Friday, May 14, 2021

Professional Left Podcast #598

“I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.”
-- William F. Buckley, Jr.

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jim said...

Roll 'em thinner, dude!


dinthebeast said...

Yeah, well, Friday at 4PM was fourteen days since our J&J shot, and I wore my mask to the grocery store anyway... First because we got to the grocery store at 3PM and second because the story about the CDC's change of guidelines broke Friday evening, and third because those are still the rules here in the state o' California.
Speaking of which, I was relieved to find out that Caitlyn Jenner's campaign isn't catching fire and apparently all of those rich motherfuckers the media keeps breathlessly reporting are fleeing the state over wokeness and taxes must have paid their taxes before they left because Gavin Reptile reported a $75.7 billion budget surplus that he apparently wants to give me $600 of... if I file a state return.
I could definitely use the $600 but I haven't filed a state return since 2008 when I had my stroke.
Otto the Canada Goose and his girlfriend are raising a family on the old Mill Pond, and I got some amusing pictures of them that I'll send you as soon as I get them off of my phone.
Ahh, the Republicans. Still as fucked up as they always have been, but this new crop just doesn't see the point in trying to hide it any more. Which should make Merrick Garland's job a little easier, which when you think about it is the least they could do for him.
Lizard Cheney can fuck right off.
Louis DeJoy can fuck right off also, and at least one of Biden's nominations for the postal board of governors has been confirmed so maybe soon? Perhaps they can bring up his Agnew-esque election finance crimes when they show him the door.
Thank you again for the podcast. I'll try to get a letter written for your letters show sometime this week. The cat wants to know what the fuck Amazon means about the unavailability of cases of his favorite wet food, there are only six cans left from the last case, and without wet food we might stop calling him "Blobcat" and other such endearments...

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Robt said...

There are GOP exceptions to this statement.

“I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.”

There is Reagan's 11th Commandment of blasphemy.

Yeah, but little Johnny down the street did it too.

Newt prophesy Obey what I say and do not do as I do.

Never answer to account for yourself but always respond with condemnation of hatted of the straw man.

Never use tax cuts to solve election problems, pandemic economic woes, abortion or any thing else that doesn't give the money to people who will use that money to donate to your reelection.

Knowing a lie will ravel around the world before the truth can tie its running shoes.

Note' This is the short list.

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