Saturday, September 11, 2021

There is a Club...

Burn The Lifeboats


Jim Butts said...

I’m not real good at math but I think 1/4 of one percent of 8 trillion dollars is twenty million dollars. How about we give each city in the US twenty million earmarked for support for the poor? Then compare results in the category of nation building.

Anonymous said...

1/4 of 1% of $8 trillion = $20 billion

Robt said...

So many Tree Houses with too many rope ladders that only drop down for certain tree house club members.

Problem is. I do not crew to become a member of their club.

Which means I will not do what they do and therefore not a viable for employment outside of the club.

5 right wing SCOTUS justices ruled corporations (the wealthy speak with their money.
In other words, paid speech. One tree house away from the propaganda club.

Jim Butts said...

See. Told you me and math are not viable partners. Thanks for proving me right by proving me wrong.

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