Saturday, December 04, 2021

There's Always Money in the Hosanna Stand

Plumber finds cash, checks behind loose toilet in wall at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church 
The discovery comes after $600,000 in checks and cash disappeared from the Houston megachurch’s safe in 2014.


Behold a Tip Jar
Because All I've Ever Found Behind the Walls of Our House 
Was Fossilized Mouse Poop.


Anonymous said...

Welllll... ya gotta /claim/ there's money in the safe,
file insurance, get paid. THEN ya can hide it in the wall.


SteveSteve said...

Damn, that's where I put it!

Robt said...

It wasn't my idea to stash it in the wall.

A burning bush told me to do it.

And I have the burn makes on my ears to prove it.

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