Thursday, December 02, 2021

Professional Left Podcast #627

“You can complain about the incivility of politics, but you can't stop the escalation of conflict in the middle. You have to kill it at the root. Unless Roe v. Wade is overturned, politics will never get better. ” 
 -- David Brooks, NYT houseplant, April 2005

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JHB said...

I've been calling it the "Divine Right of Money," but it's really the rest of it too. Learned that from the "this is what happens when you let just anyone go to university" sentiments about 60s protests I heard as a kid.

I think I'll keep using Divine Right, though. "Special purpose" and "God has a plan for America" are much too likely to get heads nodding in agreement.

JHB said...

Perhaps I should enlist Junior Dude in absolving you of your guilt over electing Reagan. I have "if every Anderson vote went to Carter" maps and everything. :)

Robt said...

Another Crusade
Republican's have this notion that they are chosen prophets of God. That they alone have all knowledge of God even if they do not read the Bible or can cite chapter and verse over what they "tell" us.
God wants them to end Abortions. The unborn that you cannot claim for a tax exemption.
Their version of religion and they alone know what God wants and they alone will tell us "preach it" to us.

The very Constitution they swore an oath to defend . As the first Amendment on Religion. They will now have their pious judges make their religious beliefs ruling of what their God wants.
Bringing us to Theocracy.
many religious arguments of religious exemptions that always favored certain version of religion. Never the Agnostic or Athirst nor Mormon or Islam.
If the SCOTUS rules against ROE, it will be their religious beliefs ruling on it and not law.
They will be ignoring the preamble and the first Amendment to impose their religious views.

For them, the issue is not about the unborn. If it was the people of wealth and prominence who will have the same access to abortions and only those with less financial ability will have barriers. They would make the law differently.

The next steps might be , banning contraceptives' and making law that any woman residing in their state cannot leave the state to have an abortion performed legally. Females will be banned from moving out of state until they prove they are not pregnant.
And the holy parish of the SCOTUS right will have to script another falsehood to impose on Americans to let them know they rule the country and not the people's government.

dinthebeast said...

Thank you for telling me that Symone Sanders was leaving to help elect Stacey Abrams. I knew there had to be some other story than the one that was seeping through about how horrible Kamala Harris is, but until just now didn't know what it actually was.
Would you get mad at me for comparing Jr. Dude to Steve Kornacki? I never liked Mr. Kornacki that much when he was on early morning MSNBC all of those years ago, but he seems to have found a useful niche, and Leslie Jones has a crush on him, so he can't be doing too bad...
So you guys might get an actual Democrat to represent you?
That's fantastic and I'm a little jealous. Tom the fuck McClintock is like a giant Republican turd pile that never goes away, although the guy running against him this time is very interesting, much better than the weak tea Democrat we had to vote for last time. His name is Kermit Jones and he's a doctor and a Navy vet and an African American and all kinds of exciting stuff that I fear will ensure he doesn't win in this R+8 district.
One more time with feeling: The first mention of abortion in the literature was 1550 BC and pretty much nobody gave a rat's ass about it until the American right decided to turn it into a wedge issue to scare morons into voting for them.
"They're killing babies!!!!"
No, they're really not. But you know who is killing them and the women who bear them? The goddamn Republicans who refused the Medicaid expansion and drove the maternal mortality rate in red states up into the third world zone. But that bit of information is just this side of useless when one considers the state of its likely recipients.
Thank you again for the podcast. I'm gonna be 61 if I manage to live 11 more days, and that just seems weird. I'll take it, though. Life is like that, lots of stuff you never thought you would get behind seems pretty cool when you actually get to it.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Meremark said...

After the 5 strange facts are told then in the final minute or so the narrator informs us that "science fiction writers will be out of a job."

At which point I thought of Driftglass. Bringing this here.

It happens I agree with the narrator to whom I have listened and noticed his success predicting time and place of earthquakes.

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