergio said...

Is this anywhere else. Hate to give Newsweek the clicks...

Robt said...

Mark Meadows the TEA Party congressman. He was so taxed enough already . He campaigned for congress by displaying his racism to his district voters who responded to his racism and elected him.
He would send Obama back to Kenya as the secret Muslim he was sent here long ago to become president and destroy America for Allah.
And Mark Meadows was the single only person to do it.
Instead, meadows votes to sound other people's money took off when republicans were in majority. If anyone noticed, Meadows was there spending and stealing tax dollars while Chief of Staff for Trump. It is said Meadows was selected by Trump out of the House of Reps to be his chief of staff because Meadows would softly rub Trump's balls while blowing him. Trump saw that as a talent he could use in the White House because not even Kelly Ann would do it that well and malania had a pre nuptial agreement restraining order against close relations with her husband.

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