Wednesday, November 18, 2020

January 20, 2021

Driftglass' Twitter Jail Legal Defense

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Robt said...

The horror that is about to cover the republican lands of patriotic religion and freedom like a dark cloud of socialist evil.

As the feeling hurt by Putin, who will Kim Kong Un write love letters to while he is executing his family members in line for his throne?

Why can't liberals see and understand the harm and evils that thrive when their changes as accepting the right of an American Football player who kneels for his cause exercising his free speech (even though it does not threaten to kidnap and kill a democratic Governor) or ( threaten to execute Dr. Faucci on the radio).
Verses the Good old way Trump employed . As allowing Putin to exercise his free speech under Citizens United. Speaking with money is speech our SCOTUS ruled. That Putin speaks with his money by putting bounties on U.S. Military for their deaths.

What about Putin's feelings ? He is going to be so sad.

Maybe the GOP can sue for defamation on Putin's behalf.

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