Thursday, June 24, 2021

The Left.

Almost always right.

But almost always less than.

Rarely equal to.

No Half Measures


Robt said...

Thinking of measures

WE have all been told and retold the old story that republicns love the military and the veterans.

So when states like Georgia impose their voter crimes on masses of people in the state. It is going to effect those veterans. But they still love them, just not enough to ease their voting experience.

SAs the announcement of the Thousands of voter roles purging Georgia GOP plan. You have to know they are not identifying veterans in that purge.

But they love the vets so much. They are willing to sacrifice them to purge the spurge from the voting roles.

IbnBob said...

There's a huge misunderstanding that has to be corrected. Republicans don't love either the military or veterans.

They love war movies and parades.

Robt said...

Not to be argument able or anything. They do say all the time they love them some Military and veterans. And police.

law and Order . Well law and order for us but not for them and those special people.

But they do cater to the military and Veterans. It is only that they never are specific about it.
If you are a republican voter and a veteran or serving presently. Well then they love you. But remember, they believe in tough love like showring with your young son as James Dobson preaches.

Same with religious people. The love them some Jerry Falwell Jr but hate on pastor Barger.
You know, Love America and hate Americans. Since the SCOTUS ruled that Corporations are people and all.

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